Breaking top view records

Hi guys.

So as you might have noticed, my blog has jumped recently from having less than 10 views a day to a whooping 100 views yesterday alone. Now that was ground breaking for my blog which has been really dried up with no views, lol.

I was really excited for all the comments, looking forth to my next update. As a result, I just want to say, [Zodiac Angels] – Chapter Viola 04 translation is done. That’s just about how happy I am. My creative juices flow from comments and feedbacks after all. xD

Right now, chapter 4 is in the middle of proofreading and editing, so sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to get it posted by today. It will definitely be posted by tomorrow, so please look forward to it.

Thanks again for all the comments, and I promise I will deliver more quality works for all of you.

Mad_Cartoonist out! >o<


7 thoughts on “Breaking top view records

  1. I suggest adding gallery section for all your fictions. Would like to see some characters artwork.

        • Thanks 😀
          Only Zodiac Angels are currently being translated since it was already completed in Thai version. Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival is still in the process of being written from scratch, so forgive me if there are some goofy wordings and loose ends here and there.

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