Happy Halloween!!

Well, technically, for some of you, it’s probably not October 31 yet, but this post is scheduled for October 31 8:00 AM in Thailand.

But in any case, Happy Halloween to everyone! 😀
Do you have any special plans for this spooky holiday? Share your stories in the comment below!

Here’s a picture to wish everyone an awesome Halloween!

Disclaimer: I did not draw this picture. Google Search gave me this picture and I love it. If by any weird chance, you are the artist of this picture and see this post, know that you are awesome from drawing this picture.

Next year, I’ll draw a picture to celebrate each special occasion myself >w<.


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. Going to halloween spook festival to get myself and friends scared silly.

    What about you, mad_cartoonist? Are you cosplaying for halloween?

    • Hope you enjoy that xD
      Well, not exactly. My country doesn’t really celebrate Halloween that much. But for me, I’m playing Silent Hill: Origins for some spooks.
      It’s pretty good so far, although all weapons being breakable is rather a chore. That, and I’m getting my ass handed by random enemies ._.

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