TwentyTwelve Y U no have Dark Theme Option!?

This is something that has been bothering me for a while now, so I thought I’d ask for some comments.

WordPress has a series of default themes in which I prefer to call the ‘Twenty’ series. The one I’m currently using is called ‘TwentyEleven’. It is the default theme I used since I established this blog, and it has been easy to work with so far. It was until recently that I got a comment suggesting that I get a different background. So I looked into the options and found the ‘Dark’ theme option. This changes my blog to the appearance you guys are seeing right now. Personally, I really like it as well.

Now, a few days ago, WordPress just released its new version of the ‘Twenty’ series; ‘TwentyTwelve’. Of course I was hyped to try it out. There are a couple of interesting features I wanted to use on this blog, namely the smart phone readability and the special homepage only templates.

With that theme, the blog’s appearance will adjust itself to the device the reader is using to view it. This is extremely good for people who are viewing this blog from an iPad or any other smart phones. The special homepage template also allows me to customize a home page that helps explain about my blog better too. I thought that was kinda neat.

However, I was saddened with the fact that TwentyTwelve has no ‘Dark’ theme option. This means that I am stuck with the white background and black text if I use that theme. I did try looking around the appearance options of TwentyTwelve, and I just don’t see the Dark theme option at all. I have no custom design upgrade, so I cannot really adjust my blog’s appearance much outside of the Theme Options.

Since I got a comment saying that white background doesn’t look very good, I am just going to stick with this appearance until TwentyTwelve has a theme option (doubt it, lol). Or if you like, you can suggest me a theme that you think would look good and I would look into it.


13 thoughts on “TwentyTwelve Y U no have Dark Theme Option!?

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    • Wow. Thanks a bunch @___@
      I didn’t know this existed and always thought I need the design premium upgrade to do it.

      Unfortunately, I just changed to my blog to the current theme in less than a week time. I’ll stick with this one for now and might change it around middle of the year. Cool find though. Thanks very much again >_<

      • No worries 😉
        I happened to stumble over that theme yesterday – then stumbled on to your blog!
        Looks like I’m pretty clumsy .. lol

        Your comments system is great too – it picks up the gravatar in real time.

        • Haha. Coincidence. XD
          I got a number of visitors who stumbled here from searches about “Twenty Twelve” Theme too. I wanted to use that theme, but since most of my readers said they prefer darker color because it makes my article easier to read, I stick with Twenty Eleven since I don’t know about this add-on. (That said, do I need my own domain to apply that, or can I use that theme for my current blog now?)

          As for the comment system, I haven’t been working with it a lot, to be honest, lol. I just pick random options available in the setting screen >_<

          • I forgot – yes – you’re on which I honestly don’t have much experience with. I believe you can only choose from the themes on offer, unfortunately – but I’m not 100% sure about that.

            • Just as I thought, haha. I’ve clicked onto your website, and look at the tutorial on how to install Plug-ins. As expected, there is no option to add plug-ins here >_<

              I don't have my income right now, but once my work starts at May, I plan on getting a domain as well as any design premiums that'll upgrade my blog. XD

              • I went and had a look at wordpress,com and creating a site ..
                and you can upgrade for $99 a year but I guess you’re still limited as to what you can do as opposed to getting a domain name and hosting – and you can upgrade and be able to edit your theme I think

                Also you can browse through the themes here –
                To filter for only black click on Find a Theme and click black.

                Personally I’d rather do it myself as there’s more control over everything, but is pretty quick and easy though.

                • Yeah. I agree that doing everything yourself offers a lot more control over design. But well, I’m using free host, so I really can’t complain. XD
                  I like WP’s interface though. It’s user friendly most of the time and there are lots of cool stuffs too.

    • Hey there. I hope you get this comment.
      I’ve signed up my own domain now, and I got the style sheet down from that link you gave me, but I don’t know how to get the CSS sheet up. Do you happen to know how to do this? >_<

      • So did you get So now you can use that instead of but you need to decide if you want to host it at which costs I think $18 a year …. but you can’t upload themes – or get hosting elsewhere and you can then upload themes.

        • I already have the blog running up. (It’s btw. The one w/o hyphen was already chosen ._.)
          It’s still a blank blog right now cuz it just went up yesterday. I was looking through the support sections, but I still have no idea how to run the CSS style sheet.

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