Director’s Cut?

Hi guys.

So I guess some of you have probably seen me talking about the Director’s Cut of my fictions or fan fictions here and there, now and then. Well in fact, you might have even already read some of them like the Director’s Cut of my Fatal Frame Fan Fictions.

Now you could be thinking:

“So all of these are not yet finalized!?”

Well, honestly speaking, anything published on this blog is FINALIZED and ready for review by public, with the exception of [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival], which is a fan fiction where I planned on adding tidbits of stuffs here and there. While there could be some small typos that escaped my eyes, the story contents are mostly final.

“So if all of these are finalized, what’s the point of a Director’s Cut?!”

That is a valid and a very good question.
Let me explain what is the ‘Director’s Cut’ of my fictions if you have never seen or read one yet. A Director’s Cut (DC from now on) is basically a compilation of all the chapters of the fiction into one PDF file, along with the grammatical corrections, extremely minor story detail change (this will NEVER be a significant change to the main story), and other bonus materials.

These DC compilations would be hosted on my Issuu Account, where the PDF file will be converted into an interactive e-book. A link to those e-books will be posted on this blog whenever it is uploaded.

“So basically, there is absolutely no change to the story itself?”

Yes, sadly. The main story portion is most-likely to remain the same, except some minor grammatical corrections and insignificant added story details as mentioned above. There might also be some extra added scenes or dialogues between characters to make the story even more lively. Aside from that, there would be no significant change to the main story whatsoever.

“Then why would I wanna re-read whatever I’ve already read?”

Well, you don’t really have to re-read all of it. In fact, the thing you should focus on my DCs are the bonus material sections.

For instance, my Fatal Frame 2 fan fiction had an item list, spirit stone list, a special illustration drawn at the request of a reader, trivia, and two extra chapters.

My Fatal Frame 3 fan fiction had several indexes of characters items within the story, trivia, a picture gallery section, and three extra chapters.

While Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival is not yet done, the Bonus Features I planned to include are the infamous ‘Wrong Ends’, a staple feature of a Corpse Party game. It will tell the stories of an ‘alternate chapter’ showing some sort of a ‘what if this character does something else instead of what they did in the main story’ events. These will of course lead to a not-so-beautiful ending for our casts.

“Then why don’t you just host all of those materials onto your blog instead of a hefty PDF file?”

You are right. There is absolutely no reason for me not to host the Bonus Materials on my blog. So why would I do this?

Part of the reason I am making things complicated is because I want an excuse to exercise my Adobe InDesign skills. Adobe InDesign is an extremely powerful page layout program, created to handle many kinds of computer design works, ranging from publication to a website. Since it is designed to work with long projects, I do not have many opportunities to use it. The DCs are a perfect excuse for me to exercise my skills on that program, so I won’t forget how to use it.

Another reason is so my fiction would be in a printable format. I have a friend who has a problem reading stuffs from the Internet screen for too long and prefers that whatever he reads had to be printed out. I’m not saying you should print it out or anything. But it’s just an available option if you cannot read on screen for too long. All of my e-books are adjusted to an A4 size page, unless specified otherwise.

So yes, that is what Director’s Cut meant. You are free to ignore the main story section and look at the Bonus Sections only since I will provide an index to read the past chapters when my fictions are done here anyway. But if you are a collector or want to print the e-book out for personal or private use, you are also free to do so.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing all of you again next time!


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