Employment Contract with KPMG Signed!!!

So today I went to sign my employment contract with KPMG. I am now officially an employee of a Big Four company. XD

For those who don’t know, I’ve been given an offer to work at KPMG since the beginning of October, but I just signed the contract today since the firm requires me to prepare a couple of legal documents (ID card infos, bank account number, and those kind of stuffs). Read more about my admission to KPMG here.

My status as a university senior ends at March 5, 2013 and my employment contract starts on May 1, 2013. As a result, I have about two full months of free time before my work starts. This is basically my last summer break. I’m going to use all this time to quickly get Chapter Auria AND Chapter Sophia translated and scheduled. (I’ve already made some start in translating Chapter Auria, so don’t worry about gap breaks. Her chapter will start right after Viola’s chapter end around Christmas)

Auditing Firms’ ‘Busy Season’ starts around end of August and goes all the way to the end of March in the next year. I would probably have to work real late around that time, so I need to get stuff planned ahead.

Anyway, thanks everyone who visited my blog 😀

I hope you enjoyed reading my randomness and I’ll see you again. Bye Bye. xD


2 thoughts on “Employment Contract with KPMG Signed!!!

  1. The company actually has the patience of waiting for you to work in their company for 2 months?

    • Well, yeah. Considering how March is still in their busy season, they wouldn’t have much time to train the new joiners. May is probably when things start to settle down.
      Plus, universities here have their semesters ended at the different time. Some, like mine, followed American semester period (August to April), while other university uses Thai semester period (October to May, with some students done even earlier due to early exams). They’re probably looking for the most neutral period that students can be free.
      Believe it or not, a couple of my friends who also got admitted choose to start working at July 1, lol.

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