Short Update [Jan 17, 2013]

Hey folks, how have you been?

I was working on a couple of university stuffs last few days, and it’s kind of depressing. So many things piled up all at the same time, and well, I’ve been struggling hard to get those works done. Reason? Well, lack of motivation is one, lol.
One of my mid-term exams’ score was just released today. I have to say, I wasn’t really impressed, but then there are quite a number of people who scored lower than me, so I’m not going to complain. Still, it was a little disappointing because I thought I wrote the darn essays pretty well.
Many of the works assigned to us are pretty burdensome too. They’re not necessarily hard, but they required quite a lot of attention to do.

I really wish I had half of those drives I had back when I was in first year right now. Heck, even half of the strength I had when I worked on Business Research last semester would do >_<

In any case, I was compiling some other top 10 lists to share with everyone. One of them is top 10 villains list, as suggested by one of my readers. I’ll keep the rest of the lists a secret for now. Hope you guys look forward to those.

I’m also drawing a couple of new pictures, namely the picture of the mysterious girl, who came to save Auria, and her Zodiac Beast. We’ll get to know more about her this Saturday.

Thanks everyone who came for a visit, and I’ll see you again next time.


Well, there was one subject during mid-term that I thought I didn’t do well, and its score was released today. Turns out, I did pretty well on this one.
That’s a relief though. Kind of brightened my day. XD


13 thoughts on “Short Update [Jan 17, 2013]

  1. Well, at least you secure a job, didn’t you? By the way, if you are going to compile the zodiac angel story into the online book with illustration. You can include illustration of some cities and buildings, like the Cancer City, the lab, the inside infrastructure of Nebula Corp, the planet Althenia and others.

    • Yeah. Work starts May 1. Still quite some time from now ^^
      As for the compilation, yes, there will be special illustrations as well as a couple of other extra stuffs, like maybe an extra chapter or dialogue. I haven’t summarize the list of stuffs I’ll add yet, but once I do, I’ll make an announcement about it ^^

      • I did my plannings for my summer to, it was:
        mon – game
        tue – game
        wed – game
        thu – game
        fri – game
        sat – game
        sun – game
        nah, not kidding, really unless you ask me out to PvP or meet our group I’ll just game all day, only plan i Have right now are the orders of the games I play >_< (ryuukoku of urs is in the 6th of 17 games I plan to play)
        and will probably not watch any anime/not read any manga until all gamings are done at a certain point (at least beating the main story and stuff)
        p.s. do tell me at least 3 days, 5 would be good before we meet
        because this time I will practice to get my skills back and will go all out lol

        • My skill is rusting a lot cuz I’ve been pouring all my play hours onto Mana Khemia.
          Think of Persona 3, but make the classes about alchemy in a much more light hearted environment. Oh yes, and no shitty robot girls too. XD

          • Yeah I know, my skills especially my fingers/hands are getting rusty
            now, come to think about it… how will I practice..CPUs are really no use >_>
            I wonder what made me skillful in those times… must have been combination from other action games too huh, anyways I will try your golbez/emperor with a new(?) method this time (actually, if you didn’t remind me about emperor – I’ve already forgotten about that)
            at least from previous PvPs my dodging skills are still fine, problem is I dodge the wrong way lol… (dodging straight into an incoming HP attack in FRONT…)
            and always dashes into the opponent after successfully landed a HP attack – a wise thing to do >.>

            • That said. Has your Analog been acting up at all? It’s starting to get on my nerves again. The cursor is running around on its own like crazy.
              Screw this, it’s not even half a year since I last changed it around Sep 2012.

              • It’s always starting all up >_>
                but I don’t really have that much problem if my finger’s always pushing the analog to some direction (it just acts on its own if I wasn’t using it, like walking on its own, usually to the left – -)
                more of a major problem to me is that the home page always comes up – think about it i was playing a rhythm game, getting all perfect and I was about to finish the song, this home page came up and I miss all the notes ;-;
                what? so you did change it and it’s STILL going ._.? (i didn’t change it, i don’t really want to reopen my psp again after the screen broke)

                • I changed it once when I bought my PS3, after which I went to PvP with you guys with a newly improved analog.
                  Now it’s acting up again ._.
                  I’m playing Mana Khemia and it keeps running me into monster ambushes ._.

                  • Dont’ worry, I know exactly how it feels
                    *going to press command 1 – fight*
                    *the analog makes me press command 4 – run*
                    at least you only have the analog problem, i have the home page problem too, mostly it’s not that troublesome except it VERY is in rhythme games ._.

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