Bloody Carnival [Class 03]

Class 03

Somewhere within the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary…

“Now, before we proceed any further,” Flute stops walking, “Where do we find this [Infirmary Key]?”

“Beats me,” Viola crosses her arms. Both of them just left the classroom labeled ‘2-A’ and is completely oblivious of their next destination.

“Why don’t we just keep on walking around? It’s better than just staying in one place and rotting anyway,” Viola suggests.

“Well you got a point,” Flute sighs.

“Let’s start from down stairs.”

Viola leads her friend down the stairs near the classroom. After descending the stairs, the girls found themselves in a wider hallway, filled with even more cracks and fissures compared to the second floor.

The girls keep moving forward until they reach a grand intersection. However, the big fissure prevents them from heading further to the north and west. The only path available to them is the south path that leads to a huge double sliding door.

“Hey, could this be the entrance?” Flute suggests and walks towards the sliding door. The blonde girl tries sliding the door, but to no avail, the doors would not budge in the slightest, “Ugh, no good. It wouldn’t move at all.”

“H…Hey, Flute,” Viola calls to her friend as she examines the shoes scattered about the floor.

“Wha…?” Flute examines the shoes, “These shoes are so small. Are we really in Heavenly Host? I still can’t believe it.”

“I guess there’s no denying that now,” Viola sighs, holding both of her hands behind, trying her best not to tremble, “I guess there’s nothing else here.”

“You’re probably right. Let’s go back to the second floor. There are still some places we haven’t explore yet.”


Agreeing so, both girls backtrack their way back to the second floor.

Meanwhile…Somewhere else within Heavenly Host…

“Pudding!!! PUDDING!!!!” the young boy yells to the top of his voice, calling out to his beloved sister, “Dammit! Where are you!?”

After walking the endless dark halls for so long, the young boy finally falls to his knees, exhausted.

“…I…I cannot stop now…Pudding is waiting for me,” he grits his teeth, trying to stand up.

“Oh…Hello there?” a girl’s voice emerges from the corner behind, startling the young boy.

“WAH!?” he fell to the floor.

“Oh. Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” the girl smiles nervously and helps him up. She seems to be a few years older than him, “I heard someone yelling ‘Pudding’ or something, so I followed the voice.”

“…Yeah. I’m looking for my little sister, Pudding,” said the boy, “We…We lived together in an orphanage. However, a foster parent wants to adopt her and only her. She didn’t want to be separated from me, so she offered to try out the Sachiko Happily Ever After. After that, it was a nightmare. I woke up in this place, found that girl named Naho, and…”

“Yeah. I understand. It’s no doubt that ritual did this,” the girl replies, “I did this ritual with my other high school friends too. And now I still haven’t find them.”

“I see. That’s too bad,” the boy nods.

“How about we walk around together? I’ve been alone for a while, and I think I can snap any moment from now,” said the girl.

“Would that be okay with you?” the boy asks, “I mean, you’re not on a mission? I’m currently in my idle time.”

“Yup, I’m in my idle time too. I’m Avery from Vesper High,” the girl introduces herself.

“I’m Madolce,” the boy replies, “Thanks.”

“No problem. Any place you haven’t looked around yet?” Avery asks.

“I don’t know. This school…Okay look, don’t say I’m crazy, but I think its structure changes from time to time,” said Madolce, “It’s just, every time I make a turn at each corners, it felt as if the halls are not the same.”

“You get that feeling too?” Avery crosses her arms, “Considering this place is a multidimensional nexus, I kind of guess that it can overlap each other at times. Speaking of which, have you tried Dimensional Slip yet?”

“I did. It’s the first thing I did when I knew about it,” said Madolce, “Only my sister and I did the ritual, so the only place I can jump to is a plane that Pudding exists.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” said Avery with a doubtful tone.

“What do you mean?” Madolce raises his eyebrow.

“You know. Dimensional Slip isn’t the only way you can get around. There are several trap doors hidden all over the place,” Avery sighs.

[Trap doors] Tutorial

There are several trap doors hidden all over Heavenly Host. If you ever happen to step onto one of these doors, you will automatically be taken to another dimensional plane.

You will NOT know if you have activated a trap door. However there are ways to tell if you have stepped into a different plane, but the players have to figure it out by themselves. The game is not obligated to do so.

Fortunately, you will NEVER fall into a death trap when accidentally activating a trap door.

“Damn! You mean I could have spent eternity and still not find my sister!?” Madolce kicks the concrete wall next to him out of frustration.

“Calm down. Getting frustrated won’t do you any good,” Avery calms down the boy, “Look. Perform a Dimensional Link with me and let’s try slipping to your sister’s plane again. I’ll help you.”

“Okay. Thanks a lot,” Madolce nods and pulls out his paper charm.

Avery places her charm onto Madolce. The paper charms emanate a pale light momentarily before fading away, signifying a successful Dimensional Link.

“Okay, let’s move!” Madolce clutches the charm tightly in his fist and closes his eyes. Suddenly, his body radiates a faint glow before dispersing away into thin air.

“Gotta love those special effects,” Avery giggles, “This proves that he really is in a different plane from his sister. Otherwise the slip wouldn’t have worked. Anyway, time to follow him.”

The girl does the same procedure Madolce did and disperses away as well.

Meanwhile … Somewhere else within the halls of Heavenly Host…

“How long have we been running around like this?” the girl puffs as she leans against the wall nearby.

“Quite a while,” the longhaired teen leans against the wall beside the girl, exhausted.

“Did we really lose him yet?” the girl asks with a worried face.

The longhaired teen peeks over the corner, looking into the dark halls they just came from. It was empty. No sign of any strange movements from the depths of darkness.

“I guess we did. I don’t see any weird glowing lights any more,” said the longhaired teen, “What the heck was that thing anyway!?”

“A ghost…maybe…I’m not sure, but something told me we shouldn’t be near him,” said the girl, hugging her arms trying to stop herself from shivering.

“Dammit. We can’t just slip away from this plane with that thing jamming us either,” the teen mutters.

[Jamming] Tutorial

Lingering spirits with strong vengeance possess the power to distort time and space in Heavenly Host. This is called [Jamming].

While within the radius of effect, the players cannot perform any Dimensional Slips or Links. The size of the radius depends on spirit. Some covers only a room, while others cover the whole plane.

In the latter case, players have no choice but to wait until the spirit leaves the plane before they can slip again, or intentionally step into a trapdoor, if they happen to find any.

“I…In any case, if he’s not behind us, then I guess we are safe for now,” the girl sighs.

“We need to get out of this plane fast. I just hope Cas and the others didn’t ended up encountering something like this too,” the teen crosses his arms, trying his best not to stop the shaking.

He leans against the wall behind him again, thinking about what could have possibly made them deserve to be in this hellhole.

“…S…Sly…,” the girl nudges the long haired teen with a trembling voice, looking towards the other side of the hall.

“What is it, Audrey!?” Sly turns towards the same direction with the girl.

His eyes widened up as he witnesses the very thing that was chasing them earlier.

A pale glowing figure gradually walks out of the darkness, glaring at the teens. At first glance it looks like a young boy, possibly an elementary student, in a strip T-shirt and short pants. However, the blood stains that covers his shirt and his lips, along with the unnerving pressure radiating off the boy and the maliciously murderous smile, screamed an undeniable truth to anyone who witnesses him; this boy thirsts for blood.

“HOLLY MOLLY!!!!!!” Sly quickly grabs Audrey’s wrist and run back the way they came earlier.

“Oh god he’s following us!!!!” Audrey turns around and notices the ghostly boy closely following them from behind, never leaving that murderous smile off his face.

“Damn!!! Isn’t there any where he can’t follow us!?” Sly grits his teeth.

“You two! This way!”

Both teens heard a voice calling them from the door of a class. The owner of the voice is a blonde girl, dressed in white robe with several cross patterns on it.

Both teens hesitate whether or not they should trust this stranger. But judging from their current situation, being with a stranger does not sound too bad compared to being constantly chased by a ghost.

Audrey and Sly quickly runs into the class as that girl suggests. Once they entered, the robed girl slides the door shut and place a small charm on the door.

“Hold on to something, this is gonna get shaky!” the girl warns both teen and begins chanting some random words that makes no sense to them.

All of the sudden, the whole room shakes harshly, just like when they attempted the Sachiko Happily Ever After Ritual. However, it was only a few seconds before it subsided as if it never happened.

“…Okay. We should be safe for a while,” the blonde girl sighs in relief before turning to the teens, “You guys are lucky I happened to be in that plane too.”

“What the heck just happened…?” Sly raises his eyebrow, doubting the girl.

“I chipped this room out of the plane where that kid is. This room will now drift about the dark cosmos of Heavenly Host. The good part is, he can’t follow us, so we should be able to Dimension Slip out of this room in a while,” the blonde girl explains.

“…Sorry…I don’t think I follow you,” Audrey tilts her head, “Who are you?”

“I’m Alizabeth, High Bishop of Mother Goddess Church. I’m one of the selected specialized exorcist, dispatched around the world to exorcize evil spirits,” the blonde girl introduced herself, “Call me Aliz.”

“Woah…An exorcist!? Awesome! Then that means we can actually kick those ghosts’ arse!” Sly jumps around excitingly.

“Wow. Never thought I’d see a living and breathing exorcist in my life,” Audrey giggles, “Oh yes, we should introduces ourselves too.”

Audrey and Sly then introduces themselves, as well as explain how they ended up in this place. They were having a party in their dorms, celebrating the end of their exam season. Audrey loves occults and paranormal stories so their party always had her telling scary story as the main high light. However, this time around, the girl simply suggests the friends to try out the Sachiko Happily Ever After Ritual she learned from the very same blog she frequents, hoping to strengthen their bonds. And the rest is history…

“If…If I hadn’t found that ritual…we…we wouldn’t have…”

“Hey, don’t be too harsh on yourself,” Sly comforts her when he notices that she is starting to sob, “We all agreed to do that ritual and thought it would be fun. No one would imagine it’ll put us in this state.”

“In whatever case, no one would want his or her friends to be in this place. You are not to blame,” Aliz places her hand on Audrey’s shoulders, comforting her, “I entered this place with some other exorcists as well. But we were separated when there was a tremor. I didn’t expect so much vengeful energy. Whatever created this place must have an extremely unjust death.”

“But you’re an exorcist right? Can’t you use those cool laser blades like the exorcists in [CYOW: Rise of the Abyss Guardians] and slice the ghosts to pieces?” Sly asks hopefully.

“You’ve been watching too much movies, aren’t you? Anyway, our powers aren’t really THAT convenient,” said Aliz, “We don’t exorcize spirits with those flashy powers. We travel to places where the ghosts are bounded and find a way to unchain whatever earthly bonds they have left.”

“So it’s like, you do what the ghosts want so they can find peace?” Audrey asks.

“Yes. That’s the idea,” Aliz nods.

“Aw man. And here I thought we’d get to see some arse kicking,” Sly sighs.

“But what about that ‘chipping’ dimension or whatever you did a while back? I don’t think we can do any of that,” Audrey asks some more.

“Well, we DO have some powers that we used to aid us in our missions,” said Aliz, “It’s just that none of our powers can really be used in an offensive manner like forcing the ghosts to find peace.”

Before the girl could explain any more, the whole room begins to shake madly again, as if something runs into it. The impact caused the players to fall to the ground. Luckily the wooden floor appears to be sturdy enough so they still have a footing to stand even after the crash.

“The heck!?” Sly curses.

“The impact came from the entrance side,” Audrey points to the door.

“…We ran into something…,” said Aliz.


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  1. I never heard of exorcist uses the laser blade. That is just plain silly. I don’t know what kind of movie Sly is watching but exorcist uses bible, holy waters and cross.

    • This is a Corpse Party fan fiction comprising of characters contributed by the GameFAQs Message Boards users.
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  2. “The heck!?” Sly curses.

    “The impact came from the entrance side,” Audrey points to the door.

    “…We ran into something…,” said Aliz.

    “Next stop….Di Di Di Di Di Di…..Heavenly Host….”

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