Changin’ My Life – [Star Dust]

Yet another song I want to share. I got this song from my sister who is an avid fan of a manga / anime series called ‘Full Moon wo Sagashite’ (Searching for Full Moon). [Changin’ My Life] sang quite several song for that anime, and my sis became a fan of the singer. She recommended this song to me because it’s really nice. This one has a translation and the lyrics of the song in it.

I love the melody, the tune, as well as the lyrics of the song. It’s such a sad song 😦

It is a personal secret wish of mine to make an AMV of Zodiac Angels using this song. Then again, my skill with animation is not good enough. I can barely draw nicely, lol, let alone animate them.

I don’t own the content to this video, and I am merely linking from another awesome youtuber.


2 thoughts on “Changin’ My Life – [Star Dust]

  1. That’s a really good song! I have seen lots of animated flash uploaded on newsground. Perhaps, if you have a friend who is good at flash, you can ask him/her for help 😀

    • Hm, can’t think of anyone right now. I mean, I have friends who know how to use Flash here and there. But I’m not sure if any of them can do animations.
      And yeah. Glad you like the song. XD

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