Short Update [Jan 12, 2013]

The Last Mid-Term Exam is done!!!!

Oh god, I’m glad it’s finally over ._.

Compared to the last semester, the subjects aren’t really hard this time around. But it’s probably because this is the last semester, I felt lazy as heck and wasn’t motivated to much studies – At least not as motivated as last semester.┬áThankfully, all the subjects cooperated and they’re all not too hard.

……Well, aside from the one I had today ._.

BIS3589 Analysis Tools for Finance and Accounting. I had half of one question blank because I have no idea what I was supposed to do there, lol. The exam was around 3 PM so I have been sitting in the university’s computer lab, reviewing my stuffs in the morning. Around 1 PM, I felt so worn out and I really want to get it over.

Anyway, with that, my last mid-term exam is done! The university isn’t exactly kind though. I got a number of projects due after Mid-Term. The worst part is we only have like 5 weeks or so before the finals, which is around the middle of February.

As a result, my blog could possibly run dry from daily posts again after this week or so. I’ll try to write new articles before I get really busy by then. At least it’s a good thing I already have Chapter Auria typed and scheduled ahead just in case. xD

Thanks you everyone who has been visiting my blog in the past week even though there were no new updates, and I’ll see you again next time.


2 thoughts on “Short Update [Jan 12, 2013]

  1. when will you have a “long” update : D?
    anyways you have finals during mid feb? i have finals during late feb and early march >.>….
    got two and a half month for summer! (in which i’m highly hoping nothing pops up during this summer > : !!)

    • Anything that aren’t ‘Short Updates’ are ‘Long Updates’ naturally. XD
      Yes, my finals start mid-Feb and ends early March.
      That’s okay, I can wait for you. My job starts May 1 XD

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