Why are there so many Violas?!

Since my blog is having more readers now, maybe it’s time I clarify this.

I got a comment a couple of days ago asking about the relation between the [Viola] in [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] fan fiction and the [Viola] in [Zodiac Angels]. It’s not surprising that people got confused because not only both of them have the same name, but they also have the same hair color.

So let me clarify this:

The two Violas are completely different person, in a different universe.

The original fiction [Zodiac Angels] was completed way before the Corpse Party fan fiction even started (in Thai version of course). So in a way, any appearance of a purple haired character named Viola outside of [Zodiac Angels] can be treated as a cameo appearance. (This includes Fatal Frame fan fictions, and applies to Sophia and Auria as well).

Now you might be wondering:

“Then why did you recycle your character to confuse the heck out of the readers!?”

Well, to explain that in a way that it makes sense, let’s wind the clock back when the character [Viola] was first created. As you can see from the banner of my blog, there are two purple haired characters listening to their earphones. To the right is our beloved Viola Hikari, the Zodiac Angel of Libra. To the left is a cartoonized version of myself, Rokej Amakuro. You might have noticed it already, but yes, both of them look almost identical. This is because Viola is basically a female incarnation of my cartoonized character. Her personality, attitude, the way she acts, and appearance are based off Rokej (and in essence, me).

“The heck? Why would you want to create a female version of yourself? You don’t wanna be a guy any more?”

Oh trust me. I’m still turned on by girls, but that’s beside the point. The idea of creating a female version of myself started when a friend of mine wanted to write a fiction, starring our gang as the main characters. However, her catch is that everyone will get a gender swap. So the girls in our group were given a male incarnation and I was given a female incarnation. Because I like the purple color, my friends helped me derive a name from violet into ‘Viola’. And I kinda like that name. Too bad I don’t think she ever started her fictions since all of us were rather busy trying to get into college. As a result, the character [Viola] never really has a story she stars in. Until one day when I got the plot for Zodiac Angels, I asked that friend if I could borrow ‘Viola’ for my own fiction. And she was like “She’s basically ‘you’, so just do whatever you want with her, lol”. And there! That’s when the character [Viola Hikari] was created.

“Wait, that didn’t answer my question. If she’s the star of [Zodiac Angels], why was she in Corpse Party and Fatal Frame fan fiction too?”

For Fatal Frame fan fiction readers who finished reading the fan fiction and the post above, everything should have make sense to you by now. As for everyone else who just started visiting my blog, please read on.

Remember how I said Viola is basically a female version of me?

[Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] is a unique fan fiction that starred ‘real life people’ as the main casts of the story. This trend originally started at the [Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly] GameFAQs Message Board, and later moved on to the [Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear] Message Boards. The idea is to have the message board users contribute a character, representing themselves, and join an original adventure, set up in Heavenly Host. [Viola] was chosen YET AGAIN to represent myself in that fan fiction.

“But you have a male incarnation. Why don’t you just use your male self?”

Well, for one, I found that a horror story is several times more nerve racking when the main character is female rather than male. That, and Corpse Party (um…at least the main casts in Blood Covered) also have more female casts, so Viola in a way helped tallied the female character count.

“Say, off topic, is your Zodiac Sign Libra?”

Sadly, no. My Zodiac Sign is actually Gemini. I thought about giving Viola the Gemini sign back when I started Zodiac Angels too. But I kind of have ‘another idea’ for the Zodiac Angel of Gemini. So after thinking over it for a while, I finally gave up and chose another sign for Viola instead.
I picked ‘Libra’ because I thought the sign kind of relates to the major subject that I am currently studying: Accounting. Long story short, Accountants need to see the balance on the two sides of their accounts to be able to close their jobs. A Libra scale perfectly symbolizes that.

So, there you have it. I’m sorry if the duplication of Viola characters has been confusing anyone. From now on, take her appearance in Zodiac Angels as her ‘main’ story, and all of her appearances in the other fictions / fan fictions as cameos.



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  2. That’s a shame. Was wondering what kind of story your friend is planning for the female counterpart of yourself.

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