Bloody Carnival [Class 01]

Class 01



The violet haired girl sleepily opens her eyes and sits up, trying to recall what happened to her.

“What happened…?” she mutters to herself, “I was at the class with Cello and the others…then we…oh yeah…there was an earthquake…I fell down…”

The girl carefully stands up and looks at her surroundings. Her eyes widened in surprise as she notices that, even though it is still a class room, she is no longer inside her class.

“Where am I?!”

The girl questions as she examines the room. The concrete wall is old, covered with wear and dusts. The ceiling has a few dimly lit fluorescent bulbs sticking on it, while some are dangling. The wooden floor is worn down, and almost a quarter of the whole room is covered with broken planks. There are several desks and chairs settled within the room, but judging from their sizes, they are definitely not high schoolers’ desk.

“These desks…they’re so small…,” Viola mutters to herself and keeps examining the room.

As her eyes move to the front of the class, she notices a blonde shoulder-length haired girl lying unconsciously right next to the wooden podium.

“Flute!? FLUTE!!!”

She tries to call the unconscious girl, but there seems to be no response.

“Oh my god, this is not happening!”

Viola looks for a path to approach the blonde girl. Since the whole class looks half broken, she never knows if any reckless movements could further make it worse. The planks holding the grounds look sturdy enough, so she carefully moves a few tables away to create a path wide enough for her to move for the front.

“Flute!!!” the violet haired girl nudges the blonde girl, trying to wake her up.

“….hmmmm……huh…? Vio…la?” the blonde girl slowly opens her eyes and yawns, “Why are you in my room…? Wait…my bed is supposed to be softer…”

The girl springs up from the floor and looks around. Her eyes widen in shock as she witnesses the half broken class room they are in.

“What is this place…? Why are we here…?” the blonde girl questions with a trembling voice.

“I don’t know, when I came to, I was already lying in this class with you,” Viola replies to her friend.

“We…we were in class. And there’s an earthquake…,” Flute tries to recall as she stands up, “We came here because of that…?”

“Who knows? For now, let’s just find a way to get out of here,” Viola suggests, standing up as well. Once she gets back to her feet, her eyes caught a glimpse of a print out, posted on the black board. Reading the article heading, her jaws dropped wide opened.

“Hey, what’s the matter…?” Flute asks her friend and looks at the print out as well.


Heavenly Host – Announcement of Closure


“Heavenly…Host?” Viola whispers the heading on the print out.

“N…No way. This got to be some kind of a bad joke!” Flute exclaims with a face drained of color, “Heavenly Host Elementary School was demolished several years ago! Why would we be inside that school!?”

“C…Calm down, Flute!” Viola tries to calm her friend before her sanity snaps, “There must be some explanation for this. Let’s look around for a way out for now.”

“There is no way out…”

Both girls startled as they heard an unfamiliar voice of a girl behind them. Viola and Flute quickly turn around towards the voice’s source and found a girl in purplish red uniform with glasses standing in the middle of the class room. She has blank eyes like a dead fish, but what surprises them even more is that the girl was floating above a huge hole on the floor.

“W…Who…who are you…!?” Viola interrogates the girl.

“Wait…do you…do you happened to be Saenoki Naho?” the blonde girl asks.

“That is right. You’ve known of me?” the girl with glasses asked, tilting her head in surprise.

“Who is she?” Viola asks her friend.

“She’s the writer of a paranormal activity blog. I’m a huge fan of her. But recently her blog just stop updating overall. Her last post was the one about Sachiko Happily Ever After, the ritual we performed before coming here,” Flute explains.

“It was because I died here, that’s why it is no longer possible for me to continue updating the blog,” Naho explains with a slightly saddened face.

“Wait…you’re…a ghost?” Viola whispered in disbelief.


“Enough about me. In any case, I came here to explain your current situation,” Naho explains.

“Oh yeah, is this place really the Heavenly Host? We were doing the ‘Sachiko Happily Ever’ after ritual, then a tremor opens up and when we came to, we are already here,” Flute explains, trying to be as calm as possible.

“This is a cursed, multidimensional nexus, multiple planes of existence, all piled on top of one another created by powerful vengeful spirits,” Naho explains.

“Multidimensional nexus…?” Viola whispers to herself.

“That is right. This is done to set a stage for the game,” she explains further.

“A game? What game?” Viola asks.

“The [Bloody Carnival],” Naho replies, “The moment you step into this school, you are marked as a player. Here.”


Suddenly, both girls’ cell phones ring, signaling an incoming message.


[Bloody Carnival Tutorial]

Welcome to the Heavenly Host Elementary School, the official grounds for the Bloody Carnival.

There is only one rule to this game, and it is simple:

Clear the mission given to you. (There is no time limit unless specified)


“Clear the mission? What do we get after clearing it!?” Flute asks.

“You get to continue living for the next mission,” Naho grins.

“Wha…? Continue living for the next mission…? What’s the meaning of that!?” Flute screams.

“H…Hey, Flute, calm down,” Viola taps her friend’s shoulder.

“As a player, you are given a mission by the vengeful spirits that form the fabrication of this school. Entertain them and you will be allowed to continue living,” Naho replies. A slight trace of malicious smile emerges on her face.

“Wait, how’s that fair!? I don’t want to play this game! I wanna go home!” Flute cries some more.

“You can’t. Once you entered this game, you cannot run from it. There is no escape. All you can do is keep on playing the missions given to you to entertain them,” said Naho.

“Oh yeah!? What if I don’t!?” Flute stomps the floor, pouting.

“…Then you will face the consequences.”

An evil grin emerges on Naho’s face as Flute falls to the floor choking.

“Flute!?” Viola kneels down next to her friend.

The blonde girl clutches her neck with both hands with her mouth opened wide, as if trying to say something. Suddenly, black foggy substances gushes out of her mouth as her body painfully chokes on the wooden floor.

“What did you do to her!? Stop it! Please!!!” Viola pleads the girl, hovering above the hole on the floor.

“That is a warning to the hard headed player who dare defies the will of Heavenly Host,” Naho giggles maliciously, “Obey the rules, or cease to exist altogether.”

Suddenly, the substance disappeared and Flute stops choking. She lies still on the floor, puffing in exhaustion with a horrified face.

Both girls’ cell phone rang once more, signaling another message. Viola quickly flips up her cell phone and opens the message.

“That…is my mission?” the purple haired girl whispers.

“That’s right. Shouldn’t be too hard, right…? Both of you are lucky to be dumped together. I’ve already sent the rest of the game’s tutorial to you. All you need to know about this game is now in your cell phone. Keep whatever you find. You WILL need everything you have,” Naho giggles.

“B…But I don’t understand! Why us!? Is there anything we can do to escape this!?” Viola cried desperately.

“Well…maybe. JUST maybe. If you could entertain the spirits forming this game enough, you might be able to ask them for an escape. Just maybe though,” Naho giggles again, “I am the host of this game. I will be watching your every step, making sure that you are doing a good job in entertaining them.”

A malicious giggle echoes the whole room as the girl with eyes of a dead fish slowly vanishes into thin air.


“Wha…what the heck was that…?” Flute mutters, “Just now…I felt like I was puking out my soul…”

“Let’s go, Flute,” Viola stands up, “Let’s just get along with this for now.”

“But I don’t wanna…,” Flute sits up, sobbing, “I wanna go home.”

“I want to go home too,” Viola wipes her friend’s tears, “You heard what she said? If we could play this game enough, the spirits forming this place might allow us to go back home.”

“…You really sure? What if we ended up stuck here forever…?”

“Who knows?” Viola gulps, trying to calm down, “At this point, there is not much we can do but play by their rules.”

“…Fine. You have a point,” Flute gets back up standing and flips up her cell phone to look at the mission notification. Viola got up and looked at her friend’s cell phone.



Pick up key to the infirmary.


“I guess we got the same mission. Let’s just move on,” Viola suggests.


Both girls nod and walk out of the classroom together.


[Mission] System Tutorial

A mission will be given to you from time to time. You are expected to obey and perform the tasks given.

Once the mission is assigned to you, it is done. Nothing can be done to change the missions given to you (with the exception of few cases which will be discussed in the later tutorials).


[Party] System Tutorial

When you meet up with another player in this school, you can form a Party and help each other complete missions.

Most often, players that form a party do not have the same mission, so forming parties will allow you to put your current mission ‘on hold’ (unless specified).

Once the party disbanded, you are expected to perform the mission you put on hold.

The maximum member to a party is three.


[Darkening] Tutorial

Once the Heavenly Host detects any intention to stop playing the game, [Darkening] will occur. Your soul will sink into the darkness and you will cease to exist in the past, present, and future.



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