M_C’s Top 10 Girls List of 2012

So I was talking to my friend, and he asked me when I am going to update my favorite girl list. I don’t play many new video games nor do I watch a lot of animes, so my list kind of remains constant most of the time. However, now that year 2012 has been over and I’ve gotten to know a few new girls, it’s time to revise my list. (You can see the old list here)

We’ll go from Rank 10 up to Rank 1 in that order.

This post will contain spoilers from a number of games / animes where these fine girls are starred. Please proceed at your own risk.

10 – Miru Mizunouchi (Ryu-Koku)

The lack of my Japanese skill really took toll on my interest in her. Miru was previously on my rank 4. She is one of the main female characters from a Japanese Visual Novel game, Ryu-Koku, that you can end up with. The whole game is in Japanese so I’m not 100% sure about her background.

Basing off my little Japanese knowledge and some guess, Miru is a mysterious girl who appeared before Tsukasa, the protagonist. My guess was that in the past life (or a distant past) Tsukasa was probably someone extremely important to Miru. I’m not sure what happened, but Miru manages to find Tsukasa again and wants to stay by his side to protect him against the Kitsune-no-Kamen, who is apparently the antagonist of the story.

Due to having very little knowledge about the game, I can’t really say I am overly hyped about her any more. But she is cute, so she’s still up here on my list.

9 – Whim (Mana Khemia 2 / Cross Edge)

Now, our first new entrant. Meet Whim, the water mana in disguise as a handmaiden. Admittedly, I haven’t personally played Mana Khemia 2, so I’m going to describe her based on her Cross Edge incarnation. Whim serves under Lily as her loyal handmaiden as well as the water mana. In battle, Lily points her finger at the enemy and Whim beats the crap out of them with her ice attacks.

Whim is just cute overall. I also like how she said that serving under Lily has been a pain the rear — I mean, has been her greatest honor. Yeah, right, lol. I also like how she loves to be realist and breaks Lily out of her daydreams, only to get beaten by Lily afterwards. Oh, poor Whim.

Have I mentioned her cute murder face here? (@5:50)

Anyway, I’ll definitely be playing Mana Khemia 2 at one point. I’m a little busy with my last year of university right now, so I can’t go too heavy into gaming just yet.


8 – Asia Argento (High School DxD)

Yet again, I insist that I watch this anime for its story. Totally up to you if you don’t buy into that. xD

Anyway, Asia is born with the Twilight Healing sacred gear, a special power that allows her to heal the wounded. But her kind heart turned against her when she healed a stray demon. She was labeled a heretic and casted out of home. So she joined the church of the Fallen Angels due to having no other choices. That was when Rias and her lackeys found her and decided to help her.

There is nothing wrong with Asia really. Her rank falling down was mainly because it’s been a while since I last watch High School DxD and also because there are new girls who joined this list. I heard the anime’s 2nd season was announced and I can’t wait for it. As of the moment, I’ll just read the translated light novel. XD

7 – Miko Aiba (Cross Edge)

[A.K.A. Mikoto in the Japanese version]

The main female protagonist of the game and a childhood friend of the main male protagonist, York Neely (named ‘Yuuto’ in the Japanese Version). Miko was an orphan that York’s family adopted. Since then, York and Miko have been friends and their relationship developed under the ‘childhood friends being more than friends’ trope.

From what I’ve gather (since I’ve only got the true ending of this game once), Miko is the ‘Light Baku’, a demon that feeds on the dream energy of other people. However, her polar opposite, the ‘Dark Baku’ was created from the negative emotions people deny. The Dark Baku wants to absorb enough energy so it can finally exist in the real world. Miko was the one who gathered warriors from various video game series to help her in the battle against the ‘Dark Baku’, including my dear Aurica.

Anyway, Miko is cute and she’s hot. Definitely my type. The only reason that stops her from being higher on my list is because of her battle voice. Oh god, and here I thought Farleen was already bad.

6 – Reverie Metherlance (Erementar Gerad)

One rank down for our [Shichi KouHouJu] (I STILL have no idea how to spell that in Romaji – -). Reverie Metherlance, or Ren, is the last Edel Raid of the Metherlance Clan, one of the 7 extremely rare and powerful race of Edel Raid.

The manga version of Erementar Gerad has definitely better battles and stories, although some chapters have really questionable rating due to nudity, gore, and violence.

The anime version is a lot more light hearted and has a happy ending that ties the loose ends up more than the manga. However, there are very few intense battles and some characters weren’t even mentioned. There are a number of original episodes and, from the top of my head, the anime follows only up to around half of the manga series.

That being said, both versions are worth reading and watching, and Ren is cute in all versions.
By the way, she hates sweets. So forget taking her to ice cream shops on a date. Don’t make the same mistake Coud did.

5 – Haruna Sairenji (To Love-Ru / To Love-Ru Darkness)

Strictly speaking, among the abundance of girls in [To Love-Ru], Haruna is the closest to my type, personality-wise. She is kind and polite. Basically, the type of girl anyone would love. Well, appearance-wise, she is also cute, despite having short hair.

Haruna Sairenji has a return secret crush for our protagonist, Yuuki Rito, who is dense beyond dense and unbelieveably clumsy. She gains a special ability to literally use Rito as a bludgeon when she panics. Too bad I believe that happened only in the manga version (and only once in the anime version).

It’s sad how, even though To Love-Ru got its sequel, Haruna and even Lala herself has been demoted down to mere extra characters. Well, on the bright side, it was not all that bad because my next girl was promoted as one of the main protagonist.

4 – Momo Belia Deviluke (To Love-Ru / To Love-Ru Darkness)

Meet Momo Belia Deviluke, the youngest of the Deviluke sisters. She is cute. She seems sweet (on the outside). She can talk to plants. But most importantly, she is lewd and dangerous.

To make Rito, who she fully acknowledges as her eldest sister’s fiancé, shares his love to her, she became inspired to help Rito become the king of Deviluke (by marrying her sister) and to create a harem for him. Oh, don’t worry, she doesn’t mind being the second or the third mistress, as long as she gets to love him. And well folks, that’s essentially the starting plot of To Love-Ru’s sequel. Because of this, she was promoted to become the main protagonist in To Love-Ru Darkness.

Oh, have I mentioned she has a name to quickly run away from? What’s not to love?

3 – Female Protagonist (Persona 3 Portable)

[Amina Arisato]

Once again, Amina Arisato is NOT her official name. It’s just the name I gave her in the game and what I normally go by when I refer to her.

The female protagonist of P3P retained her position on the third rank. Originally, Momo was EXTREMELY close to taking this rank (yes, that’s just how awesome Momo is). But after I’ve arranged my list and reorganized my thoughts, I’ve decided to retain her on the same rank. After all, nothing (including Momo’s awesome harem plan) beats the bitter sweet conclusion of FOOLMOON. For those who doesn’t know, it is a ‘codename’ for fans who shipped MShe x Shinjirou. MShe has ‘The Fool’ Arcana and Shinji has ‘The Moon’ Arcana for his Social Links. It might sound a little silly, but I really love the puns.


2 – Aurica Nestmile (Ar Tonelico / Ar Tonelico 2 / Cross Edge)

Of course, Aurica retains her rank on the top of my list. Who’s gonna compete with her, really? Don’t say Misha or Shurelia because both are totally not my type (well, I ALMOST like Shurelia at some point).

Anyway, Aurica is a sweet girl with a painful past. She is definitely the type of girl who you’d want to take care, well, if you can live with her bizarre naming habits and horrible food chemistry that is. Still though, I’d totally try out her BBQ Soda. Lyner, that lucky SOB. Have I mention her being cute AND hot? (I still need to get her Lovely Hostess DLC for Cross Edge ._.)

However, due to the nature of Ar Tonelico having two main branching paths – Aurica’s Path and Misha’s Path – there are inevitably lots of debates on which path or girl is better among the fans. Personally, this seems utterly silly and stupid to me. Both girls are so different that they should never be compared with each other in the first place. The game was extremely easy so there is totally no point in debating who is the strongest Reyvateil. Not to mention the fact that in the end, unlike AT2, there is no big major difference in the plot when choosing one path over the other (it only affects which girl you ended up with).

I also like how I’ve never seen a single Aurica fan bashes Misha, while literally every single Misha fans I’ve come across (but one) are constantly bashing Aurica and trying so hard to prove that Misha is leagues above Aurica.

Seriously folks, stop it. That does more bad to Misha than good and you’re not changing our minds by doing so.



1 – Sophia Esteed (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

Of course, Sophia retains her position. I can’t really see any one bringing her down from my list. The only other girl close enough for a contest is Aurica.

As a reminder, the gap between the 1st and 2nd place is almost non-existent. I could easily place Sophia and Aurica on the same place (or Aurica above Sophia, whatever). But since we’re doing the ranking, someone HAS to be on the 2nd place, and it just so happens that I knew Sophia first, that was only why she seemingly always appeared on top.

Again, I don’t have much to say here since I have a whole dedicated page explaining why I like her here.

And that, folks, is my top ten favorite gals of 2012. Of course, someone will disagree with my list, but preference ranking by its nature is subjective so no one is right or wrong. I am really doing this for fun anyway.

I hope you guys enjoy reading and I’ll see you again next time ^^


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