M_C’s Top 10 [To Love-Ru] Girls

Uh…Yeah, it felt really random that I’m bringing this up all of the sudden, but well, I’m out of Zodiac Angels-related stuffs to write right now. xD
(I still have those Zodiac Angels pictures to draw, but they’ll take a while to get done).

I actually thought about making a review about this manga in a separate post, but…well…there is really nothing much for me to talk about, lol. That’s why I’m making a mini-review within this Ranking Post as well.


This post will contain spoiler to To Love-Ru and its sequel To Love-Ru Darkness. Please proceed with caution.


To Love-Ru is categorized as ‘mature’ by MangaFox due to excessive amount of nudity, and may not be appropriate for viewers under the age of 18. Viewers’ discretion is advised.



To Love-Ru is a comedic harem manga written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki. The manga started since 2006 and ended in 2009 with 18 volumes (Credits).

I knew about this manga out of super random MangaFox weekly manga ads. The ad (specifically, the picture on top of this post) popped up on my Facebook Timeline and piqued my interest simply because the girls look cute. Honestly.


Yuuki Rito, an average high school Earthling, has a secret crush on one of his classmate, Sairenji Haruna. He wanted to confess to her, but due to his nature of being a shy guy, he always screwed up. One day, when he mustered enough courage to confess to her, he accidentally does it to Lala Satalin Deviluke instead. Lala is the princess of the Deviluke Planet and she is bored of her father’s match making, so she ran away from home and escaped to Earth. Her father, the king of Deviluke and the galaxy itself, acknowledged this and accepted Rito as a son-in-law (sort of), only if he remains worthy of that position. If Rito ever has to disappoint the king, then he will be destroyed along with Earth. After that, all sorts of trouble are drawn to Rito, and his life is no longer normal.

The details are different, but that’s basically the gist of this story, lol.

Now you might wonder what the heck was the title of the manga supposed to mean. The manga’s title is sort of a Japanese Pun. ‘To Love-Ru’, when written in Japanese, reads [To Ra Bu Ru]. The ‘Ra Bu’ in the middle forms a Japanese Pronunciation similar to ‘Love’. However, the whole [To Ra Bu Ru] together means ‘Trouble’, which makes sense since the whole story is about all sorts of trouble Rito has to face in each day.



10. Kyoko Kirisaki (AKA Magical Kyoko)

Let’s get this list started with a warm up, shall we? Kyoko is the star of the Magical Kyoko Show, who solves all kinds of problem by literally burning them with fire. Lala, the protagonist of this manga, is a big fan of her.
In reality, Kyoko is half human half flame alien and she is able to manipulate flames at will. Many people thought the flames used in the show are SFX, but actually it was her own powers.

I like her because of her pyromaniac habit of solving everything by burning. Heck, I think it’s even her own slogan at the end of her show.

“Yet another problem is solved by burning!”

It’s a shame she doesn’t appear much aside from a couple of chapters along with Run. The only other time she appears for quite a while is during the RPG simulation arc where Nana and Momo made their first appearances (and that wasn’t even the real Kyoko, lol).


9. Nana Asta Deviluke

Coming up next is one of the three Deviluke sisters and the violent tsundere of the three. She always views Rito as a weak, indecent, and indecisive man, and does not understand why her sister likes this guy. Well, she later realizes why on her own, lol.

Despite having tomboy-ish personality, she does have her sensitive side as shown in the recent chapters of To Love-Ru Darkness. She has her own charm and she’s pretty cute when dressed up in a couple of costumes. Plus, twin ponytails are always a plus.

She also has the ability to communicate with animals, and that was how she came to know that Haruna also likes Rito (Haruna’s doggie, Marron, told her).

Oh, have I mentioned big melon complex? I said there are all kinds of girls in this manga right? She’s the pettako (did I spell that right?) of the story.

Her middle name, Asta, is supposed to be the shortened form of ‘Astaroth’.


8. Celine

Celine is right up here purely because of her hilarity. She existed solely to make trouble escalated, even when she is not drinking cola.

Originally, she is supposed to be a gigantic space man-eating plant, given to Rito by Lala on his birthday. As someone who loves taking care of plants, Rito waters and takes good care of Celine everyday. Later on, Celine became sick and looked as if she is about to whither away. However, the remains of the gigantic space man-eating plant surprisingly turn out to be this playful little girl. Apparently, she can’t really speak and can only cry MAAAUUUU.

Believe it or not, she gets drunk by drinking cola. And when she does, she releases a pollen dust from the flower on her head. Anyone who inhaled the pollen will instantly fall in love with Rito for a while. It was suspected that the love pollen was a result of Celine’s love for Rito.


7. Golden Darkness (AKA Yami)

The alien assassin with the ability to transform the parts of her body into a weapon. She is hired by one of Lala’s Marriage Candidates to kill Rito. Fortunately, it turns out that the data about Rito given to her was fake and he is not a bad guy as her client claimed him to be. However, as it is against her own policy to abort a mission, she decides to stay on Earth for a while until she settles stuffs with Rito.

Apparently, she is the kuudere of the story; similar to tsundere, except with cool appearance and personality. I am never really a fan of kuuderes, but Yami is an exception. Unlike many other brick wall face girls, she actually has facial expression and lots of cute moments. Her smile actually makes her cute. Really.

As for hilarity factor, she has an obsession with Taiyaki (a fish shaped snack with sweet red beans at stuffing). After Rito introduced this snack to her, she eats nothing else but Taiyaki. Seriously, help me think of a chapter starring her that doesn’t have Taiyaki in it. Oh yes, there’s one chapter she tried to cook and she made this for Rito.


6. Oshizu

The girl who died 400 years ago and lived in an old abandoned school building.

…Corpse Party anyone?

Anyway, bored of being stuck in the old building, she decides to leave the place after Rito and the gang accidentally paid her a visit. She received an artificial body from Mikado, a sexy hot alien doctor who lived on Earth. She can leave her artificial body at will. Oh, due to being a ghost, Oshizu also has the power of telekinesis, allowing her to move or hold stuffs in place by pointing at them.

Oshizu has the fear for dogs (Don’t worry, Oshizu-chan. I can relate. I’m also afraid of dogs ._.) and when in face of one, she enters her panic mode. Her telekinesis power will go haywire and everything will literally go flying around.

Yet again, too bad she doesn’t appear a lot. Haruna and Oshizu friendship pair is hands down my favorite, no competition.


5. Lala Satalin Deviluke

And now, our main heroine (at least in the first series) comes up straight on a solid rank 5. She’s cute, she’s funny, she’s clumsy, and she has a name to really run away from fast.

As the eldest of the sisters, Lala ran away from home to Earth because she doesn’t want to get married. She lived in Rito’s house and occasionally sneaked onto his bed…naked. Lala is also the mother of inventions. A lot of troubles (and laughs) in the story happened because of her invention. The most notable ones, IMO, include her Emergency Escape Bracelet which emergency teleports a person away from tight spot …… without their clothes, and the Gender Bending Beam, which turns Rito into Riko (the female version of Rito). Awesome isn’t it? Rito doesn’t even need cold water to become a girl.

But most importantly, it’s her carefree and optimistic nature that makes her loveable, albeit a little annoying at times. Makes you wonder how Rito was able to stand her for this long, lol.

We also can’t forget that she is the inspiration to Momo’s ultimate harem plans. If Lala marries Rito and he becomes the new king of Deviluke (and of galaxy) it would be okay for him to have concubines and love as many girls as he wants. Lala doesn’t even mind if he’d also love Haruna, who is supposed to be her own love rival.

Yes, she’s just that carefree.


4. Mikan Yuuki

Little sisters. How can harem mangas be complete without little sisters?

Don’t worry, she is no where near Yuka Mochida tier of annoying. In fact, she deserves the Little Sister of the Year Award right after Nanako Dojima.

Mikan is the little sister of Rito, our protagonist. They are supposed to be related by blood, but a certain chapter makes the fan questioned the plausibility of them not being related by blood. Mikan is an extremely mature girl. Since her parents don’t come home often, she takes turn doing house chore with her brother. Their house has become more hectic and noisier ever since Lala came into their lives.

Mikan is also very cute and her body shape is considered to be very developed for a girl her age. Really, you just have to remind yourself almost constantly that she’s 11 years old.

She is also the only person who can ‘somewhat’ resist the effect of Celine’s love pollen. She realizes that she is under its effect but was able to resist the urge to jump onto Rito unlike other girls. But…well…not for so long. Momo didn’t help either [] [].


3. Yui Kotegawa

And here we have the obligatory black long-haired tsundere. Yes, I shamelessly like her. And by the way, her name is spelled ‘Kotegawa’, not ‘Kogegawa’ or ‘Kokegawa’. Got it memorized?

Yui is the disciplinary committee of the Sainan High and always look out for any undisciplined acts in the school. Rito, as the obligatory accidental pervert, falls victim to Yui’s discipline decree. But even then, she still manages to fall for him because Rito is actually a nice guy.

Hm? What was that? Oh, yes yes, Yui, you and Rito are just friends. Whatever you say.

Anyway, she got a look that kills. She’s cute (when she’s shy) and she’s hot. Almost every chapter related to her makes me laugh. Oh yeah, name me a chapter she doesn’t yell ‘SHAMELESS!!!!’ at Rito.

Aside from the cute and hot factor, she’s also very typical (and predictable) that it’s funny. I don’t really like the anime adaptation of this manga (Motto, Darkness, and the various OVAs are okay though), but seriously, episode 17 of To Love-Ru anime is just priceless.


2. Haruna Sairenji

Strictly speaking, among the abundance of girls, Haruna is the closest to my type, personality-wise. She is kind and polite. Basically, the type of girl anyone would love. Well, appearance-wise, I also found her to be very cute, despite my preference for long haired girls.

Haruna Sairenji also has a secret crush for our protagonist since junior high. According to her, she likes him because he’s kind. Well, we all know that. Everyone in this manga likes him because of that reason. Befriending with Lala, she felt that her chances with Rito is constantly fading away since ‘it’s wrong to like your friend’s boyfriend’. But even knowing that she’s a love rival, Lala still roots for Haruna to confess to Rito and encourages her to keep moving forward.

To be honest, I’ve always rooted Rito + Haruna from the beginning. Not that I hate Lala. I just prefer Haruna over her.

Haruna gains a special ability when she panics and Rito is around. She attains tremendous strength and the ability to literally use Rito as a weapon.

…I’m not even joking.

Now here’s something I read while browsing through Wikipedia and TVTrope, I’m not sure how true this is. Haruna Sairenji’s appearance is based off Kentaro Yabuki’s (the illustrator of this manga) wife. It was said that the first series of To Love-Ru stopped because Yabuki divorced with his wife. (Source…Look for Haruna, under the ‘Human’ Folder)
Obviously, it is hard to continue working when one of the main characters was based off his ex. That was kind of sad, really.
Lucky enough, he is now back and is currently illustrating the sequel. All hail Yabuki sensei.


1. Momo Belia Deviluke

I’ve been weighing this position between Haruna and Momo, but in the end, I gave it to Momo. Meet Momo Belia Deviluke, the youngest of the Deviluke sisters, who has the ability to communicate to plants. Momo is cute. This girl looks sweet and innocent on the outside. Deep down however, she is a girl who is true to herself and the type to be scheming stuffs from behind, as well as being the most dangerous and most treacherous among the sisters. She is the lewdest girl of the whole cast as well.

Let me tell you a couple of things about her.

Momo started liking Rito after he risked his life trying to save Celine (which was still in man-eating plant form). He can’t communicate to plants like she does, but he is even more fixated to save the plant than her. Acknowledging that, she started noticing him on a daily basis. Even though she knew that Rito is her sister’s fiancé, she doesn’t mind being the second or the third mistress, as long as she can love him. Lala’s speech about Rito becoming the next king of Deviluke gave Momo the inspiration to create a harem for Rito and become a part of it.

…Believe it or not, that’s essentially the starting plot of To Love-Ru Darkness, lol. Because of this, she is promoted to become the main protagonist in Darkness. Both Lala and Haruna were demoted to mere extra characters.

Remember how I said Lala loves to sneak into Rito’s bed naked? Well, Momo has officially stole that spot from her.

Anyway, aside from that, she is also a very good ‘actor’. On the outside, she appears to be a cute innocent girl who smiles at every guy. But when you got to her bad side, you’ll know you picked the wrong person to mess with. There are a bunch of boys that forms a fanclub for her and keeps on bugging Rito for being a lucky bastard. They even shoot Rito with nerf guns and well…Momo is NOT amused.

Oh yes, her middle name ‘Belia’ comes from ‘Belial’. The three sisters all have middle names that you should run away from fast. No wonder Rito is having trouble every day.


Now, would I recommend this manga? Well, if you are free and could use some time killer, then try looking for it. Just don’t expect any real solid plot until you get to its sequel, lol.

The best part about this manga for me, personally, is the lack of girls with basketball-sized melons, despite being sort of a staple to harem comedy manga. There are girls with big busts here and there, but nothing like big watermelons. Well, at least that’s my take on being more of a thigh person >_>

Like how you would expect any harem manga, it is filled with tremendous amount of Japanese Ecchi fan services and the protagonist falls into the Accidental Pervert trope. If you don’t mind any of that, it’s a good time killer.



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  1. Wow, this manga is very good. Thank for the recommendation. Feel sorry for that author though. Anyone know the reason for their divorce?

  2. Just to add something since I don’t see it getting mentioned :O Didja know Yami is apparently Eve from Black Cat, another of Yabuki’s works? in fact there’s that one chapter where the protag of Black Cat makes a cameo appearance in TLR, lol.

    that aside, ’twas a good read, lol. also Celine went from a giant outerspace plant to a fanservice device. xD

    • Yeah, I heard she’s an expy from Black Cat. Never read that one though. I thought about looking for it when I have some free time.
      And which chapter was it that there’s a cameo?

      • IIRC ’twas that one where the gang went to a mansion or something… blackouts, and a servant getting in a bloody mess… and teh thunderstorm, right. the thunderstorm. >.><.< *isn't being specific*
        Black Cat is good. not a harem unlike most of Kentaro's works, it's more to the battling stuff. the protagonist learns a frikken' cool signature move later, later, later in the manga, lol.
        Eve is a total opposite of Yami tho xD

  3. What do you know?! Superdubes likes this manga too and even recommend to me and ask me to translate the sequel.

    • Hey there man! Where have you been!? o_o
      I don’t see you online any more.
      And well, yeah, I’ve just found out and read this manga two or three weeks ago. Really love it cuz it gave me a good laugh, lol.
      Good seeing you again, man.

      • Broke my right arm during the road accident. Recuperate in the hospital. Although my arm has healed, it’s not what it’s used to be.

        So I stop cleaning the corpse party pages.

          • Say…how’s superdubes and mazel? Has mazel given birth yet? I haven’t go on msn for long time.

            And how’s your translation for your sis fiction “the 7 day”?

            • Haven’t talk to Dubes in ages. Mazel’s boy is born.
              Hope I get to see you on MSN again soon. XD

              As for my sis’s fiction (It’s ’10 Days’ btw), it’ll probably be a while. As of the moment, I’m rushing to translate Zodiac Angels as fast as I could. I already have a job, so I want to schedule my fictions as much as I can in cases where I run into busy season.
              Symphony of the Devil will come right after Zodiac Angels is over, and that one WILL take a while to complete.

            • Yes, I did on Oct. 22. It’s a boy and we’ve named him Amos. Get your butt on MSN so I can show you pics, dang it!

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