New Semester Begets New Works!

Ah, the new semester has started, and it’s eating up my time a lot more than I thought. >_>

Like the title said, new semester begets new works! And here I thought my last semester would be a cinch, lol.
Well, here is a quick update of what happened and why my blog ran dry this past week.

  1. I’m studying a subject (required by all majors) called ‘Entrepreneurship’. I am pretty sure it’s a French word, referring to ‘people who are willing to grab onto an opportunity to start a new business despite the risk of failing’. My university is a business school, so it’s not strange for the school to encourage its student to start their own business. In a way, personally, I found this subject to be the integration of ALL the other business core courses taught in the university. All dimensions of business (marketing, operation, and finance) are required for the term project (which took up the place of Mid-Term exam). Last week, my teacher assigned the first work:
    “Think of a new business idea, one that has never been done before, and present it in front of the class.”
    Yup, that’s what taking up my time. I can already feel that this subject is going to have the same amount of work load Business Research Methodology has. .____.
  2. I am also studying for my GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) since I am trying to get into a Graduate Business School for my Masters. I’ve taken a couple of standardized test (namely SATs and TOEFLs) in the past, and let me tell you folks, GMAT is on a whole different level, lol. TOEFL’s English Difficulty doesn’t even come close to GMAT. Then again, I’m only comparing the official practice exercises of GMAT and TOEFLs, not the actual test. So the actual exam itself might not be as hard, but still, it got me rather nervous. xD
  3. I have been working on the revision of [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival]. It appears that there are still a couple of people who are still interested in it at GameFAQs, so I thought I should just finish this up. I don’t like starting and not finishing a project. [Zodiac Angels] fans worry not! All of Chapter Viola has been translated, scheduled until December. We will get to see Auria’s first chapter just before New Year.
  4. I’ve been playing [Cross Edge] a little, since I was right at the final boss. I finally cleared it on True Ending route and unlocked post-game, where the game proceeds to shred the 4th wall down to pieces. It was priceless, but I haven’t watched all of it yet. It will probably be a while before I touch my PS3 again because I have a lot of more important stuffs to do. I will be making my personal review for Cross Edge and post it up here for lulz again. (The final battle was a joke as usual >_>)
    At the same time, I’ve also started Silent Hill: Origins on PSP for Halloween (It’s a portable game, so I have excuse to play it when I’m outside, unlike PS3, lol). Watching my favorite LP-er, RoahmMythril, plays [Silent Hill 4: The Room] makes me want to get into another SH game (SH4 was the only SH I’ve played. Can’t remember if I cleared it or not). I believe Roahm is most well-known for his ‘Megaman Perfect Runs’ series (clearing all 8 robot masters with no damage using only the standard uncharged Mega Buster). You can visit his channel here.
    Anyway, from what I’ve skimmed through the FAQ, Origins is a rather short game, so it shouldn’t take too long before I clear it. But I might need to watch an LP of SH1 to actually understand Origins’s story, since I believe the events in Origins is actually a prequel of SH1.

So, yes, that’s pretty much what was going on right now xD
I hope you guys enjoy reading my random rants and hope you continue reading my works. After tomorrow’s Zodiac Angel update, a couple of new picture will be up, as well as the database for the monsters that were attacking the city.
See you guys again next time 😀


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