HAL – [The Starry Sky]

It’s been a while since I last share a song. XD

This song is the first Ending Theme of the anime ‘Angelic Layer’. It’s a very nice song with lyrics that frighteningly fits Chapter Auria’s story @___@

Because of that, this is another song I want to use for making an AMV for Zodiac Angels. If only I have better animation skills… ._____.|||

I don’t own the content to this video, and I am merely linking from another awesome youtuber.


4 thoughts on “HAL – [The Starry Sky]

  1. I don’t know why japanese songs are so awesome to hear, even though I don’t understand a word…

    • I have some knowledge of Japanese, so I was able to make out a couple of words. In some rare cases, I could even understand one whole phrase of a song.
      I like the tunes and melodies of most Japanese songs. XD

  2. This song really suits the gundam series anime, although I’m not sure if this song is used in any of them XD

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