Fighting the Dearly Beloved

Despite the title, this post has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts, sadly.

This is post contains super random fan boy rant and spoilers to Star Ocean 3 and Cross Edge. Please proceed with caution!

So what I wanted to rant is exactly like what the title says. If you guys have read my top ten favorite female character list here, you’ll know about two of my most favorite girls. That’s right, they are Sophia (Star Ocean 3) and Aurica (originally from Ar Tonelico, but also starred in a cross over game called Cross Edge), who are also the inspirations to my other two heroines of Zodiac Angels.

Sophia Esteed  

Now here’s the thing. First, let’s talk about Star Ocean 3.
In SO3, there is a system called ‘Private Action’ that takes count of the ‘Affection Points’ each character has towards each other. The higher Affection Point [Character A] has towards [Character B], the more chance [Character A] will get angered (doubled attack power in battle) if [Character B] dies in battle. But the Affection Points also affect something else – The Ending. During the ending sequence, the game will show you a series of events of what is going on with each character’s life after the final battle. If you managed to get a character’s Affection Point towards Fayt, the main protagonist, high enough, Fayt will take part in that character’s ending, altering it into a new scene.
(If you did not meet the point quota, Fayt will have his solo ending.)

Sounds good? Yeah, it does. Until you get to the end of the post-game dungeon called ‘Urssa Cave Temple’. The last boss of this dungeon is Fayt doppelganger. He is nasty, attacks very fast, and has access to Fayt’s uber skill, Ethereal Blast. But wait! That’s not all! If you think that’s bad, then prepare for worse! Fayt comes with the exact character he paired up with in the ending! (For Fayt solo ending case, the final boss tags team with Fayt)

Guess whose paired ending I got on my first run. That’s right, folks. It’s Sophia!

I’m forced to fight against my dearly beloved. And if you think she’ll be a piece of cake, think again. She has roughly 7 million HP (and tons of MP I never bother to check) and all of her attacks are Symbology, making your armor next to useless against her spells. On top of that, once she gets low on health, she literally starts spamming her ultimate spell, Meteor Swarm, covering the whole stage in flames.
Yup, good luck. Here’s an example. (The battle begins at about 1:15, and sh*t gets real at 2:50.)
(By the way, I already beat that battle and endured through her death cry TTwTT. It’s just the matter of keeping Sophia-boss stun-locked and beating the crap out of her ASAP before she becomes spastic. Fayt-boss is a joke when he’s alone.)

Yeah, that was one of the most painful thing I have to do in my entire gaming career. It’s really not fun beating the crap out of your number one favorite character.

Just when I thought that was the last painful thing I have to do, the nightmare returns in Cross Edge. I was reading the walkthrough for post-game last night. Cross Edge has 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. There is a post-game area accessible only on True Ending Route of Hard mode, called ‘Ida 3’. I was looking through the stats of the monsters, and wow, these things are freakin on steroids. They are lv800+ and they come in big packs.
While I was admiring how challenging it could be, the walkthrough threw an inconvenient truth into my face that made me reconsider the thought of playing it – One of the last bosses of this area is the doppelganger of your party members. That’s right, folks, INCLUDING AURICA.
Oh god, last night I was screaming “**** NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I’m definitely not going to play that mode TTwTT. On top of being hard, it’s forcing me to beat the crap out of my other top favorite girl. No. I’m definitely not touching that part of the game. Once I got the True-Ending on my second run, I’m so done with it.
Yeah, while I was sleeping last night, I was mumbling to myself “What’s with video games forcing me to fight my dearly beloveds TTwTT”, and hence is the title of this post. It was so painful to even think about it, lol.

Anyway, that’s all for my silly random rant. I hope you guys got some laughs out of my randomness, and I’ll see you again next time 😉


15 thoughts on “Fighting the Dearly Beloved

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  2. Lol, and I know how that feels, especially because I had to blast these bad copies of Aurica, Misha and Shurelia several times to complete that horrible synthesis list. As I once told Thunder, the only thing I could do was repeat to myself: “you have the real one in your party, that one over there is no more than a miserable fake”, to allow myself to go on. And I also had to be thankful for the AI not being able to use Phantasmagoria, as getting blasted with Ar tonelico, Tower Connection and Child of Light every turn was insulting enough already.

    • Hey there. Didn’t expect to get a visit from you. XD
      And yeah ._.
      I’m impressed you managed to get through that >_<
      Say, does the sprite of those copies look exactly like the real one? That really would have made everything worse off for me. XD

  3. You pay for the game, so you have to play it all, even the post dungeon! Maybe you can beat the other doppelgangers, except Aurica.

  4. Just curious. Is there any point to doing the post game dungeon on hard mode true ending path of Cross Edge?

    • Absolutely no, lol, aside from more playability I guess. Although for people who want to get Platinum Trophy, the 5-3 area, which is available only on Hard Mode True End Post-Game, has enemies that drop rare synthesis materials. None of those rares are exclusive so you can still get them the tedious way without access to 5-3.

      • Another question. Is it possible to beat Cross Edge with lowest level characters possible? You know…low level challenge.

        • This game, while grinding takes quite some time, is pretty generous on the EXP. Reserved party members still get EXP even if they are not in the battle team, although they get less EXP. Bosses give TONs of EXP. So as far as I know, I’m not sure if you can. On my second round, I’ve been avoiding any unnecessary random battles, and my party still managed to be around level 50 at mid-game >_<

            • That’s what I’ve actually been doing on the second run xD
              The thing is to defeat these bosses, you need some powerful equipments, and you only get them from grinding. On top of that, beating bosses net you tons of EXP. So your level can only be so low by the time you got to end-game boss.

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