Happy 25th Anniversary Rockman!

Depending on which version you play the game, the name can change. But since I’ve grew up with his Japanese name, I prefer to stick to Rockman.

Anyway, with that aside, it is time to celebrate Rockman’s 25th Anniversary! XD

25 years sure is fast. Rockman’s first birthday was December 17, 1987. In a way, he is roughly 4 years older than me. XD

Rockman is the very first video game hero I’ve known in my life (My first game was Rockman World 1 on Gameboy, known in US as Megaman I). Since then, I’ve become a big fanboy and I like almost every single game of the series. Granted, I have yet played a couple of games from some series (namely the EXE (Battle Network) series) but there’s no denying that I personally haven’t found a game I ‘hate’ among the ones I’ve played. This is including the so-called ‘bad ones’ like Rockman X7 (heck, I LOVE the 3D movement and it has so much more potential to improve).

Rockman always have and always will be the most special video game character for me.


14 thoughts on “Happy 25th Anniversary Rockman!

  1. Never play Rockman, but I love seeing the playthrough on youtube and watch those player go through the stage with no damage taken and only use rock buster.

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