[ZA] – Promotional Poster

ZA - Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster for [Zodiac Angels]

[Zodiac Angels] – Promotional Poster

This is the very first Promotional Poster of [Zodiac Angels] when I started writing it in Thai about a year ago. Hence, you might notice slight disproportion in the characters’ bodies. The picture shows the three main heroines of this story: (From Left to Right)
Auria, Sophia, and Viola.

[Zodiac Angels] is comprised of four main chapters. The first three; Chapter Viola, Chapter Auria, and Chapter Sophia, are the story of each respective heroine, narrated by themselves. The fourth and final chapter, Chapter Ophiucus, is where the three heroines meet up and put this tale to its conclusion.

Each of the three heroines’ chapters are interrelated and will lead to the bigger plot in the end. Along the course of their chapters, the three of them will meet up with one another at some point once and find the trails left by the other.


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  1. So Auria on the left is the master of chi energy, Sophia on the middle uses the spatula?(LOL), while that spear is even longer than the previous picture on Viola!! Maybe she has the power to extend her spear to a certain length?!

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