Bloody Carnival [Class 02]

Class 02


*pant pant pant*

A young man runs along the dark hallways, panting in exhaustion. His face is drained of colors as he keeps running away from something.

“Wha…what the heck is that…?” he pants, “How did this happen…? I thought the charm was supposed to just be for fun. Why is this happening!?”

The red haired teen presses his back against the walls across the corner and stops to rest from all the running.

Suddenly, a static voice was heard from the red door nearby. The teen gulps while glaring at the door. He cautiously makes sure nothing is following after him any more before approaching the red door.

“What’s behind this room…?” he mutters to himself as he examines the door. However, it was locked and does not seem it can be opened by force either. He looks around for other options. Everywhere is a dead end aside from the path he took.

Footsteps echoed from the darkened halls, startling the teen. He gulps and presses his back against the walls, trying his best to hide.

The sound of a metallic instrument dragging on the wooden floor becomes louder as ‘something’ approaches. The teen starts trembling in fear as despair covers up his heart.

There is literally no place to run and hide.

With no more way out, he deeply exhales and takes a leap of faith back into the hallways.


He charges right into the dark figure that was following after him earlier, slightly flinching it. However, it was not enough to make the figure move out of the way. The dark figure grabs onto the teen’s head and swings him at the wall nearby with ease. After the swing, the dark figure raises its hammer and swings full force right at the teen’s head, knocking him out in a single hit.

The lifeless body of the teen drops to the floor as blood poured out of his head. The dark figure observes the body, to make sure that it is now lifeless, before dragging it away…

Meanwhile…Heavenly Host 2nd Floor…West Wing…2-A…

“You’ve gotta be kidding? We’re supposed to play a game without even knowing if we’ll make it out!? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke!?” the silver haired teen grits his teeth after the choking.

“I just wonder why there are always hard headed guys like you among the new players,” the girl with lifeless eyes sighs, “If you want to live a little longer, play by the rules.”

After her job is done, the girl dissipates to thin air like she was never there before.

“What are we going to do, Cello…?” the orange haired girl kneeling next to the silver haired teen asks.

“I guess there’s not much we can do but entertain them for now,” Cello sighs, “I wonder if all of our friends are caught up in this.”

“You mean, Viola and the others might be somewhere in this school too…?”

“That’s possible, but there’s nothing for sure yet. Let’s just go walk around the place for a bit. It’s probably better than staying around in one place,” the silver haired teen stands up, “Can you stand, Shal? You sprained your ankle, didn’t you…?”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal,” Shalroe stand up, holding her brother’s hand.

“Don’t push yourself, okay? Tell me when it starts to hurt too much,” said Cello.

“Thanks, bro,” Shalroe gives her brother a smile and follows him out into the dark hallways, covered with dust, worn down walls, and broken planks.

“Mission: Go to the East Wing. Sounds simple enough…?” Shalroe asks.

“Yeah. Problem is we don’t even know where we are. So we’ll probably have to just guess our ways,” Cello crosses his arms.

“Any building joins at the first floor. Let’s get keep getting down stairs first,” the orange haired girl suggests and leads her brother down the south stairs.

“Hey, don’t just go on ahead like that!” Cello quickly follows his sister.

As Shalroe turns around the corner, she bumps right into another girl.


Both of them screams and quickly backs off, falling to the floor at the same time.

“A…A human…?” Shalroe whispers.

“Why yes, I am a human. You are a human too, right?” the girl asks back.

“Boy, am I glad to know there are someone else around here,” the orange haired girl sighs in relief as her brother helps her up once again, “I’m Shalroe. And this is my brother, Cello. You are…?”

“I’m Krystal,” the girl gets up and introduces herself, “You guys don’t know how relief I felt to see someone else alive in this place.”

“Is it true that this place hosts some kind of game…?” Cello asks the girl out of curiosity.

“I guess so,” said Krystal, “I kept getting new messages telling me to do this and that one after the other. I mean, I got some time to rest after each missions, but what else are you going to do in this school anyway!? There are corpses here and there, and not to mention ghosts!”

[Idle Time] Tutorial

Idle Time mostly occurs after a mission is completed. You are free to explore the school or do whatever you want as much as you like until a new mission is given to you.

“G…ghosts?” Shalroe hugs her brother’s arms.

“You should have met Naho, right? Then you shouldn’t be so surprised to see ghosts now,” said Krystal.

“Yeah. Needless to say, I don’t like her guts,” Cello sighs.

“She demonstrates the Darkening on you, huh?” Krystal guesses, “She demonstrates it on my boyfriend when we got here too.”

“Wait. Your boyfriend? Where is he now then?” Shalroe wonders.

“He was given a mission that forbids him to be in a party with me and had to perform ‘Dimensional Slip’ too somewhere else. I just hope he is doing fine. I haven’t been able to contact him in a while,” Krystal sighs.

“…Um…Dimensional Slip? What’s that?” Cello asks.

“Huh. You guys haven’t been reading the tutorials much now, have you? Let me show you!” Krystal pulls out her cell phone.

[Dimensional Slip] Tutorial

The Heavenly Host Elementary School is a multidimensional nexus, multiple planes of existence, all piled on top of one another. There will be times where you have to travel to certain a room, which existed only in a certain plane of existence.

You can do so by performing the [Dimensional Slip]. Hold your [Paper Charm] tight then close your eyes and think of your destination. You will immediately be taken to your destination when you reopen your eyes.


1)        You can travel ONLY to planes that contain a [Paper Charm] from the doll you tore. (More information on this in later tutorials)

2)        You will be taken to the very same spot you are standing in the destination plane. However, the floor you are on might be fragile and broken down. Be extremely cautious when performing each slips.

“That sounds kinda cool, and dangerous,” Shalroe mutters.

“Just be extra careful when you do each slip. I’m not very sure how many planes there are, but I heard new ones are created every now and then,” Krystal explains.

“Wait a sec. If your boyfriend performed a slip, then that must mean there is at least someone else that entered this place with you?” Cello asks.

“Eh…yeah. A mutual friend of ours. My boyfriend just had a fight with his twins. So me and that friend was cheering him up, when that same friend suggested we do the ‘ritual’ for fun,” Krystal sighs again, “Then you guys probably know about the rest.”

“I knew it. That ritual must have had something to do with us being trapped here,” Cello mutters.

“Hey bro. If we can perform the Dimensional Slip, would that mean we can jump to where Viola and the others are?” Shalroe suggests.

“I’m thinking about it exactly,” Cello turns to his sister.

“I wouldn’t suggest you do that. At least not until you cleared your current mission,” Krystal explains, “I spent time too long on a mission once, and let’s just say it didn’t turn out so beautiful.”

“Damn,” Cello grits his teeth and pounds his fist on a nearby wall.

“Well, in any case, let me join your party and be your guide for now. I am in my Idle Time right now,” Krystal volunteers.

“What about your boyfriend? Don’t you have to go find him?” Shalroe asks.

“I’m actually already in the same plane with him, and probably Emi too. If we keep walking around, I’ll probably run into him. It’s better than walking alone anyway,” Krystal nods.

“Well then, we’re in your hands!” Cello politely bows.

“Oh hey, don’t be too formal,” Krystal giggles, “Follow me! I’ll take you to the East Wing in a jiffy!”

And so, Krystal leads the two siblings forward down the hall.

Meanwhile…Somewhere within the halls of Heavenly Host…

“Brother~~!!! Where are you~~!?!?!”

The little girl cries as she run across the dimly lit halls of the ruined school. Along with the sound of her footsteps, another echo of footsteps is also following closely behind her.

“H…Hey! Come back here!!! Please! Let me kill you!!!!!”

A young man following closely behind the girl pleads. Despite the request being politely asked, the little girl just could not comply with it. So she kept running forward as her feet can carry her to escape from her doom.

“Please! Let me kill you!!! If you’re not dead, ‘they’ll’ be coming after me!!!!”

The young man pleads again with a horrified tone. It is obvious that he is extremely afraid of ‘something’, that was asking him to kill the little girl.

“Noooo!!! I don’t wanna die!!! I wanna see my brother!!!” the girl cries again.

Once she turns over the corner, her face turns pale as she found a dead end shoved into her face.

“N…No…,” the little girl whispers and turns around, but it was too late. The young man was standing right before her, puffing in exhaustion.

“T…There you are,” the young man exhales loudly, “P…Please…Don’t hate me. But I have to kill you!”

“N…No…,” the little girl whispers and steps backward, but hits a wall after two steps.

The young man slowly approaches the little girl, pulling out a pair of scissors out of his jacket.

“Please don’t kill me…,” the little girl begs for her life once more.

“I’m…I’m sorry…But I…But I don’t wanna die too!!” the young man grits his teeth as tears flow down his cheek, “Forgive me!!!! Aaaaagggghhhh!!!!”

He raises the scissors with his right hand and dashes at the cornered girl.

Suddenly, the collar of the young man was yanked and he fell down to the floor.

“W…Wha!?” the fallen young man exclaims as he notices a muscular man in blue suit and red cape grabbing his jacket’s collar.

“You’re a bad man,” the muscular man mutters.

“N…No!!! I’m not!!! The school just ordered me to kill a little girl! If I don’t do it, ‘they’ will come after me!!!!” the fallen young man cries and struggles to break free of the muscular man’s grip. However, he is extremely tough and would not let go of the collar easily.

In frustration, the young man swings his scissors at the muscular man’s arm, attempting for a stab.

However, the man in cape quickly pulls his arm away from the stab, then grab the shirt of the young man once again. This time, he hurls the young man up from the ground against the glass windows on the hallways. Surprising enough, the glasses are extremely durable and do not even show a trace of crack even though the young man directly crashed against it.

“I cannot let you harm this girl!” the man in cape crosses his arms and glares at the young man.

Deciding that there’s nothing more he can do to fight against this man, the teen with scissors quickly runs away from the scene.

“…He’s gone,” the muscular man in red cape turns to the little girl who is crying at the corners.

“I wanna see my brotherrrrr!!!!”

For such a small girl, the earlier event must have been extremely terrifying for her. Chances are, she could be traumatized for the rest of her life.

“Oh now, come here,” the muscular man kindly opens his arms.

The little girl innocently hugs him, feeling a lot more secured than before.

“Let’s go find your brother…,” the muscular man suggests, “I am Chris, the superhero of justice!”

“……Superhero…?” the little girl tilts her head puzzlingly.

“That is right. I am the defender of peace and the enemy of evil!” Chris smiles.

“…Why are you here?” the girl asks again.

“……I was at the costume party when my friends and I performed the Sachiko Ever After Ritual. But my friends…They’re…consumed by this school. So I vowed to protect everyone else that I run into this school!” the muscular man explains proudly.

“So…will you really help me find my brother…?” the girl asks innocently.

“Of course! What’s your name, little girl…?”

“…P…Puddingcess. But everyone at the orphanage calls me Pudding,” the girl replies, trying her best to keep her hiccups.

“Well then Pudding, let’s go!” the muscular man stands up, holding the little girl’s hand.

“Okay,” the girl nods and follows Chris hand in hand.

[Dimension Link] Tutorial

When you come across another player who entered this game from a different Paper Charm, you can form a [Dimension Link] with them. With the link formed, you can now increase your Dimensional Slip’s range and jump to the planes that contain the other pieces of the charm you just linked.


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