I got a job!!!

Hey guys.

So some of you might wonder that even though I said my exams were done, my blog still remains super inactive like when I still have those exams, especially on [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival]. Thing is, after the exam was over, my university entered the session called the ‘Advising Session’, where the students are required to meet with their assigned advisor to confirm their pre-registered schedule of the next semester. This system was created to help students have a better flow in their course selections. For instance, advisors could point out that two or three of your chosen subjects involve calculations and might proceed to warn you about it if your previous calculation subjects tend to be lower than average. Students are also allowed to change the courses and sections they enrolled during their registration. I had a painful experience with this Advising Session back when I was a Freshmen, so painful that I rather not talk about it (Trust me, it wasn’t my fault). The advising is not too long, but traveling to the university and back takes up quite some time. Also, if any of you read my [God hated me this week] post here, this is also the season where make-ups for the seminars sessions I missed are possible.

Anyway, I digressed. After all of that was over, last Friday (October 5) in the afternoon, I got a phone call from one of the companies that I applied.

Apparently, I’ve passed the interview exam and gotten the job offer from KPMG! XD

(Read more about KPMG here and here)

KPMG is one of the ‘Big Four’ international auditing firms. The firm offered 3 major line of services: ‘Auditing’, ‘Tax’, and ‘Advisory’. I applied for the position of the Audit Assistance in the Financial Services Industries audit (basically, this section perform audits on financial institutes such as banks and insurance companies). Needless to say, I accepted the offer immediately and as of the moment, I am waiting for the contract signing appointment.

However, since I still have one more semester to go, my job will not start until around April 2013. There are still have a couple of months left for me to enjoy my last university year. Four years sure is fast @___@. I still remember the first day of my Freshmen Year. The first subject I took that day was Thai Culture. The teacher asked me why I’m taking that subject, and I said it was because the university enrolled it for me. That was true story, by the way. (In first semester, the university picks the subjects for you)

So, since I have a job now, some of you might secretly wonder if I will continue posting my fictions or not. Well, that goes without saying, yes, I will keep updating this blog with more fictions :D. It is my favorite hobby after all.

Believe it or not, I put that into my resume, and my interviewers all asked me about it in the interview. The words are different, but it boils down to something like this:

“Auditing is very tough and requires a lot of devotion. In this career, especially during the peak season, it could mean that you would not have as much time to spend on your hobby. How do you think about that? And what would you do about it? After all, stress is the best way to clog up one’s creative juices.”

I gave all of my interviewers the same reply:

“I was prepared for this from the moment I’ve stepped into this career. Auditing is a very interesting and prestigious profession and it is the career I wish to pursue. I’ve roughly seen the path I have to take as well as the obstacles along the way. A hobby is a hobby, and I know how to properly manage my time for it. For the truly long period of busy season, I could always schedule my fiction to auto-update weekly. But more than anything else, I’m sure my readers understand.”

As of the moment, I am quite free, so I will try to make more updates from now on.
And just a small teaser, since more Zodiac Angels’ fighting abilities have been revealed, I plan on compiling up the list of techniques each angels could use (For instance, Viola’s lance wave attack is called ‘Sonic Boom’, but the name was never mentioned in the story).
I have this habit of creating a video game’s battle system that goes along with my fiction’s story, and in turn, I almost always have a name for the characters’ special attacks.

Thanks you guys again for visiting my blog and reading my super random posts 😀

See you again next time!


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  2. So you won’t be starting work till next year April. If that day comes, share with us your first day job experience.

  3. Congrats on being the auditor. Great future awaits you. With the high salary job, your future is secured!!!

    • Haha, not yet xD
      I’m only an Audit Assistance. By Thai Regulations, I’m gonna need at least 3000 hrs and take 7-subject tests (Last time I check) before I can register as a Certified Public Accountant 😀

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