[ZA] Prologue – [Tales of Star Ocean]

A/N: This is really my mistake because I should have put this up before even posting any main chapters of Zodiac Angels. Since it was under the [Fictions] tab, I thought it was okay to just skip it. Anyway, I am posting it here so newcomers can read this because Chapter Viola 7, which will be up this Saturday, has something to do with the prologue chapter.

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Prologue – [Tales of Star Ocean]

Long ago before the beginning of time, the 13 Zodiac Angels unite their powers to create the green planet called [Athenia] and its residents, the [Humans]. They created the plentiful nature and assigned the humans to look over this paradise.

However, due to the greed and foolishness of humans, they waged war and battle against each other, fighting for the very resources and land they were created to protect.

The 13th Zodiac Angel, Ophiucus, grew tired of the humans’ incompetency and came to a conclusion that their kind needs to be put to extinction. The remaining 12 angels could not bear to see the world they created be destroyed. With a glimpse of hope for humanity remaining in them, they tried persuading Ophiucus to change her mind.

However, the negotiation was a failure, the two parties got into conflict.

Even though she was out numbered, Ophiucus’s power alone was still much stronger than the other 12 angels combined. As a last resort, the 12 angels sealed Ophiucus within the Celestial Hall at the deepest part of the Star Ocean, at the cost of their immortal bodies. Their souls wandered the cosmos and reincarnated in a human body, never losing their powers.

Ophiucus was sealed and peace returned to Athenia.
However, her hatred and wrath have never once faded away from history. Ophiucus made a vow that whenever Athenia is once again filled with chaos and hurled into great upheaval, she will descend once again to Athenia from the Celestial Hall and put all existences to an end.


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