Bloody Carnival [Class 04]

Class 04

Meanwhile…Heavenly Host 1st Floor…Main Hall…

“When the school was not in ruins yet, you probably can travel to the East and West wing on any floor. But with the school half in ruins now, many path are left in ruins,” Krystal explains as she leads the two siblings down to the Main Hall, which is a huge intersection, “Our destination – the East Wing – is just to the front.”

“That isn’t too far after all,” Cello mutters.

“Thanks for helping us, Krystal,” Shalroe giggles.

“No problem! It’s my pleasure,” Krystal laughs.

As soon as the three of them ascends to the top of the stairs, a new message was sent to their cell phone.

“[Mission Cleared! Congratulations!]” Shalroe reads the message out loud.

“…Okay? Now what?” Cello ruffles his hair.

“Hm. No mission notification is sent to you guys. This means you are in your idle time now,” said Krystal.

“Oh. So does that mean we can do whatever we want?” Shalroe asks.

“Yup. So you’re gonna go find your friends?” Krystal asks.

“Yeah. We need to find each other first, then we’ll figure out how to get out of this place later,” said Cello.

“Well. I guess it’s good bye?” Krystal smiles sadly.

“Hey, bro…” Shalroe nudges her brother, “Is it okay…if we stay with her a little longer?”


“W…Well…we are already in the same plane with her boyfriend. Let’s just walk around until she finds her boyfriend then we’ll slip off to Viola’s plane together,” Shalroe suggests.

“That sounds just like you,” Cello sighs, gritting his teeth.

He is worried about Viola, but he cannot leave his sister alone, not to mention that he is not heartless enough to leave a girl alone in a place like this too.

“Your boyfriend should be some where in this plane, isn’t he? Let’s find him quick,” Cello suggests.

“Haha. Thanks. I thought I had to go back to walking alone again,” Krystal sighs in relieve.

“Any place you wanna look?” Shalroe asks.

“Let’s look around second floor and see of the corridors connect,” Krystal suggests and leads the party away.

Meanwhile…Heavenly Host 2nd Floor…Viola’s party…

Both girls stroll along the dusty hallway until they reach an intersection – one leading up stairs and the other path to the east.

However, the path to the stairs has broken down, leaving a huge crack on the floor. Judging from the distance, there is definitely no way of crossing to the other side. Attempting to cross over the gap would be a suicide.

Having no other choice, the girls decides to turn to the eastern path, only to realize that it’s also blocked with a huge crack.

“…What now? Dead end?” Flute pouts, crossing her arms.

Suddenly, a small click sound was heard from the sliding door next to them, giving both girls a jump.

“Y…You heard that…?” Flute asks her friend.

“…Yeah…,” Viola gulps loudly.

“W…Wanna check it out?”

“We don’t have any other choices now, do we?” Viola sighs and approaches the door. The sliding rail was covered with rust, hence making it a little difficult the move the door, but the girl manages to open it anyway.

The room behind the door is unlighted. But the light from the bulbs on the hallway outside was enough for the girls to tell that this is a classroom.

“Classroom 2-A?” the purple haired girl reads the tag after her friend opens the door, “No lights at all?”

Flute place her hands around the wall near the entrance, in order to feel the switch. However, there is nothing of sort on the wall at all.

“Nope. No lights,” Flute pouts, “Hey, Viola. If we leave this class via the other door, we’ll be able to cross that gap!”

“Hm?” the purple haired girl looks across the gap that was outside of the room, “You’re right. But the room is pretty dark. Let’s be careful in there.”

“Yeah, let’s—“

The blonde girl pauses as she walks deeper into the room.

“What?” Viola asks when she noticed her friend halting.

“Do you smell that…?” Flute asks.

“Smell wha…? Aaawk. What’s that stench?” Viola pouts as she smelled an awful stench coming from inside the room.

“Let’s just get out of here quickly,” Flute suggests and leads the way.

While the whole school was half in ruin, this room surprisingly has less crack compared to the first room both of them woke up. Because of that, they did not have to worry about feeling their way too much.

However, as they venture deeper into the room, both girls scream in panic as they found a corpse, rotting in the corner of the room.

“A…a…A corpse!?” Flute covers her mouth in disgust and fear.

Viola tiptoes closer to inspect the body. From the first glance, she could only tell that this is a corpse of a male student. Four or five metallic pipes are driven through his stomach and other parts of the body.

“The stench…he has been rotting here for some time now,” Viola comments, covering her mouth and nose as well.

“W…Why would there be a corpse here!? What happened here!?” Flute holds her own arms, trying to stop herself from trembling.

“M…Maybe…He was trapped in this school just like us,” Viola suggests, “Those metallic pipes…I think they’re the legs of the students’ chairs…”

“Who could have possibly done that to him…?”

Suddenly, a cold eerie sensation suddenly emerged from behind, sending chills down both girls’ spine. Both of them froze in fright. It is difficulty to describe the sensation, but the closest description would be ‘Something very hostile and frightening is some where behind.’

Viola and Flute took a deep breath before bravely turning around. A little girl in red dress is sitting on one of the student’s desk, quietly glaring both girls. However, her skin is radiating an eerie blue aura. Something just is not right about her.

Viola and Flute scream and run out of the room as fast as their legs can take them.

“So…those are the new players.”

The girl in red dress mumbles to herself as Viola and Flute ran off. A malicious smirk never left her face as her body fades away into the darkness.

Both girls run as fast as their legs can take them. Taking a right turn at the corner, both of them decides to take a rest after realizing that nothing was following them anymore.

“Y…You…You saw her, right?!” Viola asks her friend, puffing.

“Of course! Why else would I be running?!” Flute replies, almost screaming.

“C…Come on. You didn’t have to scream at me,” Viola pouts, still puffing from exhaustion.

“I swear you ask something obvious too much sometimes,” Flute mutters, leaning against the wall nearby.

“You said something?”

“Nah. I’m just a little tired. Don’t mind me,” Flute sighs, “Are we really safe yet?”

“Let me see,” Viola takes a deep breath and looks over the corner where they made a turn. It was empty and there is no sign of anything following them.

“Looks like nothing is following us.”

“Man. I don’t want any of this any more!” Flute falls to the floor, “This is too much.”

“Hey, it’s dirty sitting on the floor like that. Let’s find where we can sit down and rest.” Viola looks around and saw a room nearby. The tag in front of the room said [Infirmary].

Meanwhile…Somewhere within the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary…

Two girls run across the halls. Even though they are extremely exhausted, their bodies told them to keep moving or be killed.

“I…I can’t keep … moving any longer…!” the girl with long black hair, tied up with a red ribbon, told her friend.

“Save your breath and move those feet!!!” the blonde short haired girl told her friend as she keeps moving forward.

“Where are you going~~~~????” an eerie voice echoed from the direction both girls came from, “Oh? We’re gonna play tag~~~?”

“Oh stop that you creepy wretch!!!” the blonde girl grabs her friend’s hand and quickly runs a nearby staircase.

“You can run but you can’t hide~~. Hehehe,” the eerie voice echoes once more, signaling how close the owner of the voice is to the girls.

“Damn! Why can’t we ‘slip’ away from this plane!?” the blonde girl mutters as she keeps moving up stairs with her friend.

“R…Ruby. I can’t run any more…I need…to sleep,” the long haired girl mutters, scratching her eyes.

“What the!? Tsukiko, you lazy bum! You wanna get killed!?” Ruby screams at her friend in frustration.

“This way,” a gentle voice spoke amidst the chaos.

“Wha?” Ruby looks around confusingly.

“This way!” the same voice calls to both girls again.

The blonde girl looks around and notices a girl, waving at both of them before moving inside the room herself.

Ruby hesitates whether or not she should trust this girl. But assessing her current situation, anything is better than playing tag with whatever the hell was chasing them earlier.

Hence, the blonde girl drags her sleepy friend into the room and quickly closes the sliding door behind her.

“I can smell both of you,” the same eerie voice spoke, followed by an unnerving giggle, “You can hide, but not forever. Hehehe.”

An eerie light slowly moves pass the classroom’s door and vanishes away.

After a few minutes, making sure that ‘she’ is really gone, the girls finally take a deep breath of relief.

“That was close. Thank you. Whoever you…are…? Or rather where are you now?” Ruby looks around the classroom, but there is no sign of any life forms other than Tsukiko and herself in the room.

“I’m here.”

Both Ruby and Tsukiko gave a small jump as they heard the voice of the one who just saved them again.

“…Uh…where exactly is ‘here’?” Ruby mutters, ruffling her hair.

“In front of the class.”

Tsukiko and Ruby turns towards the classroom. However, no sign of any life form was seen as always. Only a gigantic hello kitty doll was seen on the podium in front of the class.


A/N: So, we have more characters appearing and we haven’t really get into the real ‘plot’ part yet. Like my Fatal Frame Fan Fictions, we are still in the character introduction stage. Since I have so many participants to this fiction, it can take a while for this phase so be patience. I promise the real plot would be a lot better than just running and hiding. xD


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