Cross Edge – Dungeon BGM [Mythology]

So yeah, time for some posts unrelated to my fictions, lol.

This OST is called “[Mythology] – Dungeon Version”. It’s the BGM that plays inside a certain dungeon of the game [Cross Edge], a crossover game from five developers: C(r)apcom, Nippon Ichi Software, GUST, NIS, and Idea Factory. The game interesting of note is Ar Tonelico which starred my second all-time favorite girl, Aurica ❤ (She’s not the girl in the video btw. (Read about the game here).

Anyway, back to the song. It’s a really nice BGM and I always felt obligated to turn on the volume every time I reach a dungeon with this song. Because of this, I would like to share the awesomeness of this song to all of you 😀
Too bad Dungeons in this game is rather wonky and not as awesome as [Valkyrie Profile] games’ 2D dungeon platforming.

Needless to say, I set this song as my phone’s ringtone.

I don’t own the content to this video, and I am merely linking from another awesome youtuber.


8 thoughts on “Cross Edge – Dungeon BGM [Mythology]

    • I’ve only gotten the Bad Ending, but I’m pretty sure he’s the same thing in any route.
      But at least on my route, he’s a joke, lol. In fact, the third boss before him was even harder >_>.
      The final boss has only that huge HP to chunk. I don’t remember being game over’d or getting pwned by him (well, he got close in one turn), but that other boss I mentioned, he can wipe out my entire party in a turn if he wants. Not to mention that he builds his special attack gauge up like crazy and constantly spams it like every other turn. Have I mentioned he get a barrier that cuts my damage down to 1/4 after he’s down below 25% of his health?

      • Woah….why didn’t that boss be the real final boss instead? Are you going for best ending route too?

        • Because story-wise, he’s not supposed to be stronger than the final boss, lol. Srsly.
          Also, yes, I’ve already started a NG+ and aiming to go for True Ending this time around. I should be around half game right now. It’s a lot faster since you get to carry over stuffs from the last run, and that breaks early game xD

  1. What is so intriguing about this song that capture your interest? I listen to it and it doesn’t seem to appeal me much.

    • It’s the tune, I guess. I’m not very good in using words to describe songs or sounds, but it gives this really hyped feeling while going through a dungeon with this song. XD

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