A Disheartening Topic

On the other day, I ventured into the [Creative Writing] section on GameFAQ’s Non-Gaming Special Interest Message Board (here). The board is definitely interesting, albeit rather inactive. I’ve read quite a couple of good writing tips from the posters there and here’s an example of one I really like:

This one hits me pretty hard especially on the one regarding the Thesaurus, lol. I swear I have a Dictionary (Eng -> Thai, Thai -> Eng, and even Eng -> Eng) as well as a Thesaurus next to me whenever I am writing or translating these chapters. I’m always looking for the most precise and descriptive word to use in the fiction, but somewhere down the chapters, I might have really overdone the descriptions.
I also did quite a number of researches especially on the term ‘Purple Prose’. I totally have no idea what it is. Wikipedia and TVTrope failed to explain it to me clearly, so I had to look at many other sources before I got a clearer and more concise meaning of it >_<.

So from everything I’ve read so far, I have to say that I still got a lot to learn. I can already see the parts in Chapter Viola that I want to improve from all the tips.

However, as I am enjoying my time there, this topic comes up:

As I feared, yes, in general, putting your work up online DOES hurt the chance of it getting published traditionally. That’s pretty disheartening. I’ll be lying if I said I never want my works to be published. In fact, it is my personal belief that all people, who even bother to think up of a story at all, want to get their works published deep down some where, one way or the other.

That said, someone might have this question in their mind right now:

“So does this mean that you would stop updating your stories here?”

Fortunately, no. xD
No matter how much this would hurt the chance of my work getting published, I am still going to keep this blog updated with more stories as long as there are more readers coming in to read it every now and then. In fact, if there was no comment outburst back in August, Chapter Viola 04’s translation probably wouldn’t even be finished in the first place. What I really want more than making money out of my work is seeing people discussing and speculating what is going to happen later on in the story. I mean, making money out of your hobby sounds awesome. But above all else, it’s the readers’ hype and eagerness to read the next update that what fuels me to move on.

So, thanks again for reading my fictions and providing me the fuels to move on. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my fictions so far, as well as my random rants. I’ll see you again next time. Until then, please take care. 😀


4 thoughts on “A Disheartening Topic

    • No, of course not, lol. At least not yet. I don’t even know if my work would even get chosen to be published, but until then, I’ll keep posting my stories up here. Like I said, the main reason I’m doing all this is because I want to have many readers. Money is a second concern.
      But to be honest, if I REALLY got famous from people reading this online, I’d probably stick to online fan base rather than mainstream. Can’t abandon the people who have been following my work since the beginning after all.

  1. It would be real sad if you stop releasing the fiction if ever any publishers show up and are interested in your works. You still have that “Create Your Own World” series, right? Although you haven’t release it yet, if there is any chance that any publishers are interested in that, I don’t really mind at all. Afterall, you have yet another source of income, outside of auditing job.

    • Yeah. Getting my work published is an awesome idea, and I don’t mind another source of income. However, I also want to keep my readers who have been reading my work up until now.

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