Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is coming

Well, I’ve heard about this awesome news since last week, but mid-term prevented me from being eager to say anything about it. Yes, the long awaited localization of [Corpse Party: Book of Shadows] has finally come. In fact, by the time this post comes up, it should be less than two days before it comes to Playstation Store.

I read the news about the release date in a forum topic at GameFAQs [Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear] Message Board, but you can see the article within that topic here.

From what I’ve heard, only a small fragment of the story in [Book of Shadows] is a direct sequel to [Blood Covered – Repeated Fear]. The rest of the stories are either side stories or ‘what if’ scenarios, branching off a ‘wrong end’ of the first game. I’ve watched a good friend of mine LiveStream a Let’s Play + Live Translation of the first chapter of [Book of Shadows], and heck, I felt depressed as hell. Corpse Party has been known for its terrifying experience but not exactly in a way of making you jump or panic – It makes you love a character then brutally take them away from you right in front of your eyes. Those who played the first game would totally understand what I meant.

Needless to say, I’ve been waiting for this since the day the localization was announced, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it (screw the university works, lol). But the real reason I made this post was because I have an announcement relating to this news (well, ‘sort of’ an announcement anyway).

That’s right, it’s about my fan fiction [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival]. I got a couple of people asking me about that story here and at GameFAQs, since the story never received a proper closure. To be honest, I felt pretty bad that I built up the hype for some people and left it hanging off there, but I just don’t feel like continuing it any more. There are a couple of reasons as I mentioned in the previous announcement regarding this story, and it was namely because I can’t think of pure horror plot elements.
Another reason was because, at one point, I wanted to add Sayaka, Naho’s friend, into the story to help develop the personality of Naho in my story. However, I knew nothing about Sayaka, aside from the fact that she is Naho’s friend. With that stuck in my mind, it’s kind of hard to continue working on it, and back then, the chances of [Book of Shadows]’s localization wasn’t very bright.
Not to mention that I am also already busy working with only [Zodiac Angels] alone. I had the experience of working on multiple projects at once, and let’s just say I never get to finish any of them.

Hopefully, [Book of Shadows] would encourage me to pick that fan fiction up again some time in the future. This time, I will probably rewrite the story again, following the formula of my Fatal Frame fan fictions as a horror fantasy rather than pure horror.

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog, and before we part, let me show you [Book of Shadows]’s awesome Opening Theme. Enjoy ^^


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  1. Wait, do you even have the time to write BoS fiction? Aren’t you going to release CYOWsaga after the end of Zodiac Angel series? And note that Zodiac Angels series are far from over. If you decide to do it after finishing Zodiac Angels series and CYOW series, the readers probably would have lost interest anyway. Not to mention, you will be having the job soon, which hinder your progress further.

  2. All I know is that Sayaka is the famous TV host and Naho often help to boost the rating. Also, if someone does her a great flavour, she will help them in return.

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