Why WordPress?

So some of you guys might be wondering why, of all the available options out there, did I picked WordPress to host my blog.

Well, the story pretty simply really – My dad suggested this website to me. I was using Multiply and Blogspot before moving here.

The feature that interested me the most is that, unlike both blog websites I’ve been using, WordPress clearly classify ‘Pages’ and ‘Posts’.

Pages are the static informational pages you guys see on the tab right below my blog’s banner, while Posts are the updates you see under the ‘Home’ tab. While Posts are pretty much like any other blog entries, Pages act like a webpage providing information about your WordPress blog. So essentially, a WordPress blog, in itself, is both a website AND a blog in one. It might not sound like a big deal, but I kinda like the idea and the execution. That was why I decide to make an account and a blog on WordPress, although it’s just a dead blog back in March since there was only me putting up random stuffs.

Now when I said I had Multiply and Blogspot account before WordPress, some of you might be thinking “Is it still there?”.

Well yes, my Multiply and Blogspot blogs still exist but I have not been updating it for ages. In fact, the unproofread Thai version of Chapter Viola and Chapter Auria has already been hosted there. So if you are impatient, you can google it and use Google Translate to translate it for you, although I wouldn’t really recommend it. I tried it on Chapter Viola 1 once, and I nearly fell off my chairs. It was so terrible that it was funny. However, that does not say Google Translate is bad though. It is still an extremely powerful translation tool for single words and short phrases.

Thanks again for reading my random posts ^^’’

Chapter Viola 06 will be up be tomorrow. Hope you guys look forward to it!!


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