The Forgotten Tree

Hey guys! xD

Remember how I said the last year of my high school was really dramatic and that terrible stuffs happened to me in the last post? Well, I just found a perfect way to show one of those terrible stuffs to you guys, lol.

After reading that post again on this blog when I got home yesterday, I suddenly have the nostalgic urge to look into the folder of my older fictions that I’ve written back when I was in high school. And that’s when I found my 12th Grade Creative Writing project:

This project is something my English teacher has been doing every year. To easily put it, the instruction of this project is “Write a short creative story, themed around [The one event that recently made a big impact to your life].” The fact that this project is ‘story writing’ puts me on an advantage above many of my friends, since I’ve been writing many stories. To top that up, the events written in this story happened to me JUST before the semester starts. As a result, everything was still vivid in my mind. My pencil was on fire when I made the first draft, while many of my friends were struggling to come up with a plot. At the end of the semester, the teacher will pick up 10 of the best short stories and compile them into a book for the school’s library. Needless to say, my story got into one of those ten, and I aced this subject. 😀

Anyway, that’s enough bragging, lol. You can read the story by clicking on the banner at the bottom of this post. Once you guys are done reading it, you should have a better idea why the last year of my high school felt a lot more dramatic than my last university year.

I hope you guys will enjoy it. XD

A couple of things to note about this short story:
(Please read this before clicking on the banner)

  • Before you guys get any hopes up too high, I have to come out and say it myself that the story might not be as good as I bragged it to be, lol. While my story did get into the top ten, part of the reason it does was because other stories…well…aren’t really stories at all. Most of them are more of an essay than a story.
  • ‘ABAC’ (reads ‘Aay-Back’) is the old name of the university that I am attending (if memory serves, it stands for ‘Assumption Business Administration College’). As of the moment, its name has been changed to ‘Assumption University’.
  • Thai Language has the system of honorary titles when calling someone older or superior to you, similar to Japanese Language. The difference, however, is that these titles are prefixes, added in front of the person’s name, rather than suffixes. When you are calling a friend or colleague older than you, you have to say ‘P’ in front of their name. So in this story, ‘P’<Name>’ is basically equivalent to saying ‘<Name>-Sempai’.
  • I’ve reread the story and well… I STILL found most of the wording to be really weird. But then again, most of those wordings were my teacher’s suggestions. Since he’s an English teacher, I’m not questioning him ‘cuz chances are those are high leveled English structure / vocabularies beyond my ability to grasp, lol. But well, you guys see it for yourself.
  • This story was done back when I was in Grade 12 (around year 2008 to 2009), so yes, my line art was a lot crappier than it is now XD
  • WARNING! This story contains the thoughts of a super emotional high schooler, suffering from a mental breakdown. Please kindly proceed with caution.



7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Tree

  1. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention in the post. Belle did had a chance to read this essay, since she’s a grade level younger than me (my English teacher always show the compiled stories to the students in the next year as an example), and she came to talk to me about it too.
    She asked me something like ‘Are you able to move on now?’ or something along that line >_>
    I was like “Dude, I’m glad you’re out of my life. Finally, I got my own time back without having to spend every evening on phone with you.” 😛

      • Well, don’t get me wrong, lol. It’s nice when you have a girl to chat about stuffs. It gets not fun when she’s forcing me to call for the sake of calling >_>
        She literally forced me to call her every evening, even though she was busy with something else. I didn’t really mind it, but it was until I realize that it was disrupting my time with my family as well that made me thought it was good riddance.

  2. *sob* That was the touching story ever. Curious to say…what are the other 9 essays(rather than stories) about?

    • I know one of those 9 belongs to a friend of mine. He tried a story about his crush. However, I don’t think they’ve ever been in a relationship. In fact, I think his story was some sort of a dream where they were finally in a relationship only for him to wake up when they are about to kiss.
      I’ve never read the other 8 (I get to read my friend’s only because we traded our story drafts every now and then throughout the semester, lol), since the stories were compiled after I graduated from high school.

  3. That was a true story? It is well written! And congrat on having that story compiled into the book. So…do you still stay connected to Belle?

    • Yup, true story, lol. That’s why I said my last year of high school was extremely dramatic xD
      I still see her strolling around my university with her new bf, although I don’t connect with her via facebook or those stuffs. Both of them entered the same university that I did btw. It’s almost five years now (wow, time flies pretty fast xD), and I got nothing on them any more. xD

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