[ZA] – Pavilion Under the Rain

Hi guys.

Well, this is apparently the very first gallery post for this blog. There are several other illustrations to my fictions that I’ve drawn and hosted elsewhere. But for this blog, I will post new pictures relating only to the current ongoing fictions, to prevent confusion.
But anyway, I digressed. Here’s our first [Zodiac Angels] Illustration!

Pavillion under the Rain

[ZA] – Pavillion under the Rain

[Zodiac Angels] – Pavilion under the Rain

This is an illustration of a scene in Chapter Viola 04, where she takes a rest from the long trek under a pavilion. The rain keeps pouring down, preventing her from continuing her way. The girl ponders about the well-being of her best friend, Alis, while waiting for the rain to stop.

The details and shading of this picture took me a while to work on since I had to find a wood texture to apply. There are several effect options in Adobe Illustrator, but from personal preference, I still prefer to color everything in solid color on Illustrator, and then touch up the details in Photoshop.


10 thoughts on “[ZA] – Pavilion Under the Rain

  1. With that kind of skimpy outfit, it’s no wonder she will be easily molested. Is that the thumbdrive or the mini portable music player?

  2. If I haven’t read your blog, I would have thought she is sitting atop the ceiling walking plank. But upon closer look, I realize those are fading distortion of trees muffled by the heavy rain.

    • It looked like twice because she’s sitting and because I did not show the floor. Frankly speaking, the [Pure White Lance] is only like a feet taller than her.

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