Bloody Carnival [Homeroom]

Home Room Period

It was a rainy evening after school, just like this one. Running down the stairs, the kindly teacher lost her footing. She tumbled, and she fell…and she died.

You’ve probably heard about this story before – The tragedy that happened in the Heavenly Host Elementary School.

The principal was completely devastated.

You see, he cared for the school almost as if it were his own child. But after that incident, it was one thing after another. Many more tragedies occurred over and over again. Ultimately, a decision was reached; the school was to be shut down.

The principal was so stricken with grief over losing his precious child that on the day of its closure, he climbed up to its roof and threw himself to death. It was said that he just could not live on without his beloved child.

People thought Heavenly Host was cursed.

The souls that died in that place were said to be wandering, attached to the world due to having no closure. As an example, they say the teacher who fell down the stairs still has no idea that she was dead…even to this very day.

On a rainy evening like this, after the school day has come to an end, some claim she roams the darkened hallways of the school built over the demolished Heavenly Host…still believing them to be her own.

Just after seven o’clock, after a sudden blackout that leaves the entire building dark as night, you will hear the sound of footsteps, echoing the halls.

A pale light emanates from the candle, lighting a small part of the classroom. It was raining heavily on the outside. But perhaps a ‘storming’ would be the better word. The raindrops poured down madly on the window’s glasses, causing it to resonate an eerie sound.

Behind the windows, nine students sat around in circle, surrounding the candle as one of the female student unfold the tragic story.

“Hnnnnghhhh,” the violet haired girl caught onto the left arm of the silver haired teen sitting next to her.

He simply holds her hands with his right without saying a word so he would not interrupt the storyteller.

“Is anyone still here?”

Her soft voice always echoes the same question.

“It’s time to go home children…”

Her pale white face cuts through the stillness, revealing the distorted face of a once kind teacher.

“Any student who is still in the halls…will be PUNISHED!!!!”

All of the sudden, a clap of thunder echoes from the outside of the school, startling the girls.


The five girls screamed in fright at the sound of the thunderclap. Each of them grabbed onto whatever is right next to them on reaction, trying to calm down. However, even after most of them has already settled down, among the scream, there is one girl that still keeps on screaming even after the other four girls have already stopped.

“H…Hey, Viola!” the silver haired teen nudges the violet haired girl who keeps on screaming.

“Hnnnnngh…Can’t we just stop all this?” the girl cries, pleading her friends while tightly hugging the arm of the silver haired teen sitting next to her.

“Meh, you’re such a cry baby, Viola,” the orange haired girl with big red ribbon teases the violet haired girl.

“You’re the one to speak, Shalroe, hugging your brother’s arm like that too,” Viola glares at Shalroe, who is hugging the other arm of the silver haired teen.

“And Cello gets two girl hugging him once again,” said the teen with dark red leather jacket, “What a lucky guy.”

“Seishi, one of these girls you are talking about is my younger sister. You got a problem with her sister hugging her big bro?” the silver haired teen glares back.

“Hey, no need to get all serious, dude,” said another teen in the group.

“My my my. Bass. Seishi. Did I just hear the sound of jealousy?” said a blonde shoulder length haired girl sitting right next to Viola.

“What? Come on? Me? Jealous?” Seishi starts laughing at the blonde girl.

“Yeah, Flute. Jealous that Cello has a girlfriend with weird hair color?” Bass laughs as well.

“I think you guys probably need some lesson,” the violet haired girl let go of Cello’s arm and starts cracking her knuckles with an unfriendly look, “How many times do I have to tell you guys that I’m born with this color!?”

“Uh oh. You guys—.”

“—are in deep trouble!!”

Another two girls sitting in the group start giggling.

“W…Woah, hey, Drum. Trum! This is not funny,” Bass cringes.

“Sucks to be you now,” Flute teases.

Suddenly, the thunder claps again, this time, startling everyone.

“Man, I wonder when it’ll stop raining,” a male student who has kept quiet the whole time wonders.

“Same thought here, Sax,” Shalroe agrees.

“Come on, this is our last day together! We’re all going to different universities in a few weeks time! This is a perfect opportunity to strengthen our bonds!” Flute laughs, trying to reduce the intensity.

“By telling ghost stories in the middle of the storm?” Drum teases.

“Oh shut it, Drum!” Flute pouts.

“Say, Flute. Talk about strengthening bonds, don’t you think it’s time we do ‘that’ now?” Bass asks the blonde girl.

“Huh? Oh, THAT!” Flute makes a mischievous grin and reaches into her bag.

“I just have a bad feeling about this,” Shalroe glares at the blonde girl, “Definitely something occult-ish again.”

“I agree,” Viola nods.

“Come on girls, don’t say that! This is meant to strengthen the bonds we have for each other!”

Flute pulls out a small paper charm, cut into the shape of a human.

“…What’s that?” Seishi looks at the charm, raising his eyebrow.

“It’s called the ‘Sachiko Happily Ever After’ ritual! It was said that this charm will bond all the participants together! That’s what the blog said anyways,” said Flute.

“Sounds nice. What do we do with the charm then?” Viola asks.

“Everyone, gather around and hold on to the charm!”

On Flute’s order, everyone moves closer together, forming a circle around the human-shaped paper charm. Each of them holds on to the tip of the paper charm with their thumb and index finger.

“Now, everyone has to chant ‘Sachiko, we beg of you’ according to the number of participants! In our case, that would be nine! Say it nine times! No more, no less!” Flute explains.

“Eh, what happens if I say more or less?” Sax wonders.

“Failure is not an option! Just do it!” the blonde girl orders forcefully.

“Ugh, whatever,” Sax rolls his eyes.

“Well then! On three, everyone starts chanting mentally, okay?”

Everyone nods.


The teens close their eyes and mentally start chanting without saying a word. Since everyone kept quiet, it was easier to concentrate on the number of times they had to chant.

“Okay, everyone, got it?” Flute opens her eyes and asks when she chanted nine times successfully.

“I’m done,” Viola replies.

“Me too!” Shalroe adds.

“Yeah, I think we’re all done,” Cello looks around and notices everyone already opening their eyes.

“Let’s just do whatever we have to after this before I accidentally chant it again,” Bass suggests.

“Now, on three, we pull this paper charm at the same time. Got it? 1…2…3!!!”

On Flute’s count, the paper doll is torn to pieces by the hands of the teens. Another thunder clap accompanied, as if the tearing of the paper caused it.

“Now! That should do it! Keep the piece of that paper charm with you safely. It is said that with it, Sachiko-san will bring us together again, no matter how far we are apart,” Flute explains.

“Sounds kinda cool. Kinda reminds me of that [Connection] Pendant in [Zodiac Angels] movies!” Viola giggles.

“That kinda bothers me though,” Seishi looks at his charm before putting it inside his Student ID pocket, “How does tearing a paper doll apart signifies strengthening bonds anyway…?”

Just when Seishi finishes speaking, the party felt the room shaking.

“Wha…what the!? An earthquake!?” Bass grabs onto the nearby table.

The shake was not too hard at first so the teens are able to stand. But in just a few moments, the shake rapidly gets worse and the teens start to lose their balances.

“No way! You gotta be kidding me!” Cello shouts.


“Shalroe!” Cello reaches for his younger sister who fell down to the floor.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” the girl replies, trying to stand up. However, the shake prevents her from doing so.

Flute and the other girls start to lose their balance as well. The light bulbs on the ceiling start to fall down one by one, forcing the teen to be constantly on the move despite the shake that does not seem to stop any time soon.

“Everyone! Let’s hide under the tables until—-!!!!”

Before Viola finishes, she notices the wooden floor below her starting to crack. In just a few second, the crack separates into a huge tremor, opening a dark bottomless-looking pit on the floor, and devours the nine teens into the depths of darkness.


The teens screamed at the top of their voices as all of them gradually fall into the dark abyss below.

“OH PLEASE GOD THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!” Drum screams to the top of her voice, while holding the hand of her twin sister tightly.

“Hold on to me!” Cello hugs his sister tightly and looks around, noticing his friends falling down along with him.

“Cello!!!!” Viola calls to the silver haired teen, reaching her hands out to him.

“Take my hand!” Cello stretches his hand to the girl.

However, just before Cello could catch her hand, he felt something him and his sister away from the violet haired girl.

“What the heck!?” Cello turns to the source of the force that was pulling him.

“Wha!?” Cello and Shalroe gasp as they notice pale white face of a young girl with long black hairs, glaring at them from the midst of the darkness, as mysterious dark demonic hands pull them further down into the depths.

Everything before the teens turned completely pitch black as their conscience start to fade.


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