Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 03

Chapter 03 – A

My heart pounds faster when I caught a glimpse of someone following me from the street mirror. He appears to be a man, roughly 30 years old, standing about 180 cm tall. While, it is indeed rare to see anyone walking in the middle of the street at this time, the reason I panicked was because of how he dressed – A black suit over long black tube pants and a pair of sunglasses. It is possible that he was just passing by this road and has no business with me. But seeing someone dressing like that, especially at this time of the night, walking behind me makes me feel nervous. Luckily, my apartment is only two blocks away from here. I should be safe if I can get into the apartment complex. And even if that man was indeed following me, I should be able to call the security guards for help.

I speed up my pace towards the apartment, but then my heart skipped a beat when I heard the footsteps behind me speeding up as well.
Is he really following me…?
I briefly look over my right shoulder and notice that man moving closer. When he saw me turned around, he stops moving for a split second and goes back to his former speed. It is obvious now that this guy was indeed stalking me.

I should not remain here any longer.

Thinking so, I take a deep breath and immediately rush forward. As soon as I did that, the footsteps behind me turned from a walk into a run as well.

“The target is alerted! I repeat! The target is alerted!!!!” he yelled.

Target? What was he talking about?

While I am still puzzled, a huge silver saloon car drove by and parked right in front of me at the corner of the block. Four men dressed similarly to the one behind me get down from the car and quickly approach me. I know I can handle one or two thugs if something bad happens, but there is no way I can take out five men at once!

I step down to the street from the side walk and run pass the car forward to my apartment. However, all of the sudden, another silver saloon car drives pass me from behind and pulls over in front, blocking my path. Three men dressed just like the five men earlier get down from the car and head straight for me as well. I have been surrounded.

No way…What do I do now?

It is almost midnight and people in the house are probably already sleeping. Will anyone answer my call for help if I scream? Heck, will anyone even hear my scream?

“Take her!” one of the men from behind orders the group in front of me. The three men in front charge forth and try to grab me. Of course, I am not going down without a fight. I duck from one of their grapples and shoot my elbow into one of them. While he is stunned, I quickly push him back, knocking the two guys that were following him. However, the group behind me managed to catch up faster than I thought. Before I know it, both of my wrists are grabbed from behind by two men.
“Ah! Let me go!”
I quickly kick the left shin of the man to my right with my heels, freeing my right wrist. Once it’s free, I hurl my fist straight for the face of the man to my left. However, another man reach for my right fist and the rest grab my body from behind, pressing me down to the ground on my knees.
“Ah! What are you doing!? Let me go!”
“Quick! The syringe!”


I saw one of the men in black suit heading for me. In his hand is a metallic needle-like object, reflecting the street lights. I don’t know what kind of substance is in that syringe, but I definitely do not want it circulating in my body.
“N…No!!! Let me gooooooo!!!!!”
I struggle as hard as I can but it was useless. I got four men pinning me down my hands and feet. There is absolutely nothing I can do. My mind is completely blank and the only thing that came to my mind is the face of Lynus.

What is going to happen to me…? Will I…ever get to see him again…?

In the midst of despair, all of the sudden, I heard one of the men yelling from behind.
…No…Actually, it sounds more like a scream; a scream filled with shock and fear.
“What the heck are you—- OH SHIT!?”

Who could that be?

The distraction cause the grip around my wrists become looser. I immediately take this chance to shake one of my wrists loose and shoot my elbow onto the man grabbing me from behind, followed by a head butt backward onto his chin. With one wrist free, I immediately punch the face of the man to my left, cracking his eyeglasses. Suddenly, the man grabbing my legs quickly trounces onto my body and presses me down against the ground before dragging me up from the floor.
“Hey you! Drop your weapons now!!!!!” the man behind me yelled, locking my neck with his arm.
Looking forward, I vaguely saw a girl with double pony tails standing quietly in the darkness. Six men in black suit are lying on the ground under the street light, moaning in pain. The white shirt inside their black suits are stained with red substance.

Is that…blood? What…What did she do to them?

The answer is revealed to me when I caught a glimpse of a pair of shiny azure daggers with shimmering crystal-like blades in both of her grips.
“Drop your weapons, or this girl is gonna get it!” the man behind me yelled again, threatening the girl with daggers by locking his arms tighter. Despite the big talk, his voice is shaky and it seems as if he is extremely frightened of the girl. She remained silent and just stood there doing nothing. Just who is she?
“I said drop your weapons!” the man yelled.
Using that girl as a distraction, I swing my heel backwards onto his shin. The man cries and temporarily loosens his lock. I firmly bit onto his arm and free myself from his captive. As I turn around to give him a fist in the face, I felt a cold breeze flashed by my cheek and suddenly, the man falls back to the ground. Upon a careful inspection, I saw a spear made of ice sticking out from the middle of his forehead.

…An ice spear…?
Where did that come from…!?

“…You okay…?” a girl’s voice emerges from behind me. I turn around and notice that girl standing right behind my back!

When…? She was standing meters away from me just a second ago!

The girl has long dark hair with blue tint, tied into two pony tails. She is wearing dark blue long sleeve robe with short white pants and stockings. Her eyes are sharp and seem so cold. In her hands are a pair of daggers with an evident cold chill emanating from it.

Was that ice spear her doing…?
How did she…?

Before I could reply to her, a bright light flashes in front of us. The driver of the car that blocked the path to my apartment earlier hits his foot onto the pedal, driving straight towards us with full speed.
“Pesky scumbags!”
The girl pushes me to the side and swings her right dagger downward. Everything happened in a flash, but that instant, my eyes caught a glimpse of an ice spear forming from the tip of the girl’s dagger before flying straight through the front mirror of the driver’s seat in the car. Right before the car reaches her, the girl lifts her left dagger upwards and suddenly, an ice ramp magically ascends from the ground and pierces the car, immediately stopping it on track.

Who…no…What exactly is this girl…?

“Where is your sister?” the girl shot her cold eyes at me.
“H…Huh? What…?”
“I said where’s your sister!?” she repeated her question with a yell.
“Aaah! A…Ah…She’s…at our apart…ment?”


Why is she asking about Orica? How did she even know that I have a sister?
“Shit!” she swore, “Take me to your apartment now! Your sister is in danger!”




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  1. Upon a careful inspection, I saw a spear made of ice sticking out from the middle of his forehead.

    Urk, fatality!

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  4. Sigh, are there no powerful officials in Nebula Corp? Surely, there are 3 or 4 leaders in the powerful organization to stop the zodiac angels, if those black suit men fail to capture them all the time.

      • ^^ I am guessing if it isn’t Aquarius, it could be Pisces since i am reference to fish-icle. LOL

        Anyway, I am rather curious how the Nebula Corp able to detect out of many girls, they are able to trace out the zodiac angels so easily. Auria doesn’t seem to know she is the zodiac angel, definity not her sister too.

        • The mysterious girl’s zodiac sign would be revealed next chapter, but yeah, you got the guess right. ^^
          Pisces uses ice and Aquarius uses water.

          As for how Nebula Corp detects Zodiac Angels out of the many girls in the world, we’ll get to know that in the future >:)

  5. That guy is not only the lousy stalker, he’s also the loudmouth, alerting Auria. They really need training if they want to catch the zodiac angels undetected 😐

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