Short Update [Dec 16, 2012]

So, I’ve been looking at a couple of my blog’s pages, and I’ve found that they severely needed some updates. These past few days, I’ve been fighting against the demon called ‘Procrastination’, trying to update information as well as get some other works done. Here are a couple of stuffs that I’ve done:

  1. First, everyone might notice the addition of the new [Gallery] Tabs. Technically speaking, it is not exactly a new thing. That page is accessible through the ‘Category’ Widget on the home page, where all posts categorized as ‘Gallery’ will be presented. However, I’ve always wanted to make it a part of the main tabs, and recently, I just found out about how to do that on WordPress.
    So there we have it, the [Gallery] category page. 😀
  2. Next, the [Create Your Own World] Saga Page has updated. I’ve added a couple of pictures of the protagonists from each installation as well as a revision on some of the synopsis there. I know it is going to be a while before we get started on this saga, but hey, it’s one of my proudest works so I can’t just leave it there outdated.
  3. Try hovering over [Zodiac Angels] tab under the [Fiction] tab. [Chapter Viola] tab should now appear under it. Much like the Gallery Tab, it has always been accessible through the widget on the home page and through the link under Viola’s chapter synopsis. But with this tab up, hopefully, browsing through each chapter should be easier.
  4. [Sophia Esteed Eternal Fan] Club also has undergone a lot of changes. I’ve updated some of the facts and information, as well as add a number of new pictures. I laughed at a couple of stuffs I wrote about why I like her. Damn, I really should not write stuff when I am only half awake. xD

So, yeah. That’s the update on my blog so far. I’ll see if there is anything else I can add to the blog. Hope you guys enjoy your stay here so far ^^.


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