Check Out the Guestbook!

Hello again guys!

The page has been put up there for a while now, but I still would like to remind you guys to check out the [Guestbook] page, also accessible from the tab above. The Guestbook page is a [Facebook Wall] equivalent page where all visitors are free to post their thoughts and comments. You can do all of the following on this page:

  1. Start a discussion or post your speculations about my fictions
  2. Ask any questions to me directly
  3. Propose any suggestions to help me improve my blog
  4. Proposing a video game for me to try out (See the ‘About’ tab for more information)

If you have something on your mind, feel free to share it there. Or you can just drop by to say hi if you don’t have much to say.

I hope this page can help all of us make new friends and have a good discussion!
See you again next time.


4 thoughts on “Check Out the Guestbook!

  1. Sorry for not logging last night. Feeling sleepy. If you are reading this, I’m currently online now.

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