M_C’s Voice Acting Adventure

Don’t panic yet guys, I haven’t got into professional voice acting career yet, xD

It’s like this. My friend is studying in the [Business Information System] Major, and it is one of her course requirement to do some flash animations. She had most of her work done and all she needs now is the finishing touches and adding the voice. Sound Effects can be created  or downloaded from the internet any time. However, she still need some one to voice the story. Being short on people, she asked me to help out, claiming that because I have experience in story writing, I would probably be able to help her out.

It sounds like fun so, obviously, I decided to help her out.

The story goes like this.

The young Soul Reaper (voiced by me) has just become the new ruler of the underworld because the previous ruler, his mother – Granny Obaba, already retired. However, other Reapers do not seem to give him the respect that he wants. Because of that, he decides to get rid of his mother and orders his ‘best’ assassin to do it.

The assassin, Karen, sneaks into Granny Obaba’s private onsen resort with her almighty scythe, but she screwed up and was captured. Granny turned the almighty scythe into a weird … flamingo thing (also voiced by me) … and Karen can no longer fulfill her mission. Granny told Karen that if she wants her scythe back, she must help the mother create another onsen. Karen has no choice but to follow Granny’s order. In the end, Karen travels around and creates the onsen with the help of the flamingo scythe. Both of them quickly become friends even though they had a couple of fights. At the end, Karen hesitates whether or not she wants the scythe to turn back because she felt attached to the flamingo.

The story ends with Granny Obaba trolling her son, by telling him that his plan fails.

So yeah, that’s the story, lol.

My friend was a pretty good director too, and this makes the whole experience unique to me. The recording session was about 2 hours in my university’s studio soundproof room. I was really excited because this place really looks like those professional studios where the voice actors record their voices for animations and video games. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if one day, I became a director for my fiction’s movie and get to direct the voice actors like this, lol.

Obviously, I had lots of fun and I really look forward to seeing the completed work. Unfortunately, the session was done in Thai and she will need to do the English subtitles for this, so it’s gonna take a while. Once its done, I asked her to give me a copy and I’ll show the finished work to you guys. xD


15 thoughts on “M_C’s Voice Acting Adventure

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  2. For your guys wonder^^
    In major “business information system” we have plan which is Multimedia and one related course is “graphic and animation”.

    Wait for english translation

  3. Upload it onto youtube once the video is subbed. I will try to advertise your video for more views.

  4. I don’t get it. How does business information has to do with flash animation? I thought that course is business related?

    • I’m not sure too, lol. It’s probably one of her elective course or something.
      As far as I know, the BIS major is about writing programs that aid business in their operations. Maybe these graphic stuffs have something to do with marketing?

  5. Holy crap! Can’t wait to hear your voice! Are you going to use your original voice or changing your voice completely?

    • I can’t wait to see and hear the final work too. XD
      I voiced two characters in there. One with my normal voice, and the other with a high pitch one. It’s in Thai though, so you might not understand a thing I said >_<
      (there'll be subtitles, don't worry).

      • high pitch o.o
        hrm now that’s interesting
        lemme see if I can tell it’s you (the one with high pitch) :/
        since I usually couldn’t distinguish that the characters had the same VA (in animes) no matter how obvious it is

  6. you look too cool >: !! (i have headphones fetish)
    awn man, you already had the chance to do something I really dreamt of doing >.>
    I think it would be more fun if you voiced it in english xDDD (but i would like to hear your VAing in this too)
    /me bored the crap outta me for not having anything like this at my college (doesn’t concern my faculty much – that’s just depleting our time) but the clubs and other stuffs here xuxs seriously ._. (and well we, have too less of our time doesn’t get to know other students from other faculties except some that are really related to us) so yeah
    ;-; i really wanna VA someday in any lanauge (had the trauma of thai VA and their jokes since kid)

    • Yup. The headphone was awesome and I have a headphone fetish too. XD
      My friend told me she originally wanted to do it in English (to save the trouble of doing subs), but the rest of her friends aren’t very good with English, so that plan flunked – -“

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