Exam is done~~~!!!!!!

Hey folks xD

I know that aside from scheduled updates, my blog has been running really dry for the past week since I didn’t work on daily posts. But now that the worst part of my exam is done and the semester is over, I’m finally back to make random daily rants / posts again! XD
(Well, I still got one more subject this Monday, but there’s nothing I can do to prepare for it since there’s no text to read – -)

I have a couple of picture for Zodiac Angels waiting to be painted, as well as the picture request from Old_Butler at GameFAQs.
That being said, I’m almost done with Chapter Viola’s translation (this Saturday will mark about half of her chapters). Chapter Auria will follow, but I am planning to put Auria’s Chapter on hold because I want to really work up on [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival]. University Works has been sucking my creative horror juices dry and I haven’t updated it in ages ._.
I hope there are still people looking forward to it (at least on GameFAQs, lol) Expect new Bloody Carnival updates within a couple of days!

In case anyone wondered, I had one really bad exam on Wednesday ._.
It’s a major subject and it’s dang hard.
But the rest was pretty easy. Business Research was a cinch  xDDDD


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