No more gadgets?

No more gadgets?

I got a comment from a poster (apparently from a Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival reader) back when my blog was starting to get more views. He was suggesting that I put in some music for my fiction posts. I thought it was a really good idea, and in fact, I immediately looked into it right after I got the comment. I thought about adding Corpse Party: Blood Covered BGM from the first chapter where you played as Naomi and Seiko, since I thought the BGM in that chapter is rather unique, catchy, and basically, it’s the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about Corpse Party.

However, I am struck by a harsh reality that ‘money is what makes the world go round’. I’ve tried several options and apparently, I CANNOT add music and other medias to my blog unless I purchase a [Space Upgrade] upgrade. With this upgrade, I can upload more contents to my blog, as well as the music and audio files.

I am not really the “If I have to pay, then screw it” type of person. But as a Senior University Student, I still do not have my own salary yet. It is really sad, but that’s just how things go.

Now, if you guys are thinking “Will you ever purchase the upgrade?”, my answer is I DID gave a thought about purchasing it. But only after (1) I have more viewers per day, and (2) I am already making my own money.

So that’s just about it. For now, I hope you guys bear with a static page and post ^^’’

Thanks for reading. See you guys again in the next post!


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    • Haha. Well, not only I don’t have an account to accept such donation, I don’t want to give the vibe that I am asking for money just yet. If my blog got a little more popular and people want to support, then I might look into it.

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