It’s such a small world

A couple of days ago, I just recently found out that my best friend’s other best friend (aside from me) is my mother’s elder sister’s daughter.

Confused? Don’t worry.

Here’s basically what the relationship looks like:

It was like this. My best friend who I’ve known for 7 years and prefers to go by the name ‘Zephuros’ (you might have seen him commenting here a couple of times), has two friends that he often chat about mangas, animes, games, and etc via emails. One of those two is me, obviously. Most of the time, he would sent an email about a topic he wants to talk about to the two of us, so we (being me and Zephuros’s other friend) saw each other’s email address often. At one point, I asked Zephuros who was the other person he usually sent his email to. He just said that it’s a good friend of his back when he was still in elementary or so, and we left it at that.

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that Zephuros’s friend asked about me that we realized we’re actually cousins! She is the daughter of my mother’s elder sister, although I am older than her. I used to meet her and play with her often during family meetings in the past, but we haven’t meet each other in a long time. And last time we met, I didn’t even know that she is into mangas and games, so the possibility of Zephuros’s friend and my cousin being the same person never crossed my mind at all.

The even funnier part is that both my cousin and I have our real life nickname (which are rather unique) in our email. Zephuros told me that his friend is studying in the same university that I do, but in the ‘small’ campus (I study at the ‘big’ campus outside of Bangkok). I also vaguely know from my mom that my cousin was studying in the small campus. There were so much hint, yet it never occurred to us  until a couple of days ago.

Look at how round our world goes, lol. From now on, I’ll probably not be surprised if a guy who is the friend of my friend is the grandson of my grandfather’s brother or something. I know this is really not a big deal, but still, it’s funny as heck to recognize that the best friend of the friend that you’ve known for about 7 years is actually your long-time-no-see cousin, lol.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy reading this super random entry, and I’ll see you again next time.

Before we part, I’ll leave Zephuros’s awesome quote right here:

“no, the world’s not small….IT’S JUST A FREKIN’ SIZE OF A COLA CAP =[]=||||!!!!!!!”


26 thoughts on “It’s such a small world

    • I’m not sure about MC, but we thais usually have alot of cousins for each of our parent’s side, especially thais that have blood-relative from china,taiwan and those. I mean, just me my father has 4 siblings and my mother has 5 siblings (there’s at least a double more, but most of them left the world at their young ages many decades ago). We would usually have at least 2-3 big meetings a year because of the traditions and I always go if I’m not stuck with exams (like now) and there’s around 15-20 people at each meeting (there’s more but everybody doesn’t get to come everytime). I dunno about MC xD”.

      • Your mom has 5 Siblings? lol, please dude, my mom has 13 siblings >_>
        And this doesn’t count ones that are already dead.
        Your friend’s mom is the 4th daughter and my mom is the 7th.

        • my mom actually has 12, 7 died, and one of the five left has severe damage to her brain but it still living
          my dad has 10… something, can’t remember, and there was 4 left :/….

  1. I was wondering what took you so long…! So it was the diagram lolol xD!!!
    Oh, and I know her since kindergarden 1…not elementary lol
    and as i said in your e-mail.. “no, the world’s not small….
    …IT’S JUST A FREKIN’ SIZE OF A COLA CAP =[]=||||!!!!!!!”

        • Known it after checking out his blog. Yeah, I’m all good. So what are you doing right now? Just wondering, would you be getting 3ds? Interested in the game, Animal Crossing. Would like it if you get the game too so we can wifi link.

          • I’m waiting for my Accounting Program class to start. You’ve been missed, man.
            Also, I have no plans on getting 3DS any time soon. I just got my PS3 a couple of months ago after all, lol.

          • Eventhough I like the vita (the console itself) than the 3ds, but I want the 3ds because it has more games I want to play on it.
            But I don’t know when will I be planning to buy the 3ds (I’m havign difficulty thinking alot because of the region locks, it’s like I’m waiting to see if my favorite games will be released in english or not too).
            But weirdly, I’ve already brought Project X Zone (limited) lol, yeah eventhough I don’t have a 3ds yet…
            I think if this region-lock issue isn’t getting anywhere I’ll buy the japanese version, because it has alot more games than the US….
            but really, this region lock is just so annoying…(I don’t have enough budget to buy two 3DSes and I don’t see the reason to, I’m not that rich – I’ve already sacrifice most of my everyday lunch just to save up for games >_>)

            • OMG! You have 3ds? Is it US region? I am waiting US animal crossing which will be released spring this year. Am going to get it together with 3ds. Are you getting one too?

              • Err…re-read what I post o.o” I said I was “planning” on getting it
                and there’s a high chance that I’ll be purchasing the JP version, because they have more games (and I don’t trust most companies to gget the games localized anymore – no matter how good, popular or how high the sell is, I have at least 5 PSP games I’ve been waiting for years to localize and it’s either canceled or none), and as I said – I already have the Project X Zone game right now in its limited edition (without having the actual 3DS).

                • Oh and I’m sure I won’t be getting animal crossing, nothing interests me :/” sorry. I play games (for 3ds) like New Love Plus, Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Gyakuten Saiban/Layton VS Ace Attorney, Virtue’s Last Reward, Project X Zone – those stuffs xD”

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