God hated me this week

Well, this will probably be my first ranting post on my blog, lol.

Please bear with me.

Anyway, as many people might have known, I’ve just gotten my PS3 as well as a Cross Edge game disc, which I never expect to find due to it being an extremely old game (4 years old).

I was extremely happy, but it was today that I realized I probably used up whatever luck I had in finding that disc .____.

Shit Luck #1

Happened on Monday.

There is a subject called “Business Ethics Seminars” where all students in my university are required to attend twice a semester, once before mid-term, and the other after. So in a total of 4 years, you have 16 sessions to attend. And if you miss one, you CANNOT graduate.

Normally, the session for after mid-term starts a week or two AFTER the mid-term period. Even the earliest section starts 7 days after the mid-term period, not counting weekends.

On Monday morning, I got to the university, only to realize that the session was already half way over.

I’m on my fourth year, first semester after mid-term. So I’ve already been into over 13 sessions and this is the first time it happened to me. And before anyone blame this on my PS3, many of my friends missed this session due to it being extremely sudden too.


Shit Luck #2

Happened this morning.

I am taking Business Research Methodology, a subject I’ve never really been a fan of. Yes, I hate any subject that requires me to do proposal, thesis, research, blah blah blah.

To keep the extremely long and detailed story short, my group’s questionnaire was rejected. She kept giving such and such reasons, and when I actually tried to talk to her about where we misunderstood each other, she dismissed it as [talking back].

4 years of high school and 3 years into university, I’ve never had any problems with term projects and group works. So that oughta say something >_>

Oh yes, my teacher is a Ph.D.

Do you guys know what Ph.D. stands for?

Nope, not Philosopher Degree. It’s “Permanent Head Damage”.


Shit Luck #3

So, even with Shit Luck #2 happening, I finally managed to get a work that satisfied my teacher and completed the Questionnaire to distribute.

Phew, that’s one job done. A friend of mine gave me a call telling me to come down from the computer lab for lunch. The University Mall where we have the restaurant is in a totally opposite wing from the Study Buildings, so it’s pretty far away from the computer lab where I was working. (I’m gonna say it’s about 500 meters apart, including the stairs climbing and stuffs)

The students in my university is pretty used to walking back and forth, so it wasn’t too tiring.

However, my shit luck happens when I realized that I forgot my USB drive in the Computer Lab when I was RIGHT in front of the mall where my friends told me to come.

My USB is about 16 GB large, and LOTS of my works are in there. This includes almost all of the pictures I drew, Corpse Party Fan Fiction, Fatal Frame Fan Fictions, Zodiac Angels, CYOW saga, etc etc.

Granted I have a back up. But seriously, 16 GB USB drive all lost?

No one is gonna accept that.

So I ran as fast as my feet could take me.

It seems that God still had some mercy on me, because the drive was still hanging in the computer I used.

Seriously, I have NO idea how this happened. I have a long strap tied to my drive, and I used that strap to tie it to my bag whenever I was working there. So whenever I pick up my bag, the drive will also be automatically pulled off. This is of course only a safety measure where I never really get to use it since I always remember to pull it off when I’m done using it. I have NO idea how I forgot about it today ._.


Shit Luck #4

Remember the questionnaire I mentioned in Shit Luck #2?

Well, Shit Luck #4 is related to it. It wasn’t until AFTER we’ve photocopied 200 sets of questionnaire that we noticed a small mistake in one of the questions.

We resort to manual marking and correction so it’s not really that big of a deal. But seriously? All those drafts and proofreading, and THIS still happened? >_>


There we go guys. My extremely shitty week.

Some of you guys are now probably saying, “Oh, you think THAT’S bad? Try this xxxxxxx.”

Yes yes, I know this is not a life and death shit luck event, but seriously? One thing after another 3 days straight? Even if it’s a small stuff, I still have the right to vent it, especially after things have been going pretty well until THIS week.

In any case, I hope that was the last crap I encounter this week. I’m having a long holiday starting tomorrow, so I hope it’s gonna be a great one.

Oh, and in case anyone wonders. Chapter 4 of Corpse Party Fan Fiction is half-way typed up. Expect to see some…interesting…stuffs as well as more character appearances.

Until then, see you guys later~


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  2. I’m not sure if I am lucky or not, but I almost got scammed by the call. I give away my particular and bank number but my parents manage to stop me from transferring the money just to receive 5 million from overseas bank. But I still feel scared because I give away my personal particulars and account number.

  3. That’s nothing, compared to how my life ends up in shame. I lost my wife, my children, my finances, my properties, my car, my land, my life, myself and worst of all, I lost my face.

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