Happy New Year 2013!

Apparently, we’ve survived the 2012 apocalypse! XD

Jokes aside. Happy New Years everyone!
How was your new year holidays? Did you stay up for a count down?
Share your holiday story with us!

Now that we’re done reminiscing, let’s look forward to the future and see what I have planned for this year!

  1. First of all, we still have more stories of the [Zodiac Angels] to cover. We are currently exploring the chapter of our second heroine; Auria. I’ve looked at the list of Thai version chapters as well as the contents I planned on adding. Approximately, Chapter Auria will have about 20 chapters. Her chapter is rather short because it covers only a couple of days. Her Thai version had only 14 chapters.
  2. Next, I will also be compiling [Chapter Viola] into an e-book format, like how I did to my Fatal Frame 2 and 3 Fan Fictions (You can see what they look like here). Of course, there’ll be bonus content such as extra pictures and maybe an extra chapter.
    The reason I’m doing a compilation is because I want an excuse to practice on Adobe InDesign. It is an extremely powerful page layout program with the ability to work with document projects with many complex page layouts. Since I don’t get many long document projects often, it is very rare that I’ll have a chance to use the program. Compilation project is just a perfect excuse for me to bring up the program and prevent my skills from rusting.
  3. After [Chapter Auria], we will move on to [Chapter Sophia], our third heroine, before all the angels assemble together! Unlike Chapter Viola and Auria, Sophia’s chapter will NOT be a simple translation. I will be rewriting her whole chapter again because I don’t like some of the stuffs I wrote in the Thai version (lol). As a result, I don’t have an approximate number of her total chapters yet. But most likely, we will be able to finish her chapters within this year.
  4. We will move on to [Chapter Ophiucus] right away after Chapter Sophia ends. The first chapter should start within this year, but it should be completed some time in the middle of next year (2014). Chapter Ophiucus is a lot longer than single chapters of each heroine.
    Now, I got a friend asking me who would be narrating Chapter Ophiucus. Well, I’ll keep that a secret for now XD
  5. Of course, there are more pictures to come. All the faces of the 12 Zodiac Angels as well as their Zodiac Beast shall be shown when they make their appearances.
  6. As many of you might already know, my work starts on May 1, 2013. I’ll definitely share my first day experience when the time comes.
    Also, to top that up, my first paycheck will be handed to me on my birthday as well (May 31). The first paycheck as a birthday present. That sounds pretty nice, don’t you think?
    So many awesome stuffs happened to my birthday in the past too. For instance, my High School Graduation back in 2009 was also held exactly on my birthday as well.
  7. And well, that’s basically all the major stuffs I’ll be doing in 2013. I planned on working on a couple of other minor stuffs, like completing my [Star Ocean 3 – Sophia Guide] and writing the synopsis of other stories I plan to post on this blog in the future. If all goes well, I should be able to start [Symphony of the Devil] right after [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Ophiucus] is over. But well, that won’t happen until 2014, so let’s just put a pin on it for now 😀

Thank you everyone again for visiting my insane blog. I hope you look forward to stuffs I have to offer this year, and I’ll see you again next time.

Until then, please take care! 🙂

PS: Oh yes, how do you guys like the new look of my blog? Share your comments on the guestbook!


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  2. Everyone is doing the gangnam style dance during the party while awaiting the new year day, which is way too overhyped.

  3. During the countdown, I can see lots of fireworks in the sky. Yes, I love your new blog design. Why didn’t you do that before?

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