[Corpse Party] Fan Fiction Announcement

It’s been a while since my [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] was updated. I got quite a few people asking about it here and at GameFAQs. So I’ve decided that I should really just do something about this fan fiction instead of letting it hanging like this.

Yes, as you guys might have guessed from what I said above, [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] is now officially canceled. But wait. Please put down your scissors, since I have some explaining to do. While I am going to cancel the fan fiction that is going on right now, it won’t be 100% canceled.

Basically, I am going to cancel the [Real Life Fan Fiction] aspect of the story. Just a little history for non-GameFAQs readers, this Corpse Party Fan Fiction is a ‘real life fan fiction’ trend, started by a good friend of mine at GameFAQs by the name of FatalFrame2_Fan. The idea is to let as many people contribute characters representing themselves, then put them into the same situation as the characters from the game. FatalFrame2_Fan’s major theme is that all character are ‘Genre Savvy’, as in they knew that what is going on here is supposed to be an event from the [Corpse Party: Blood Covered] game. Despite that, he was still able to pull out a really good and exciting adventure to follow.

Since FF2_Fan’s fan fiction is already over, I volunteered to take over the scissor…I mean, the pen to write another [Real Life Fan Fiction]. Although this is not exactly the first time I am doing a ‘real life fan fiction’ (Check the ‘Fan Fiction’ tab above), the circumstances are slightly different from the ‘Fatal Frame’ fan fictions.

  1. Unlike ‘Fatal Frame’ fan fictions, I am trying as much as possible to make this fan fiction a pure horror genre – a genre that I’ve never written before. Fatal Frame Fan Fictions all ended up as semi-horror-action-fantasy, and to be honest, I am not exactly happy with it. I mean it was fun writing the whole thing, but it failed as a horror fiction. I’m trying to redeem that with the Corpse Party Fan Fiction, which is why I am sticking as much as possible to the Horror 101 that I am not very familiar with. Believe it or not, this actually took up a lot of my time in writing a chapter.
  2. Another reason, which actually is the main reason I’ve been stalling on an update, is because there were way too many characters. Before you get any wrong ideas, I am not blaming anyone who has been contributing your characters to me; it was entirely my fault for allowing such a big scope of character contributions that is beyond my ability to handle. The thing is that I have been rereading the contributed character notes again and again and again and again for so many times. Yet, I just cannot get the character chemistries to mix up (Fatal Frame fan fictions were different, since it starred only a small real life casts and the chemistries weren’t too hard to mix). In short, I just don’t know how to get this and that character into the story in a way that they don’t just pop up and join the story.

You guys might argue that this is such a silly trivial matter or you don’t mind your character just popping up. But I do and this is a big matter for me. When I write a story, I am always serious in stretching out the plot to the end, not just having rough patches here and there. As a result, I don’t think I could continue the story in the stage that it is in right now.

Like I said above, however, this fan fiction is NOT 100% canceled yet, but that would depend on your inputs. For most part, the main story of this fan fiction has already been set to the end; I already have an ending in my mind, as well as several unfortunate infamous wrong ends. All that is left is to place the necessary characters to drive the story to the end.
What I would like to do is to REWRITE the story that has been written up so far in a ‘normal’ fan fiction format, not [Real Life Fan Fiction]. The idea of the Heavenly Host being a stage of the game would still remain, except the story will now only contain my original characters and characters from [Corpse Party: Blood Covered] game.

If you are still interested to see how my story would unfold, then I would start the story anew as mentioned above. Otherwise, I would just drop this project down altogether.

I know some people might think that I am asking for attention and I’m prepared to get a lot of hate from destroying any hopes I’ve been building. I apologize, and I do hope you guys would still be interested to continue reading my story.

So please leave a comment telling me if you are still interested in this project or not. If I could get a good number of people who are interested, I would start rewriting it right away.

I apologize again for not being able to keep my promise.


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