Why I started writing

Hello everyone!

Recently, a few online friends have been asking what got me into writing fictions.
Well, the story is not really all that complicated, but it can take a while to explain everything down to the detail. That is why I’ve decided to just make a post about it on this blog.

To fully understand the whole story, let’s wind our clock back a few years, when I was still in Elementary School. I have been exposed to video games (namely RPGs. FFVII being my very first RPG) since grade 1 and that influenced my imaginative mind. I love and had fun creating my own fantasy stories. To make those stories come to life, during break time, I would ask my friends to ‘enact’ those stories together with me. Most stories are basically the same; Good VS Evil, the good wins and they live happily ever after.

Not many kids were interested. Most boys are into soccer and I don’t really have friend girls until grade 10. So, since I cannot materialize my stories into plays, I decide to change my method. One of my cousins showed me his hand-drawn comics and it inspired me. As a result, I chose drawing comics as the mean of conveying my stories instead. But even then, most of them are just doodles, describing the scenes of the stories in my head without the stories connecting. It was not until grade 8 where my doodles are finally coming together to form a story. My very first comic is called ‘The Holy Mirror. The story is rather simple for an Intermediate School student; The main hero had special powers and tracked down his evil brother who wanted to rule an alternate reality. There are fantasy fighting and romance, much like all of my other fictions today. Ever since The Holy Mirror (THM) was spread throughout the class, I was known throughout the class as a ‘cartoonist’, but not exactly in a good way. Actually, the nickname my classmates gave me was something that can be translated into English as “Lame_Cartoonist”.

Well, obviously, I was not amused with it, although I cannot really blame them. While I am proud of how I connect my stories (which some of my friends did say it was really good), my method of conveying a story was not good enough. I did some researches on how to make a good comic a few times and realized that I am far from being a good comic writer. Story is just one element for a comic. You will need attractive art styles that attract people to read your work, not just random doodles. Not to mention the background details and many other stuffs that comprises a page of the comic is very overwhelming for me.

I denied that truth for a long time, claiming that I will make the world acknowledge my ‘unique’ drawing style. Hence was how I came up with my current nickname, the “Mad_Cartoonist”.
True story.

My denial stage lasted for a year or so and during that time, I finished three more comics: “Mystical World of the Magician”, “Mystical World of the Magician II”, and “Symphony of the Devil”.

Back then, Symphony of the Devil (SotD) was still a stand-alone title and the Create Your Own World Saga was not created yet. We’ll look into that some other time when I actually get to translate the Saga.
Anyway, SotD was the last comic I finished among those three, containing the most number of casts and the broadest story. In fact, SotD was probably my first story that actually has a ‘Plot Twist’. The rest are just Good VS Evil. There were so much more background story to explore for the SotD’s universe so I decided to work on a prequel for it. This was an important decision for me because SotD had so many cast and background. I knew right away that I would not be able to convey the whole story through comic because I just do not have enough patience to sit through and connect the stories together in boxes. That was when I thought about giving fiction writing a try.

As you write, you can easily correct whatever you wrote by just editing the words.

Someone said that to me in the past. I forgot who did. But in any case, it was a good idea for me back then because SotD’s prequel does not have many action / fighting scenes. It was more of a story explaining what happened before SotD, hence there are more dialogues and conversations than fighting scenes. So essentially, the fiction [Birth of the Rebellion], as it is known today, is my very first original fiction. Of course it was not very well done. The descriptions are bold and straight to the point. There is no use of precise vocabularies, and basically, any fiction writer would treat it as crap. Still, some people did say it has a redeeming feature to it, if you only want to know about the story and nothing else.

After that, all of my consequent works are written in fiction format, and that is the format I plan to keep on using until more options are opened to me. If you have read about me in my ‘About’ tab, you would know that my goal is basically to convey a story to my audience, making them excited about what is going to happen after. Hence, fiction writing is merely a medium I used to convey my story. To be honest, my most preferred choice of conveying a story would be through an RPG video game script. Aside from creating stories, I also enjoy creating new battle systems, although most of them are just rehashes of existing video game battle systems, touched up with what I thought would ‘fix’ and make it perfect. But since I neither have the skill nor the means of actually creating a game on Final Fantasy tier, I have to pick other alternatives instead.

So, there you have it; the reason why I started writing. I know they are still far from being on Harry Potter’s tier of awesome, but I do hope that some day I would have a huge fan base like Harry Potter.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my history lecture and that you will look forward to my next fiction update.

Have a nice day. ^^~


6 thoughts on “Why I started writing

  1. So due to SoTD huge amount of casts, you stop drawing comics and switch to fictions. I kinda like that actually. Drawing a comic could take a month to finish a 45 pages.

    • That was part of the reason actually. Another reason when I started writing a fiction for [Birth of Rebellion] instead of a comic because it was more focused on story telling, something I personally found fictions to do better than comics. That doesn’t necessarily say comic is bad at story telling though. It’s just that I found fictions to captivate more small little details.

      • I check out the zodiac angel fiction section and saw the tale of star ocean.

        So is this the star ocean universe? And you still have Auria, Sophia and Ophiucus untranslated yet. That’s a lot of work.

    • @Peter: Nope. I specifically use ‘Star Ocean’ instead of any other equivalent terms simply because it’s my favorite video game series, and that’s it, lol. Nothing else (well, unless you count Sophia’s name, which is a very general name, that is).
      [Zodiac Angels] take place in a world called [Athenia], a completely original setting. And yes, this story still have three more parts coming up. Hope you look forward to it 😀

    • I have class today, but I brought my laptop since I need to work on a report.
      And yes, as much as possible, I tried to make a daily update for my blog so it wouldn’t become inactive.

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