[Well Prepared] VS [Last Minute]

Hey guys.

My university work just keep piling up, lol. Like I’ve said in a couple of posts ago, I have a number of new pictures sketched up, waiting to be painted. But I just quite can’t find the time. I’ve been coming back home quite late into the evening this past few weeks too. So, nothing new here yet, but I have something I would like to discuss with you guys!

My [Entrepreneurship] course assignments are really eating up my time. There are new assignments every week, and each requires a presentation. I found that most of my teammates don’t really seem motivated to do the assignments until the very last chance, which happens to be today, right before the presentation date. Our PowerPoint Slides are not yet done, and we just finished the actual report like, a couple of minutes before I made this post.

So, I wanted to know from you guys, which of the following working style fits you the most!


[Getting jobs done a couple of days ahead of time]


[Start up the work at last minute for thrills and motivation]?

[Well Prepared]

You start the work assigned to you almost immediately after you got it, even though the deadline is weeks away. You feel best when you have more time to work with, since there is no pressure to stress you out. You prefer to work at a pace you are comfortable with, without having to compete with the pushing deadline.

The advantage to this work style allows one to have some extra time in revising his or her work. By managing your time wisely, you will have some extra time to check on whatever you missed, or even edit some stuffs for the better.

[Last Minute]

Oh come on, it’s weeks away! You don’t really feel motivate to work unless there is something, like a deadline, pressuring you from behind. You prefer to do stuffs leisurely and only work at the last minute. Oh, the thrills. Are you going to make it in time? What would you come up on spot as you rush with time to finish your project?

The advantage to people who love working at [Last Minute] is godly adaptation skills. These people are normally able to adapt to almost any situation thrown at them, and they often get away with it victoriously as well. These people might not really feel motivated when there is no pressure. But their imaginations erupts when the deadline is right in their face.


I am normally more of the [Well Prepared] type (says the guy who left his blog dry if not for a couple of pre-scheduled posts). I don’t like working with pressure burdening me. I prefer to work at a pace I am comfortable with, so that I could have the time to revise whatever work I did.

Thing is, when some thing is thrown right into my face, I found it quite difficult to adapt to it. I might be able to get through it, but I’d always feel, “Man, if only I have more time…”

So, your turn! 😀
Share your working style. There is no correct or wrong, and neither of these are good nor bad.


5 thoughts on “[Well Prepared] VS [Last Minute]

  1. A mix of both. I will gather all the materials needed for the project but won’t start till the last minute.

    • Most of the time, gathering material is the boring part. Putting them together takes only about 20% of the time you used to do the whole project.
      I know because it happens to my Fatal Frame 3 Fan Fics compilations. Correcting and editting the chapters, drawing all the materials, and making the information library. All of those took me weeks to complete. Compiling them into Adobe InDesign and exporting to PDF takes 3 hours at most.

  2. Me, I belong to the 3rd category. Not doing any work, leave those to my team. I only do presentation.

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