Submission of my BR Report

So after all the pain of going through all the work for the last whole week, the damn report is finally submitted. For those who didn’t read my post about it last week, you can read the post again for more information here.

The report is to be printed and compiled into a booklet before sending in to the instructor to be graded. A week after that, we will have to present about our research findings in front of the class. All group members are to be presented and perform one Hypothesis Testing on a statistical program called ‘SAS’. I’m not as worried about the presentation since I am confident in my presentation skills. The biggest thing for me is the report.

This report has been sitting on my back for the last two weeks and it was really tiring. Last Monday to Wednesday, I sat at the library from morning to evening, running the SAS output and putting them into the report. I had to do this work at the university’s library because I don’t have a Windows PC that can run SAS at home. Good thing I could divide the work and have my partners do other sections.

Phew. Now that it is done, I have more freedom in doing other works without having to worry about it. I have been leaving [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] alone for far too long, so I’m getting back into it before anything else. I just hope I can still quench out some creative juices and that people at GameFAQs are still interested in reading it, lol.

In any case, thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my random rant. Have a nice day ^^


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