[ZA] – Angel of Leo (Preview)

Sophia Estella, the Zodiac Angel of Leo

Sophia Estella, the Zodiac Angel of Leo

Yes, I know this is not quite the time for her yet since Viola’s chapter is still ongoing. But still, it’s been a while since I’ve last drawn Sophia, therefore I can’t help but feel eager to draw up a picture for her real quick.

So everyone! Meet Sophia Estella, one of the three main heroines to this epic tales of the stars! From what is revealed so far, this girl is trying to assemble the 12 hosts of the Zodiac Angels’ souls scattered all around Athenia. How she would contribute to the ‘true’ plot of this story, we shall see when we got to her chapter.

Also, I’ve recorded a video of me drawing this picture. The showcase can be seen here. I’ve done a showcase like this before for a bonus picture of my Fatal Frame 3 Fan Fiction. Since it was pretty fun, I decided to do it again. xD

Finally, like before, feel free to ask for a custom size that fits your phone or desktop wallpaper!


8 thoughts on “[ZA] – Angel of Leo (Preview)

    • Hm…no reason really. XD
      Like I said in the description, it’s been a while since I last draw Sophia, and I suddenly felt the urge to do it. As a result, I quickly come up with the picture and just throw in a white BG and make it look slightly classy.
      Hope that wasn’t cheesy instead. >_<

    • The Thai song’s title that’s used in this video can be roughly translated to “Last Light”, but it’s more like “The Light at the end of the tunnel” or smth like that.
      There are two versions to this song, and the one I used in this video is actually a remix which was used in a Thai movie ‘Top Secret’.

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