[Business Research Methodology] is OVER!!!!

Thank goodness the ordeal is finally over. This subject has been taking too much time away from me.

You guys might have read about my two other posts about this subject (You can read about them here and here). Even though the report’s hard copy was submitted last week, the presentation was scheduled today (I’m not sure if I mention about the presentation date in the last post. But if I did, it was moved faster since my teacher has other appointment that day.) I have been very nervous that I couldn’t make the daily post up here this morning. I spent the whole day after my morning class was over at 10:30 to practice our presentation as well as the data interpretation with the SAS program. In case you wonder what’s the big deal with this presentation, the teacher announced (threatened) that if we cannot run the statistical output on that program during the presentation, our only choice is to drop the subject. Yes. It’s pass or drop right away, even if you take the finals and got a good score from it. This report was so big that almost nothing else from the subject was important.
I didn’t even had my lunch ._.

Anyway, our group’s presentation went great. We had a few screws loose in the conclusion and recommendation part near the end, but the teachers gave us the chance to fix it up, so it’s nothing to worry about. Compared to the other groups which got lots of comments from the teachers, our group is considered to be well above average. That’s more than enough for me, lol. I really just want to get through with this.

So, sorry about the inactiveness today. But in any case, with that thing out of the way, I am now more free………to review for my finals ._______.

Yes, sadly, my finals season start next week, so I doubt I will be doing daily random new posts OR making any updates for [Corpse Party – Bloody Carnival] any time soon. Fortunately, [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola] have been scheduled for this, next, and next next Saturday, which is just enough to cover up my finals time. xD
(That’ll be chapter 9, 10, and 11).

I MIGHT be making random posts about my finals revision progress when I felt like I need some rest. We’ll see.

But in the mean time, I hope you guys take care!
I’ll be back to make more daily articles again at the end of October’s first week.

Have a nice time guys!


5 thoughts on “[Business Research Methodology] is OVER!!!!

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    • Perseverance and toughness, lol.
      Honestly speaking, the hardest part of this damn project is the methodology: Making the questionnaire. It was the part with the most problem because every time I did what the teacher told me, she kept telling me I didn’t listen to her instruction. And when i try to make sure I am on the same page with her, she was annoyed that I keep asking.
      But the past is the past. She saved my ass during the presentation by shooting at the problems on my research conclusion before other instructors could. If other instructors shoot at me before she did, I’d probably have more screws loose than now.
      Overall, we had a fight now and then, but she’s not a bad teacher.

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