One more week until my BR Report submission

As one of my curriculum requirements, I am currently taking a course called ‘Business Research Methodology’ (‘BR’ from now on). The general course description is about the methods and fundamental steps of performing researches, collecting data, interpreting them, and presentation of the research findings. For students to see the picture of the course better, a grand term project is given to us from the beginning of the semester.
That’s right, we are to perform a business research and report our findings to our lecturers. Generally, the subject focused on doing researches that are mainly related to business strategies. However, this year’s theme is somewhat different from the past years.

Our Business Research theme this year is the ‘Perceived Value on AEC’. AEC stands for [ASEAN Economic Community] (Read more about AEC here.)
This is a rather hot topic that is going on now among the big pocket investors and many people across the ASEAN countries. But at the same time, because it is a new topic, there is no real past research for the students to use as a reference this year. As a result, this is quite a challenging topic to conceptualize into a research project for bachelor degree students.

Anyway, my group’s topic is the ‘Perceived Value on Thailand – Singapore AEC’. Basically, we do a research about how Thais perceived about the benefits of having more Singaporean citizens coming to work in Thailand.
I was the one who suggested this topic for my group. The reason is simply that Singapore is a country I wanted to visit some day.
Funny enough, the views I have been receiving on my blog for this past week are also mostly from Singapore. Talk about coincidence.
I’m not sure what this could mean, but I am going to take it as a good sign.

As of the moment, our group is now in the stage of processing and analyzing our collected data and preparing a report, which will be due next Thursday. Because of this, I would like to announce that I could possibly be inactive until Thursday of next week. Rest assured, [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 06] translation is done and scheduled to be posted this Saturday.

I hope you guys stick around for the update and wish me luck for my report.

Mad_Cartoonist, out! >_<


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