Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola 22

Chapter 22 – V

Zubenes charges for Chamali and pushes him out of the way, leaving Rokishi for me. The purple haired bastard begins his merciless assault with flurry of strong attacks. His slashes are much defter and more powerful from before. Most of them even caused me to stagger a step back. And because of that, it is slightly difficult to find an opening for a counterattack.

“What’s yours is mine!!!!!!”
Rokishi raises his blade up in the air and some strange glowing particle starts accumulating on the tip of his sword. After that, he swings it forward, releasing a glowing wave attack. It was fast, but fortunately, my legs spring myself off its range just in time. The wave pushes forward and hits the crystal wall behind me, leaving a huge slash mark on it. This wave was not the same as the sound wave I’ve been releasing. That attack was a sound wave that pushes the target away, while this one was clearly aimed for a cut, as evidenced by the mark on the wall.

“What’s the matter!? Scared now!? Then become one with me!!!!!”
Rokishi charges at me once again. Since there is still some time before he reaches me, I take a brief glance at the iron giants real quick to see my servant’s current situation. Chamali constantly attacks Zubenes by punching and smacking with his iron shield. I forced Zubenes to remain on defense because I still want to assess Rokishi’s powers and analyze his tricks. Going all out on offense against him is a sure way to get myself beaten. Considering how his power is evidently more powerful than mine, it would be foolish if I rushed at him recklessly.
The purple haired murderer strikes his sword down against my lance, blowing me back a couple of meters as well as throwing my guard off. Exploiting the chance, Chamali quickly pushes Zubenes away then rushes at me for a tackle.

There is definitely no way I can hold his full speed charge.
Heeding my call, the dark iron knight tosses his chained shield ahead of Chamali and jerked it back, striking the white giant with his shield and stopping the charge. Unfortunately, even though the charge was slightly delayed, the white iron giant still continues its way towards me nevertheless. He tosses his circular shield at me, which I managed to barely block with my lance. Without any rest, Rokishi charged at me while I was still blocking and leapt into the air for a swooping dive slash.
Zubenes hurls his other shield at Rokishi, smacking him off his course. I immediately brushed off Chamali’s shield then take a couple of steps back. The dark iron knight jumped onto the white iron giant off guard, pinning him down against the floor.
However, Chamali would not go down so easily. He rolled over and kicked Zubenes off his body. The white giant gets back up then fires weird violet ray from the face of his shield onto Zubenes’s left shoulder.
I feel a sudden sharp pain on my left shoulder when the ray hits onto Zubenes. It appears that I totally forgot that I can still take some damage if Zubenes is hit.

“Well well. I must say that kind of hurts,” Rokishi got back up, stretching. I heard the sound of his bones cracking. Perhaps the strike from Zubenes’s shield shifted his bones off its place. But that does not seem to bother him much at all, considering how he is standing straight just fine.
“Here I go again!”
Rokishi approaches me once more and thrusts his sword straightforward. The thrust was not so fast and its extremely linear course made it easy to block. As a counter attack, I swing my lance horizontally, aiming for a cut across his body. However, he swiftly turns around and blocks my slash with his blade before lifting his right feet up for a high kick. I bend backward, barely dodging the kick as I roll away to regain balance.
An aura of energy burst off from Rokishi as he leaps into the air and swings his sword several times. A swarm of energy blades – the same one that left a mark on the wall – is released and rained down upon me. Knowing full well that this cannot be blocked, I quickly run off to the side, dodging the waves. As expected, the waves leave a huge slash mark on the floor it lands. I can’t imagine what will happen if it lands on me.
The attack might be dangerous, but it seems like he cannot constantly do that. After a while, Rokishi lands back on the ground and dashes in at me once again. Before he gets too close, I hurl an energy wave straight at Rokishi, forcing him to stop on track and block it. Immediately after, I rushed in for another reinforcing thrust, sending him flying across the room.
“Hehehe. That…was pretty good,” he gets back up on his feet, slightly hinting exhaustion.

That was the combo I used on him before he removed his hood. However, it doesn’t seem like he learns from it at all. If he had dodged the initial wave, then I would have not been able to make that follow up thrust.
For some reason, it looks to me that he has no fighting instinct at all. He never learns from fighting. All he has is firepower. Granted, it is much more destructive and fatal compared to mine. But, all he did was throw those powers around, hoping that it would hit me. His movements are also obvious and painfully easy to anticipate, since we started fighting here.

He wasn’t holding back.
He down right has no skill.

During the last time we fought, I lacked consciousness. I was blinded by hatred and anger. I threw my attack out mindlessly for granted. Maybe he wasn’t even all that strong back then too. It was just because of my own carelessness.
This time is different for him, unfortunately. I have better grasp of my power as well as a clearer mind. If I were to exploit his battle naivety, then he absolutely has no chance of winning. With this advantage in mind, I need to end this fight before it is no longer valid. Since he moves relatively fast, I guess I have to aim for a bigger target.

Rokishi slashes his blade forward as a counterattack. I swiftly smack his counter away, then dart my lance forward. The bastard bends to the side then laughs mockingly, “That’s a pretty bad aim!!!! Haha!!!!”
“Oh really?”
Rokishi falls to the floor on his knees, clutching his throat with his left hand. In shock, he quickly turns around towards the wrestling iron knights. His eyes grow wider as he notices my lance sticking through the white iron knight’s throat.
“A direct hit on the Zodiac Beast would result in a direct damage to the Zodiac Angel because their bodies and minds are connected to one another. Gotta admit I was lucky I took that training session with Nat!” I muttered.
Exploiting this moment, Zubenes immediately pushes Chamali slightly backwards and directly jabs into the white giant’s face.
“AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Rokishi cried in pain and grabbed his cheek, numb from Zubenes’s jab. His legs staggered back a couple of step, almost causing him to lose balance.
After that, Zubenes pulled my lance out of Chamali and tossed it back at me. Grabbing the lance in mid-air, I immediately rush in at the crippled Rokishi. He blindly throws a slash forward to defend himself, but it wasn’t even close to hitting me. My heart races as a weird pulse flows through my veins. My body once again enters a trance state and is acting on its own. My two hands raise the lance up as my legs spring me slightly above ground for a double full-cycle spinning upper slash.
“T…That…dance!? The Violet Rage!?”
Rokishi attempted to block my slash. However, the double 360 degrees swing was a lot more powerful than he gives credit. The slashes brushed his blade away, completely destroying his guard. Right after landing, my legs spring up again for a smack from the bottom of the lance’s blunt shaft, followed by a roundhouse kick. The strike causes him to become dazed and stunned. My body makes a quarter spin to regain some balance and move to his side. My arms thrust the lance forward thrice, hitting him with the blunt shaft. The three thrusts further weaken the already bruised up body. He is now completely vulnerable. My hands lift the lance up for launching strike that shoots Rokishi straight into the air. Finally, my legs spring myself airborne above him followed by one last diagonal slash that smashes the man against the floor, crying in pain.

I land back nicely on to the ground nearby and turn to Zubenes, who is now having fun making a punching bag out of Chamali. Since his master was completely trashed, Rokishi’s pain also passed onto Chamali, preventing him from moving swiftly. Once he realizes that I’m done with Rokishi, he kicks Chamali into his belly then throws his shield up front. The shields floated in mid-air, turning their faces at the white iron giant. After that, both of them start rotating around one another in circle. The speed gradually accelerates as a bright light begins forming in the middle of the orbit. Once it is done charging, a powerful dense energy ball was shot out from the center of the orbit onto the white iron giant. The shot runs straight through Chamali and bursts his white armor to pieces. The remains of the white iron giant fall to the ground in a pile of metal scrap heap. His remains gradually break down into dust and disappear into the air.

With that taken care of, I turned back to Rokishi, who is still breathing.
“…W…Why…Why am I being defeated…? I’m…I’m much stronger than you…You’re…supposed to become…one…with me.”
Should I tell him why he lost?
He is a scientist, not a fighter. It was like giving a pistol to someone who has never used a gun before. He can shoot and occasionally hits a target. But in no way could that person win in a fight with someone who is well trained with a gun.
There is probably no reason to explain that to him. After all, what’s the point?

“…I have a question for you,” I said, “Where is Albert Gregory? Nat’s record said he went missing. That wasn’t the case…is it?”
“Hmph…what…good would…it do to you…to know that he’s not yet dead?”
“I will hunt him down and make sure no one else ended up like me ever again,” I paused, “And also to make sure that no more people like you are created.”
“Hmph! So what?… What are you…gonna do now…? Laugh…at me…? Go ahead!” Rokishi hissed.
“Why would I bother doing something so pointless?” I replied, “I don’t need to make you look more pathetic that you are now.”
“Shut…up…! SHUT IT YOU STUPID BITCH!!!! Y…You’re…you’re mine…you’re…supposed…to be mine!!!” the bastard spouts some more blood then grits his teeth, “I won’t…accept this!!!! I’ve come…too…far…waited…over 20…years!!! YOU ARE MINE!!!!”
“It’s all over, Rokishi. I’ll have my powers back now, thank you very much,” I point my lance above his chest, “A Zodiac Angel’s power source is the heart, right? I wonder what will happen if I stab your heart with my lance.”
“Oh yeah? Well, I told you, didn’t I? That you better watch your back, cuz one day I’m gonna shove my lance on it,” I pause for a while, revising what I just said, “Well, it’s not your back…but what’s the bloody difference!?”

Without further adieu, I unhesitatingly shove my lance straight through his heart with all my might. I have been waiting for this moment. A bright light bursts off from the wound, along with various glowing particles. Surprising enough, not a single trace of blood can be seen flowing out. Rokishi opens his mouth up wide as he wails and writhes in pain. An unseen force rapidly gushes out of his wound, slightly pushing me backward. The glowing particles scatters about the whole room. Some of them simply rise up through the ceiling of this hall. Some are gradually being absorbed into the white lance, making it radiate a brilliant light. And some even flies straight onto my skin, seeping into the pores.
Rokishi’s scream echoes the whole hall as he attempts to reach for my leg. However, he was pinned down against the floor and there was nothing else he could do. The meat on his body gradually decays and his bones surfaced onto his skin.

Once the burst subsided, only a meatless skeleton with white hair that used to be a man named Rokishi remains on the ground. The pure white lance is also no longer there either. Instead, a brand new spear appeared in its place. It is slightly longer than the white lance. The shaft’s color is a gradient running from deep blue at the blunt shaft to white near the ornament on top. The blade of the spear is made from violet blue crystal-like material, sparkling beautiful glitter.
The pulse of the spear echoes next to my ear, as if inviting me to pick it up. I cautiously grip the shaft and pull it off the ground. The most notable difference when I picked it up is its weight. It is a lot lighter than that white lance. It is such a beautiful weapon.
After that, I feel my hand around the spear for its joints and proceed to fold it back into three pieces. The crystal blade vanished as the spear is being folded. It seems that even though it changed its shape, it still retain its portability feature.

Zubenes approaches and kneels down before me respectfully.
“…It’s all over, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is, my lady”

His voice echoed inside my ears.
“Let’s go then. We still have something else left to do,” I told the giant and hang the spear onto the strap behind my hip. Zubenes’s body gradually turns transparent and disappears as I walk out of the room.



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  3. He is a scientist, not a fighter. It was like giving a pistol to someone who has never used a gun before. He can shoot and occasionally hits a target. But in no way could that person win in a fight with someone who is well trained with a gun.

    But…but in Silent Hill, Harry Mason is a novelist and is not trained in any firearms, and yet he defeat a god!

  4. Would have been awesome if Animus’ skeletal remain suddenly prance to Viola, screaming “Be one with me!” one last time before disintegrate into dust…

  5. The final boss doesn’t even stand a chance against Viola. I hope Ophiucus poses more of the challenge as the true final boss. Give them despair and hopelessness.

    • Viola was caught in the past because Lyra was interrogated about Viola’s whereabouts and she gave away Viola’s escape plan. That is all we know right now.
      Everything else will be explored in the future 😉

  6. Predictable? Nah, I would have never guess Viola has shrunk to the infant due to the experiment, instead of being the clone of the original Viola.

    • That’s what I am afraid of. I don’t want the plot to feel like it came out of nowhere and I’ve been throwing subtle hints early on in the story, yet no one seems to comment on that in the last chapter >_<

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