M_C’s Top 10 Girls

This project has been in progress for a while now.

The idea is like this. My friend has his blog about his top favorite girls (or character was it?) as well as reasons why he likes them. I thought it was rather neat and interesting to do. Plus he kept asking me to make a list like his as well.

So now that I have the time, I better do it now before the next exam season starts. xD

WARNING: Needless to say this post will contain spoilers to respective game / anime where these fine girls came from. Read at your own risk.

We’ll start from the bottom to the top:

Clair Lasbard

10 – Clair Lasbard (Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time)

One of the things I don’t understand about the Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time Director’s Cut is why Clair is not playable >_>

She would have made an awesome tag-team with Nel. Also, anyone here surprised to see a none-Sophia character from Star Ocean 3 here? XD

Anyway, she might not look so good in this official art (even Sophia looks weird in her anime officlal art >_>), but in the game she looks wayyyyyyyyy better.

Clair is one of the Commanders of the Kingdom (…or rather Queendom?) of Aquaria. She normally stationed at Riverfront Town of Arias, unlike Nel who seems to run the job for the queen throughout the whole land. Both of them are extremely close friends AND of course certain scene in the game simply feeds people who have the thing for girl x girl. (Okay, it’s NOT explicit, but it’s still me gusta worthy).

One of the top additions I want to see in a SO3 remake (if it ever happens) is a playable Clair. She would have been a definite recruit for me.


9 – Vanille Dia Oerba (Final Fantasy XIII)

Was her name supposed to be written backwards? >_>

Anyway, I’ve only watched Final Fantasy XIII’s Let’s Play (I’ll get a PS3 tomorrow), so her ranking can move up or down. But so far, I like her character and her twist with Sazh’s getting the Eidolon scene kind of changed her character from jumpy happy into a darker and more serious one.

Plus, she’s cute and her costume is hot. What’s not to love? ❤


8 – Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII / XIII-2)

While I like her looks a lot more than Vanille, I have yet played both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. Therefore, her rankings could change again once I played the game.

While resembling her sister a lot, she is a complete opposite of Lightning. She’s cute and cheerful. Her being playable made XIII-2 appealing to me even though I hate RPGs where my party consists of a fixed cast (Wild ARMs 4 being the only real exception).

Now, whether I change my mind about her and Vanille when I really get to play Final Fantasy XIII, we’ll see in a bit.


7 – Garnet Till Alexandros (Final Fantasy IX)

I’m not the only one who named her ‘Garnet’ when the game proposed ‘Dagger’, right? >_>

Anyway, Garnet is my most favorite Final Fantasy girl hands down. I like how she tries to learn about the society of common folks as well as how her relationship with Zidane develops.

The marriage scene is just priceless. I can’t stop laughing when Zidane kept thinking to himself throughout the whole ceremony.

We also have the famous [You’re Not Alone] scene. I can’t believe that after all this time, I still managed to almost shed some tears when replaying that scene. Totally my most favorite scene of Final Fantasy IX, along with the ending. How she pounds Zidane in the ending is just touching and I can imagine her saying “Damn! What took you so long!?” even though there was no captions back there. XD

Asia Argento

6 – Asia Argento (High School DxD)

Before anyone said anything, yes, I watch this anime for its story. Hated most of the redundant fanservices >_>.

Bring the flames bro.

Anyway, Asia Argento is born with the Twilight Healing sacred gear, a special power that allows her to heal the wounded. But her kind heart turned against her when she healed a stray demon. She was labeled a heretic and casted out of home. So she joined the church of the Fallen Angels due to having no other choices. That was when Rias and her lackeys found out about her and decide to help her out.

Issei cursing god when Asia died almost made me cry. Yeah. Watch that episode and you’ll know what I mean. Because of that scene, you have no idea how good it felt when Issei punched that Fallen Angel, lol.

And folks, that’s 5 girls down. What?
The reason is too short? LOL
Be prepare for wall of text after this then. XDDD

Reverie Metherlance

5 – Reverie Metherlance [Ren] (Erementar Gerad)

Reverie Metherlance, or Ren, is the last Edel Raid of the Metherlance Clan as well as one of the 7 [Shichi KouHouJu] (I spelled that correct, right? >_>), an extremely powerful race of Edel Raid.

She hates sweets.

While the manga and anime started out similar to each other, their journey ended up pretty differently. Since I watched the Anime before the Manga, I was a little surprised at how different the story (and to a certain extent, gory ._.) the manga is compared to the Anime. That said, each of them has the good for each of their own.

The anime had a happier ending where the Edel Garden and the humans finally form a Truce. Coud and Ren spent the rest of their time as the sky pirates.

However, while the manga’s ending is a little more depressing and left up to reader’s interpretation, each characters’ development was better. Ren’s past was covered and explained a lot better than the Anime version.

That being said, both versions are worth reading and watching.

Mizunouchi Miru Miru

4 – Miru Mizunouchi (Ryu-Koku)

Miru is a character from the visual novel Ryu-Koku. The whole game is in Japanese so I’m not 100% sure about her.

But basing off a guess of how I see the story so far, Miru is a mysterious girl who appeared in front of Tsukasa, the protagonist. My guess was that in the past life (or a distant past) Tsukasa was probably someone extremely important to Miru. I don’t know what happened, but Miru managed to find Tsukasa again and wants to stay by his side to protect him against the Kitsune-no-Kamen, apparently the antagonist of the story.

I’ve watched a screen cap spoiler and it’s pretty mind-blowing about the true identity of Kitsune-no-Kamen. I guess I will never have the chance to fully understand the story unless I study intensive Japanese ._.

Anyway, I first get to know this visual novel from it’s Opening Song – Private Place – by Ayane. The song was used by a user named EtherealSky in his Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria [Code Valkyrie] combo exhibition. I thought the song was pretty catchy so I made a research to see where it came from. That was how I get to know about Ryu-Koku and met Miru. The picture of her munching potato chips is just cute. From the extremely limited Japanese skill that I have, I only could tell that she never had any potato chips before. That was how I came to a guess that she came from maybe a different time period or world from Tsukasa.


3 – Female Protagonist [Amina Arisato] (Persona 3 Portable)

First of all, Amina Arisato is NOT her official name. It’s just the name I gave her and what I normally go by when I refer to her. As for why I chose [Amina] as her name, it’s because it reads like [Ameena], the girl who looks like [Sophia].

Anyway, the biggest hype for Persona 3 Portable was the option to play the story mode from a different point-of-view, as a girl as opposed to being the male protagonist. Playing the game myself, the main story is not THAT much different from the male protagonist (in fact, it ended just like each other and Aigis still appeared to screw the fuck out of it as usual).

The game portrays her to be a cheery and forceful girl, judging from the choices you have during the social link events. I like her pairing up with Shinjirou the most. Too bad we all know what happens >_>

The biggest let down about P3P is the fact that you cannot use the Female Protagonist to run around the place since the game is a Point-Click visual novel during the day.


2 – Aurica Nestmile (Ar Tonelico / Ar Tonelico 2 / Cross Edge)

Note that I haven’t played AT3 yet, so I dunno if she made an appearance there. Judging from the artbook of [Garden of Goddess], I am assuming she doesn’t. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, it is worth noting that the gap between the 2nd and the 3rd place is HUGE. It’s a gap that without a really good reason or impact, nothing can really be placed up on this spot.

I met Aurica (and Ar Tonelico Series) sometimes back in High School, when a pervert friend of mine (as if I’m not pervert, lol) suggested me this awesome new RPG where you speak to girls in their room at night and ‘dive’ into their dreams to make them stronger. You know what’s my reaction?

“…What have you been smoking, dude?”

Anyway, I still tried out anyway because that son of a bitch is one good marketer. And that was how I get to meet Aurica.

She’s a class D Reyvateil with very little confidence.

Due to an extremely traumatizing past, she kept her heart closed, sealed off from the world. Because she trust anyone, she could not craft new spells, and therefore viewed as useless.

Her world starts to change when she gets to know Lyner, the Apostle of Elemia who came down from the top of the tower to look for the Hymn Crystal to save his town. Slowly but surely, she slowly opens up her heart to Lyner, who while being hot-blooded is a very good guy who even wants to save the biggest villain who threatened his world.

Watching Aurica’s character develop is great. She starts out from being really closed and timid to a girl who loves to chat with other people.

She is no doubt my most favorite character, if not for the other girl who I met first.


1 – Sophia Esteed (Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time)

Seriously, who does not see her coming? LOL

Before I start, it is worth noting that the gap between the 1st and 2nd place is next to none. I could easily placed Sophia and Aurica on the same place, but since we’re doing the ranking, someone HAS to be on the 2nd place, and it just so happens that I knew Sophia first, that was only why she came out as the first.

Anyway, I don’t think I want to say much about Sophia since I’ll just be repeating myself. I have a whole page explaining why I like her here.

The [Sophia] everyone heard me talking about today is no longer Sophia Esteed. She is the personification of an extremely important person to me, given the looks and appearance of [Sophia Esteed]. The fondness for [Sophia Esteed] grew from this attachment. This is why she is and will always be on the first rank of my favorite character ever.

Now, you guys probably no longer have to wonder what’s the big deal when I discovered about Aurica having Michelle Ruff’s (Sophia’s VA) voice in [Cross Edge].


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