Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Zodiac Angels – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! XD
Well, it’s probably not Christmas for everyone yet, but by the time this post is uploaded, it should be 00:00 AM December 25, 2012, GMT+7 Bangkok.
Anyway, enjoy my little special picture, drawn especially for this occasion!

A year is coming to a close yet again. When I started WordPress Blog in March, I never imagined that I’ll have any readers passing by. Originally, this blog was mainly used to compile my Fatal Frame Fan Fictions, so that my readers at GameFAQs can come by and read at any time they want. I posted the translated [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola] up here just for the heck of it. Never before have I imagined that my blog’s view count would hit over 5000+ views in such a short period of time o.O

In case you guys wonder, here is a list of views per month starting from August, since that’s when I started getting lots of views. (These statistics do not include my own views since WP does not record that)

  • August – 1,091 (Highest view per day on August 21 – 189 Views in a day)
  • September – 1,401 views
  • October – 1,023 views
  • November – 969 views

I would like to thank each and everyone again for reading my fictions and giving me a forward-looking feedback. All comments mean a lot to me.
I hope you guys enjoyed my fictions, as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you continue reading my works! >__<

Merry Christmas everyone!


19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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  2. LOL, seriously…spiderman? I think I already know who’s that little black guy is. That tail is a dead giveaway.

  3. Others may not know who’s that black thing is, but I certainly know. He’s really the black sihouette of Mad, oogling over the lovely 3 ladies. The favourite obviously is Auria. Finally, Mad makes the appearance in chapter Auria as the cute little midget.

    Hi, Mad. Oh, mazel. If you’re reading this, I won’t be online just yet.

  4. TWAT….is not short enough my friend… 😮
    sweousry, you have gotten better and better in your drawings (in your own style)
    okay.. enough with the miserable english @_@”
    well, glad that Xmas is a good day for most people lol
    /me two exams and two lab exams left… urgh
    what’s the… small black thing there ..?
    random thoughts: hey, because I take anatomy I understand it helps alot in art.. maybe you should take it too? to draw better physical apperances for girls 😀 *smirks*

    • That small black thing is your friendly neighbourhood spiderman! Look out! He’s gonna spin his web slinger!

      • Damn. That thing still screamed ‘Spiderman’? >_>
        Must be the eyes.
        I can’t say anything regarding that thing yet, since it’ll spoiler Chapter Auria. I’ll get in-depth with in when the time comes.

    • What’s that TWAT thing, dude? =.=”
      And thanks for the compliment. My X’mas isn’t exactly pleasant. I got mid-term right after new years break, lol.
      Also, you’ll know about that black thing in Chapter Auria. Not that you’ll read it anyway, lol.
      Yes, I do get people telling me to study anatomy back in grade 8. But you know, I failed almost all science subjects, so lol, no. XD

      • sigh, you don’t really get the joke?
        is it only me, lewd guy around here =3=? and I thought you like zettai ryouiki…(now you know what to decrease, in length)
        and.. oh well, about anatomy, not that I can draw too lol
        (your’s since grade 8? i don’t heck even know the word “anatomy” till like, college)
        p.s. and yes, it’s the eye, that’s super… spiderman @_@

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