The Future of this Blog

Hey guys.

So after having so many views for the last two days and suddenly seeing it dropped down to only 36 kind of shocked me a bit.

I asked myself:

“Oh man, was all those 300+ views really just a fluke?”

“Are all these ‘commenters’ going to come back and read my fictions again?”

“Did they really enjoy reading all that?”

Well yes, I know it’s not supposed to be a big deal since I’m just going back to having only a few views per day like before. But still, I want to believe that those two days were not just a fluke and that you all really enjoyed reading my works. I was very VERY happy I suddenly got 20+ comments, looking forward to my fictions, in just two days.

Really. Thanks a lot. It might not mean much to you guys, but it meant a lot for me.

Because of that, I would like to give all the viewers something to look forward to, so this would not ended up as another dead static blog.

I will be making daily blog updates starting from today onwards, whether it is new posts or Page content updates (in the latter case, there will be a new post notifying it anyway). I promise new stuffs for you guys to read (or see) every day from now on, unless the Exam Season strikes me again (well, if you are interested, I can also post an update of my exam study progress too, lol).

Now some of you might be thinking:

“Oh, would this mean we’ll get to see new fiction chapters everyday!?”

Sadly, I have to apologize for I doubt that I would be able to make a quality translation or write up one quality chapter daily. All the drawings, digital colorings, writing, story creation, editing, proofreading, and any other small stuff are done by me and me alone. I don’t really have any team supporting me so please be patient and do not lose faith in me (lol).

However, I promise new fiction updates at least once a week from now on, be it [Zodiac Angels] or [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] as soon as the editing and proofreading is done. (The latter could take some more time since it’s new work from scratch, unlike Zodiac Angels, which is essentially completed and waiting for translation.)

As for people who posted a comment but did not get any replies from me, do not worry. Know that I read ALL of the comments (yes including spams, lol). I just have to refrain from replying to any comments that could possibly spoil my fictions.

So please, post your comments away to your heart’s content! And I look forward to hearing from all of you again!


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