Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola Trivia

Here are the Ten Facts about Chapter Viola that could blow your mind!

This post contains spoilers to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola]! Proceed at your own risk!

  1. All Zodiac Beasts are named after the brightest star of their respective constellation (Read more about that here). Some Zodiac Beasts however, got an adjustment on their names.
    Zubenes’s name, for instance, got a little work on. Considering how the full name of that star is too painstakingly long (Zubeneschamali), I decide to break it down into two names, and hence, two Zodiac Beasts. This is partially done to reference how Viola’s powers were extracted from her.
    Also, even though Viola already absorbed her powers back, Zubenes’s name will remain the way it is until the end of the story.
  2. Viola’s subject code ‘4932’ is my university student ID number. (‘VIOLA-ANIMA4932’)
  3. I am currently studying in ‘Assumption University’ of Thailand. Its abbreviation is ‘AU’.
    Viola’s university name, ‘Andoria University’, is also abbreviated as ‘AU’.
  4. Viola’s name was actually derived from ‘Violet’ color, not from the musical instrument ‘Viola’. Hence, the purple hair.
  5. Since Viola’s character is somewhat a representation of my personality in a feminine point of view (read more about this here), she can be somewhat treated as the female version of me.
    As a result, I picked ‘Libra Zodiac’ as her Zodiac Sign since it reminisces the Major Subject of the faculty I am studying – Accounting. For those who don’t know how that works, let’s just say Accounting focuses a lot on getting number on two sides of the balance sheet to be equal to one another. Hence, a ‘scale’ fits this description.
  6. ANIMUS, in Carl Jung’s Psychoanalysis Theory, refers to the ‘male subconscious’ within a female. Obviously, ANIMA means the exact opposite – the ‘female subconscious’ within a male. (Link here. I actually learn about this in my Managerial Psychology class, but I’ve already put my book away after I’m done w/ the subject >_<)
    So does this imply that Viola Animus is me? Well, not exactly.
    Originally, when the plot was created, that was the idea. ‘Viola-Animus’ was intended to be the subconscious of Viola’s aggressive nature given physical form, not a perverted stalker. In that version, he went out of leash and hunted down Viola so she can become one with him. However, as I tried to link this plot to the ‘true plot’, that aspect slowly diminished from the final product, and he became a perverted stalker instead. In the end, all that Viola Animus has left to reminisce my avatar character in another fiction are purple hair and a couple of attack skills. (Namely, the one attack where he rains down several sword wave)
  7. My Zodiac Sign is actually ‘Gemini’, but I did not give that Zodiac to Viola because I have ‘other plans’ for this Zodiac Sign. You’ll know what it is when we get to Chapter Sophia.
  8. Sarin and Sophia (As well as Auria and Viola herself) made an appearance in my Fatal Frame Fan Fictions. They look identical to their incarnation in this original fiction. However, there is NO relationship between the two stories at all whatsoever.
    I reused both of them in the Fan Fiction because I like them.
  9. In the Thai version, the term ‘Zodiac Angels’ is ‘นางฟ้าราศี’, where the word ‘นางฟ้า’ can both mean ‘angel’ or ‘faerie’. But the most important thing about this word is that it indicates female gender (We have other terms for male angels).
    Hence, the term and the title of the story in Thai outright states that ‘Zodiac Angels’ are all females. Because of this, there are some dialogues in the Thai version where Nat calls Animus a sicko since he is a man but he labels himself a ‘female angel’.
    Since the word ‘angel’ in English is gender universal, those dialogues were removed.
    For further language trivia ‘นาง’ is some sort of a prefix meaning ‘lady’ or ‘woman’ and ‘ฟ้า’ means ‘sky’. Hence, the word can be roughly translated to ‘lady of the sky’.
  10. The Thai Version of Chapter Viola has only 17 chapters. In this translated version, over 6 chapters worth content were added to further thicken the plot and characterization.
    The added contents include:
  • The whole Chapter Viola 04 – The pavilion under the rain where Viola talks to herself, wondering about Alis’s well being. This whole chapter was added in the English version. In the Thai Version, after the incident at the dark alley, Viola was already at the bus stop where she met Aya and her mother.
  • The battle in front of Cancerian Laboratory where Zubenes makes his first appearance was added in the English version. In the Thai Version, Zubenes made his first appearance extremely late into the story. Because of that, the elements around Zodiac Beasts in Viola’s Chapter were not very emphasized, unlike Sophia’s and Auria’s chapters.
  • Viola was even more mopey and sarcastic in the Thai version. And as a result, she made even more mocking and snarkier comments. I found that most of them aren’t exactly healthy for her characterization, so they were reedited into something else that was more productive to story building.
  • Viola’s sparring battle with Natalie was also added. After Viola met up with Nat and Van, there was only a small chance for the siblings’ characters to develop. On top of that, Viola has truly used her power for only a couple of times. Since there is still a free day on Viola’s story timeline before she met up with Sophia and Auria at Grand Central, I added the sparring battle there to add more character to Nat as well as give Viola more chance to try out her powers.
  • The news that accused Viola as a murderer was never heard of in Chapter Viola’s Thai Version. It was only mentioned in Chapter Auria and Chapter Sophia. Any scenes and dialogues concerning that news were all added in the English version.
  • Contrary to the story’s focus, Viola talks about her nightmare only twice throughout her chapter in the Thai Version, which is around the beginning, and after she was attacked by Animus at the Cancerian Laboratory. Any scenes relating to her nightmare, aside from the aforementioned, were added in the English version.
    (Yes, the Thai version doesn’t look very well written when I reread it – -)
  • Sarin has even less role in Chapter Viola’s Thai version. She joins Viola’s party extremely late (specifically, just when Viola reached the Aquarius Falls). Any scenes and dialogues from Sarin’s first appearance at Grand Central onwards in the English version were added during the translation.
    (Sarin fans, rejoice. She gets LOTS more screen time in Chapter Ophiucus when we get back to Viola’s party.)
  • Viola moves on to fight Animus at the Pisces Temple on the same day right after the Grand Central incident was over. (He right off challenged her through telepathy in the middle of the day)
    Her party never rested in an inn, and the girls never get to catch each other up on details at all. As a result, the whole chapters 18 to 20 were added.



13 thoughts on “Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola Trivia

  1. Great stuff, but one question. Why is the thai version not well-written when you as a Thai, supposed to be good at writing a well-written version?

    • I’ve been more exposed to English Academically since i’ve studied in a school with American Curriculum throughout my whole life.
      My Thai writing skills arent as refined as English.

      As for why the Thai version is not well written, perhaps you can say that it’s not the final draft just yet. Since not a single person read my fics in the past anyway, i didnt give it much focus and attention to proofread and refine them; i just typed up all the ideas and story structures i have in my head.

      Around March 2012 or so, i translated the first chapter just for fun and put it on my newly created wordpress blog. Then in August 2012, i suddenly got several comments asking me to continue with the story, and that’s what got me motivated to take my works more seriously, lol

      Basically, all this happened because of comments from everyone on this blog ^_^”

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  3. About the news that reports Viola as murderer, I always wonder why that innkeeper didn’t recognise her as the wanted criminal, unless that perverted old man don’t watch news.

  4. Hmmm…only your friends will catch the references, if they ever read them.

    On the other hand, will Viola ever shampoo her hairs? She hasn’t done it yet. Her hairs are probably itchy by now.

      • I reread chapter 18 and she simply is taking a quick shower with no mood to shampoo or wipe off her oil gland.

        • Taken from CV 18:
          “We took turns taking shower, cleansing all the sweat and dirt from today’s battles off our fair skins. Ever since this journey started, this was the first time I am able to leisurely spend my time in the shower. A few days ago when I have no company, there was never a time to feel at ease. The shower was only meant to refresh me up for the next day. There was no mood to leisurely shampoo my violet hairs or to scrub the dust off my oily face. With the company of these three girls, everything felt a lot more secure. I wonder if Sarin felt the same, considering how she was also traveling alone until now.”

          She was saying that before she met Nat and Van, there was no mood to scrub her face. But now she is taking a shower leisurely.

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